You can explore a white cake till doomsday and never see how the spice cake was created.  You can fight, massacre each other over the recipe and the ingredients and never even know what a spice cake looks, tastes and smells like.

Slow Arrival

I would have arrived at the understanding of what our native words written between 1845BC and 70AD were saying a long time ago.

I was delayed due to spending many years beating myself up that surely I was not seeing and understanding correctly.  Although I had broken away from the SRP, the influences were still strong in my psyche.

This is what I knew.  Being beating into submission had been my history.  Beating until  submission came.  Submitting unto someone else, to their wants, desires, beliefs.  Why?

Because that was what I was taught in Sunday School and experienced in adult services.

Submit to death, that was the vow required of me and that was the vow I intended to keep.

Wrong Beliefs

After all the pastors, theologians, teachers, universities etc. knew more than me because they had studied it much longer than I.  They had thousands of years of prior time.

After all they were mostly men and men knew more than a mere woman studying on her own.

Years went by and the passion to discover increased and the mountain of information grew.  Mountain of knowledge and understanding totally contrary to what I had been taught for 50 years of my life.  Finally the unconditional love of creation was revealed in the very few words used to describe it in the original scrolls.

Saying Yes

The day I relented and said yes I do see clearly.  Yes I am understanding correctly, was the day the light really began to shine upon those ancient scrolls.  It is a labor intensive work.  It required and requires hours of dedication, documentation before the words begin to align themselves.

Yes the pastors, theologians, teachers, universities have studied and taught for thousands of years.  They have studied the same thing and came up with the myriad of 1100+ translations.  Each translation adding more English words on top of those already burying the original meanings.

That is not to say that they have no knowledge about those ancient writings and what they really say.  What I am saying is there has been no attempt, in so far as I know, to bring today’s  teachings into alignment with the original text.  To do so, would mean totally dismantling of the largest business on the planet, Christianity.

Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

The exception to that statement would be the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary published in 1931 by CharlesFillmore.  He saw in the work of James Strong something the church proper was not or would not recognize nor teach.

Thus birthed the Unity Church.  This dictionary takes the work of James Strong and expounds upon the metaphysical properties, but still using the meanings of the INTERPRETATIONS of the translation.  Still looking at words as people where no people existed.

This work did not use just the meaning of the word; but used all the applications that INTERPRETERS  have used.  In those cases where James Strong could not identify a words source, Charles Filmore picked up on the interpretational stories and used that as a basis for meaning.


Starts with Aaron.  James Strong said the meaning of this word was uncertain.  The language origin could not be identified.  The  Metaphysical Bible Dictionary then uses all the ways that Aaron was presented in the translation.

This is not the same as the meaning of the original word.  It is helpful in expanding upon the belief of what that word meant; but it is not the meaning.

Do Not Change One Jot or Tittle

If we stay with the simple meanings and do not change them, the jigsaw puzzle fits together very easily.  When we change the meanings, adjust the meanings from their original we blur the edges of the jigsaw pieces of the puzzle.  Impossible then to see how the pieces fit together.

We wrote about the generating of the creation; not the generating of a single personages.

JEHEZKEL  James Strong identifies  this word by #3168 and is translated both Ezekiel and Jehezkel.  The common held belief about its meaning was God Will Strenghten.

However it is formed by #410 strength and #2388 fasten.  So the word correctly is FASTEN STRENGTH.

Since the translators took strength and translated it as a singular all powerful God, then the assumption is made that Ezekiel means God Will Strengthen as opposed to FASTEN STRENGTH, with no god involved.  It is a mandate for us to fasten our strength.

Every word that has strength as a basis for its formation is translated as God; not so.

When we skew one word strength and make it God we skew everywhere strength is a part of creating another word.

Both of these words Ezekiel and Jehezkel are identical in original meanings; but the translations are not identical.  Why are the spelled different.

  • Jehezkel was written about between 1279 and 461BC in Palestine.
  •  Ezekiel was written somewhere between 620 and 600 BC in Babylon.
  • Same word meaning, different spelling.

I am not belittling the work of Charles Fillmore. It was a fresh new look at the Bible in its time.  Ushered in some new thinking.

I am pointing out that studying the same thing in the same way brings the same result.  Some call this insanity.  I call it religious brainwashing.

What I Scribe

What I write is to the best of my ability to stay within the confines of the original meanings and to make it sensible to ears tuned to English.  Until the ears can hear the sweet sounds of the very little book we wrote thousands of years ago.

Sweet sounds existed prior to  becoming  the clanging gong of religion.  Our native writings have been used as a religious tool to control the masses.

Our precious sweet baby has been washed in dirty water of sin, shame, blame, condemnation, threats of death, hell, fire and judgement for too long.

We must no throw out the baby with the dirty bath water of religion.

We need to reclaim what is rightfully ours and set the records straight.

Hearing Seeing Clearly

It took years before I could hear that unique language without  the English pointy words, him, her, its, up , down, over, under, north, south, etc. etc. etc.  Words needed by the English language only cloud the words of many languages.

The misconception that those scrolls were all written in words from a single language is not true.  Many different words from many different languages, some unidentifiable written over a vast period of time.

Most of the works of the Old Testament were written in Palestine.  Most of the New Testament uses the Old Testament words to tell its stories.  Take away the added English grammar words and all the Old Testament words and there is nothing left to work with.

Our writings were not about religion; but have been confiscated by religion, mutilated and used as a weapon to mind control the masses.  Chip away at our divinity and make us believe we are broken dirty rotten sinners.  Make us believe we need the SRP the very crushing weight on the backs of the sand of the sea.

Today there are 3 billion Christians on the planet, almost as many of the Islamic sect and most of the others believe in some other form of religion.

They all have their own beliefs and war against other.  Our native writings were not about war, killing, pillage, human kings nor any other such modern day concepts.

The Joke of the Century

There is no such thing as separation of church and state in the US or anywhere else.  They are the same controlling entities everywhere on the planet.

Religious habits have created wars in the county, wars in the tribes, wars in the home, domestic violence with mass beheadings.  Yet the MASSES still bow their knees, pay their tithes, bow their heads before the God of Fire Moleck.  Why?

Fear that oh my God what if it is true.  God is just waiting for me to make a mistake and the fires of hell await me and I will forever burn there.  Gag, puke ad nauseam..

Look around, the planet is living in fires of hell, created by the monster religion.  Called by its many names and recognized by its common face of war, division, strife, ad nauseaum.