Dust from Gray from Dust

Dust from Gray from Dust

There are a number of circular words; especially in the Old Testament.  For instance gray only comes from dust and dust only comes from gray.  What comes from that circular root is very interesting….not the subject of today’s blog.

Point being when we slog around in the words used in the KJB or any other interpretation called Bible; we circulate in the same old view point.   Come up with the same old conclusions.  Arrive at the same old religious myths.  And do not have a clue what the voices of the original authors were trying to convey.

Remember there are no TRANSLATIONS only interpretations.  Interpretations based upon the learned church fathers of their day.  We have  had the resource to delve deeper into the unique language.  The unique language formed when combining written documents ranging from 1845BC to 70AD into one book called Bible.

Documents scribed by a variety of pens  held by a variety of authors. In a variety of places. Presumably men.  Maybe those men understood something; men of today do not.  I assume male persons as female persons were not deemed to have the ability to think nor reason and therefore could not write.

Question is why have the learned church fathers not given us, today, the ability to truly use and understand the JSE.  A rich research project in the mid 1800s that involved perhaps 100 scholars seeking to give us a new tool to use.  Perhaps themselves wanting to know what the original authors actually wrote.

Now the Bible is the property of the pubic except in England where the English crown owns the rights to the Bible.  I can only assume that the crown gave permission to the scholars to delve into the original text.  They gave us a vast array of knowledge.  It is cumbersome to use.

However in the mid 1800s the only way to document anything was by pen on paper.    The documentation of their work has been around for almost a hundred years.  Printed over and over again.  Found in most places where the Bible is found, schools, offices, homes, churches, etc.

We have had the ability to produce a more user friendly way of using the JSE for a long..Instead of f doing that, the church fathers or their representatives simply alter the JSE by removing the number references to words they deem in their esteemed estimation are simple English words everybody understands.

For instance removing the number references to the word THIS did in fact erase a fast amount of information.  Three forms of the word interpreted as THIS are in fact the three forms of words neutral, masculine, feminine.  Each one appears more than 400 times  in the 1940 edition of the JSE.  The THIS and THIS forms function like the English word THIS.  However the THIS literally means SHEEP.  A vast amount of information and details about the original text THIS SHEEP  is lost due to this one example.

No wonder religious followers are referred to as dumb sheep. They have no voice.  Sheep follow whoever is out in front; deeming that one to know where they are going.  Sheep will follow anybody even over the cliff to their death.

But of course, the promise is die and then go to heaven to nirvana to flat line.   Same circular motion as dust from gray from dust from gray.  Sheep following the leader, the leader following the sheep, etc. etc. etc.  all going over the cliff of religious myths. The leader always starting with the English words of the Bible….a futile effort in reclaiming the voices of the original authors.

Why have the learned church fathers not given us an easy to use version of the JSE.  ANSWER it would destroy the foundation upon which the church is founded’ the solid rock Petra.  Which is not what the original text say…..it says upon an open pile of rocks the church is being built.  That open pile of rocks is the earth itself; not some man made structure called a cathedral, church, synagogue, ashram, temple  or any other man made structure.

A structure designed to exalt the leadership and divide the sheep.  A wall of division built upon a sterile, impregnable rock.

Wall of divisions, gender


Religious Boogeyman Satan

Where does the word Satan come from?

In the original text of the OLD Testament there a word that means opponent is TRANSLITERATED into the letters s a t a n.  Religious interpreters of the New Testament made the s a capital letter and treated the four letters as a word, i.e Satan.

Transliterated letters are not words.  They are symbolic of the original word.  We use this all the time in going back and forth between languages.

To be translated the letters s a t a n must result in a word that is equal to opponent.

When the letter s was made a capital letter it inferred in English that it was the name of a person, place or important thing.  Religion teaches that the word Satan is a spiritual being that desires to destroy humans.  Cannot answer the question, who/what created Satan?  Or at best says that God made Satan to teach us lessons.

Interestingly another word that means hurtful was INTERPRETED as meaning a masculine devil.   But  these words were used  in the Bible…bad, evil, grievous, harm, lewd, malicious, wicked, wickedness.  Wonder why  masculine devil was not used? These are English chosen words they are not word meanings taken from the original text. (more…)

Love Has No Gender nor Religion

In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world — that is the myth of the atomic age — as in being able to remake ourselves.”

Not remake others by our religious standards and beliefs; especially when those have no weight on the scale of what the original text say.

Our human pen scribed our impressions of creation and how creation works.  We did this over a time frame of 1845BC to 70AD.  Many different authors in many different  places; recorded basically the same information.

Human created religions took those writings and twisted them to fit the religious myths that had abounded on the planet for who knows how long.  Religious myths about individual persons.  Now these stories may????? be helpful in controlling human behavior.  Which is the intent and purpose of religion…whose very meaning…. means do it repetitively until it becomes a habit…..habit of war against other!!~!!!!`  other religious beliefs

However love has no gender and has no religion when religion bases religious teachings on gender then love us lost.

The transliterated word DAVID meant and means loving/love.  Making love a male gender is the basis for all human error that abounds on the planet today.

Time to lay down our weapons of warfare and beat them into plowshares of DAVIDLOVE.

2 CO 10:4 New Testament declares that “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal; but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds”.  

Question is what are the religious strongholds that have been built upon the backs and minds of humanity?  One of the answers is love has a gender and it is male….a male God.

