Following are some of the  major symbols used on this site.  Specifically designed to convey their message.  To facilitate understanding of the writings on this site.Writings are all based upon those scribed between 1845BC and 70AD then translated into the Bible.  These writings predate Jesus and the Bible by thousands of years.  They belong to humanity.  They have been distorted, need to be reclaimed.It is a very tiny book, sweet in the mouth, bitter in the belly.  Bitters aid in digesting out all of the INTERPRETATIONS that have clouded the pen of Hermes, god of language.

Mut as Vulture

White Egyptian Vulture quite often seen in today’s historical view of Egypt as a headdress.  A cap worn on the head with the beak sticking out in the place of the single eye of Egypt on the human body.  The single eye of Egypt is the BMLEE turning toward the face of the sun at all times.The vulture never destroys but looks for that which is no longer moving, DEAD. Converts death into life discharges clean feces. Totally opposite to humans who consume life and discharge death.

This is the symbol for the master human kingdom to follow.  Take death and master it by lovingly mastering self.  Convert the old teachings of shame, blame, death, hell and condemnation into life giving affirmations of immortality.

This symbol represents that single human pen.  Specifically what that pen wrote between 1845BC and 70AD. The writings that were used to translate many Bibles.  These writings do not belong to any church or special people group.
Hermes, the god of language came from utter.  From the god of language came to be the horn of the language, Hermogenes.   This is the new Testament; but the SRP throws up the cross at any mention of gods that might be in contradiction to their teaching about a singular all powerful God, that man must be afraid of.
Another version of the pen.  FBDC is Firstborn Divine Child, which is humanity.  A reminder to not throw out the baby with the dirty bathwater it has been bathed in.  Waters of shame, blame, sin, work, struggle, strain, die and go to hell because you didn’t work hard enough.  Jesus said be perfect; not do perfect.  We are perfectly in constant change.
My Cherokee medicine bag.  This symbol is either a reminder of that medicine or an application of that medicine.  The main active ingredient is DO NOT MESS IN ANYONE’S WALK.  To do so drives them off their destined path into deep woods. Then they must find their own pathway again often carrying heavy baggage of well meaning others.
axeLay the axe to every root that does not bring forth good fruit.  Light Bringer Completed and inside is a cycle of wisdom; translated as Luke 3:9. Understanding what book/chapter/verse means opens the door to wisdom.  This is the intent of this site, to open wisdom’s door to the heart and mind.
The original writings are like a jigsaw puzzle that has been white washed over.  Digesting out all of the added English words creates a very small book.  This enables us to recreate the original beautiful stories of creation.
 The planet has been bombarded by teachings that do not have any weight on the scale of yesterdays writings. Leaving deep wounds of shame, blame, guilt none of which was written by our pen.  That age is ending.  Wisdom has grown in the market place, though deeply wounded.
bridges King James to original text The James Strong Exhaustive Concordance is the work of one man’s lifetime.  A number was assigned to every word in the original scrolls.  He told us the language and the essence of what that word meant.  Then gave us all the words used in the translation.  All the scripture references to discover what any given word meant. I call this the Strong Bridge; but you must cross over and stay.  Not choose a few choice words to prove what you already believe.  Took me almost 20 years to hear the sounds without the confusion of gender, time, direction, etc that does not exist.
The stories of creation as originally documented took place in dark, cold, icy and the hot.  This is not night and day as translated. The stories are about coming out of the last ice age, 70,000 yrs ago.
 Today there are more than 750,000 English words and growing daily.  Dumped on top of the few thousand words of the original text, this causes great confusion.  We cannot understand 3000 year old writings using today’s understanding of language which is very fluid and constantly changing.
 One united Oxhead, the totality of everything.  It is the basic symbol in understanding what was written.  There is only one and it grows in power, strength, amount, etc.  There is no division.  There is only Egyptian math which is WILL ADD.  The translated word for WILL ADD is for you to discover.  It is the father by law.  NT father means the same thing, the oxhead.
One united oxhead that has grown to the power of ten.  The open hand of power.  This is not man’s hand this is the power that generates all creation.  It drives the wheel in the wheel.  Keeps adding in power, clearly understood through the meanings of letters/numbers/words  of any given scripture. Provided the heavy weight of sand is removed from our eyes.
 Symbol of the serpent of wisdom, number nine, the number of man beast. It is the indestructible number.  It is the basis of all Egyptian math, Will Add.  Basis of creative process of all things.  Jesus asked who made me divider over you?  Jesus emerged by the law of Egyptian math, Will Add, not division.
Solid rock Petra is the basis of the current church.  It is not the place where Jesus is building the church.  It is the heavy weight crushing the sand of the sea and desert.  This heavy impenetrable adamantine rock needs to be levitated up and away.  Shiny on the outside but resists any light trying to penetrate it.
The punctured rock is a pile of rock of the rich Egyptian, father by law. Same place Jesus arose from.  The place where the church has always been and is being built. These are living stones; not chosen frozen stones.
The Divine Firstborn Child, humanity is the key, the secret, the promise, the method, the.answer.the mystery, the purpose, the beloved, the chosen, the reason, the purpose, the intent……..destined to lovingly master self.  Then wars will end.  Then domestic violence will end.  Then struggle, strain will end.
Infusing gender into our writings has caused great splintering in the human psyche.  This site intends to remove the splinters and lets the tree of righteousness be full of knowledge; be what it already is: fully divine firstborn human.
Knowing the meaning of our original concepts, leads to understanding. Understanding dismantles the Tower of Babel, the confusion of languages.  Symbols predated numbers and deciphering the symbols reveals the truth of numbers.  Numbers can be misleading in today’s understanding as we always view them as sequences and they are not.
coyote trickster


Coyote and Set/Seth, the Shadow.  In most cases our elder, coyote is considered to be a trickster.  Not necessarily intending to deceive, but to alert us to other possibilities.  I have added coyote as it represents Set/Seth, which was the REPLACEMENT of the image of the phantom illusion of plural gods. 

The Shadow is the  image Replacement of the black soil, Adam that had revolved in the heat for 120 revolutions of time.  Emerging out into the Queens House, upper Egypt/heaven.  In the Queens house  the sun created the red soil, Esau.  Do not be deceived by creating persons before persons existed.  The first rib of light is not a person although it is a wife of the black soil.

Religion is an energy form of repetitive habitual thoughts, habits, actions, beliefs, etc.  It feeds on the human energy that created it; increasing its power over the human. Stop feeding it.  Give the energy food to what it is that we really want ;that which is good, lovely, beautiful.  The one that is fed will grow.  Choice is ours.  Sweet and salty do not exist together; one will dominate.