Which raises the question of which of the more than 16 words interpreted as God is being referred to.

Perhaps it is time to define what God means….what God represents in terms of non carnal warfare.

What does Old Testament say?  Written In Palestine about 695 -616 BC ……

Existent Be High house10 ox : copulating door (otherwise interpreted as Jer. 21.4)   This writing was interpreted and printed in the Bible as:     ” I will turn back the weapons of war”.  When we look at the meaning of the original words we see something quite different.

existent be highjeremiah will turn back the preparedweapons of war”

  1. who/what is being turned back??? the prepared of war….ummm what is that?
  2. if the existent be high is a human being named Jeremiah; then that human must be God that is turning back the prepared of war.
  3. who prepared  for war?
  4. who waged the war?
  5. who engaged humanity in that war?
  6. for what purpose was the concept of war between humans and creation created?
  7. war in the heavenly creation is not the same as war between human beings.
    1. however the war of the mind is in high places….the head of the house.
  8. who/what created the concept of humanity being separate from the creation?
    1. of any part of creation being separate from creation?
    2. the very first word God in Bible is plural eternal dieties, wind, water, fire, and elemental earth.
    3. these dieties make up the creation.human, plant, animal, etc. and never die/
    4. who/what  created the myth of death?
      1.  Life cannot die or it would not be life.
  9. who/what created the concept that human being needed to be saved from what???
  10. who/what built the trap that humanity has fallen into…the trap that human is less than God?  How can any part of the creation be less than what it was created from????
Narrow View Went Deep

Narrow View Went Deep

Compared to today’s world of instant communication.  We also have the ability to drive cross country,  fly around the world, to the moon, space travel, etc.  was not present at the time of our writings 1845BC to 410BC.

We remained in a static place and viewed the movie screen of the heavens above us.  We observed those movements, the cycles of change, the consistencies and the inconsistencies.  We saw the world of animals, plants around us revealed on that movie screen.

Pen of FBDCThis is the place we wrote from, the place of a static planet and a moving heaven.  There is no evidence of us writing about people in the heavens or anywhere else.  We named the stars after the animals and plants,our elders.  We wrote their story.

This time frame 1845BC to 410BC is when we documented our view of the creation processes.  Around 70AD we rewrote those same stories.

Life was simpler then; but the pen was not confused about what it wrote.  We confused those writings by infusing words that matched the religious myths that had abounded upon the planet long before the ability to mass print documents.

The Bible that was printed for a mass of people who could neither read nor write became a textbook..   English and German textbooks for teaching language.  Purported by religious leaders as the WORD OF GOD.  What God?

Unfortunately we also used this book to purport our religious beliefs upon the planet and demanded that everyone adhere to its teachings.  Problem is everyone has a different interpretation of what that book means.

The past 20 years of researching using the Strong Bridge, the  JSE and the King James Bible to which it was keyed has revealed a very different story than the one taught around the world.

I was not surprised that the Old Testament could be deciphered based upon word trees that grow from primitive roots.  That is after removing all of the words added in to make it grammatically correct.

I am even more amazed that the New Testament has no basis except the Old.  Despite the religous teachings that the OLD has nothing to do with the NEW.

Take away all of the words that are connected to the Old and there is nothing left but an empty shell.  Same empty shell as the teachings about a human male God seated on the throne somewhere out there, just waiting for the human children to mess up.

What kind of God creates and then destroys its own creation?   answer…..the HUMAN GOD that wars against itself….demanding that everyone adhere to its will and desires.

Time for us to grow up, throw away our weapons of warfare and beat them into plowshares.

Time to put on the mantle of the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest and ADD in…..time to stop subtracting  (killing) that which we do not agree with.

Time to revisit the simple narrow view; everything is our elder.  We saw it in the heavens and we wrote about it.

We, human are the littlest kid on the block.  Today’s human is the 22nd version of humanity according to our estimations.  What kind of human species are we building?

p.s. when my research is complete there will be an easier way to uncover the original text.  That is if anyone so desires to know what our pen actually scribed 1845BC to 70AD.

Big Difference in Religious Myths and Original Stories

We wrote about…… King Loving ruling over Prevailing Strength

Interpreters’s added a whole bunch of words and wrote a story about a human King named David that ruled over a group called Israel.  This of course supported the popular religious myth that had been told for eons of time.

Then insist that the Bible is a translation.  Translation means the meaning of the original text is carried forward into the new language.  What we actually have are 1100+ Bibles that are simply someone’s interpretation.   Interpreted to fit what religion stands on and for.

Big difference in our understanding when we read the common religious myth; which in no way points in the direction of the original text written 1845BC to 70AD.

The more time I spend reducing the Bible back to its original text, the smaller it becomes.  The smaller the sweet little story of creation appears.  Sweet in the mouth, bitter in the belly.  Bitters are used to aid digesting.   Digesting out all of the added English/German words leaves the sweet taste of creation on our tongues.

No more sin, shame, blame, death, hell or damnation, salvation, redemption or any other such religious statements.

When the work is complete there will be a way to more easily see through to the truth.

Words do not lie…people lie.  When we do not understand, we make things up to fit our perceptions.  We pass along the religious myths believing that those who went before must have known.

Every living thing on the planet has access to  and expresses creation.  Each and everyone of us knows the truth; even if it buried deep in the sub conscious where everything exists, now.  There is no place, no time that is not accessible to us.  Question is what do we believe?