We Begin a Journey

The original text can only be seen when we throw out all of the added English text. Placed there as explanation.  When  ten words are expanded into 30 words by way of explanation, something gets lost.  The ten words and their original meanings get lost in the co-mingling.

Then we think the word ten means different parts, when it actually means ONE UNITED OXHEAD to the power of ten, which is an open hand.  The only hand of power is open to all.

The Challenge

The difficult part is when we begin  retraining the mind.  To think differently when it sees a word.  The mind likes what it thinks it knows.  Doesn’t necessarily like to be changed.

We cannot see differently until we think differently.  We cannot think differently until we put on the OILEDCHRIST MIND.  A mind that is not stuck in the mud of yesterdays beliefs and teachings.  A mind that has been ground to a halt by mythical stories jamming the gears, cannot function, it is immobilized.

Many original word meanings were translated into many different words that can lead us astray, when we have forgotten the creative process.  This creates many jigsaw puzzles that are difficult to put together.

Every journey has a beginning, one step at a time completes the journey.

We can begin the JOURNEYING even though the SPREADING OUTHANDMAID is TIMIDBILHAH and the way may be difficult.  We have to leave the Ice House Being DestroyedBethuel  in the Flames of the East, the upper limits of the Egyptian Queens House.

Frozen thoughts will thaw as we begin to rethink, REMEMBERmale what we wrote long, long ago.

Let Us Begin With an Easy Project

There are many words that were not actually translated, these are easier to track through all the original manuscripts.  If we ALWAYS use the meaning instead of the foreign word we begin to build a foundation.

If we leave off believing that these long lists of words are names of individual persons.

Then there are some words that were translated into a single  English Word.  These are foundational words and they do not change meaning either.

It is easier to change our mind when going from a foregin word to English than taking an English word we think we know the meaning of and replacing it with another English word that does not seem to fit what we were taught in Sunday School.

Example; dark translated in one place as left hand.  Right translated in another case as left handed. (thousands of these of cases).  There are but two of the at least 16 different original words translated as hand.  Two of which are PRIMARY WORDS.

This subject is not addressed in this blog but certainly in many blogs.  These are difficult jigsaw puzzle, best put together once there is a strong foundation of other words.

Let Us Begin With a Few Word Meanings

When we begin to REMEMBERMALE PERFUME, a neutral word, when we see Ketura, it is easier to see PERFUME instead of a person.  Then it becomes easier to understand how the descent of PERFUME into the OLD DRY WELL drew out (the) EGYPTIAN WILL ADD.  This is a tiny ALLAHascent  in OILING the mind to think differently.

When we begin to REMEMBERMALE and hold the thought that what we see is not necessarily what was meant.

  • OILED, a neutral word, when we see Christ, it becomes easier to understand why this process of mind renewal is necessary.
  • LOVING  a neutral word, when we see David….
  • PEACE a neutral word, when we see Solomon….
  • SUNLIGHT, a neutral word, when we see Samson..we know it is the.strength of Sunlight
  • HEARING a neutral word,  when we see Simeon, Simon…
  • ATTACHED a nuetral word, when we see Levi, Levites, Levitical, we can better understand why the ATTACHED priesthood had no inheritance after the birthing.  How the priesthood of ICEkorah rebelled in the desert.
  • PREVAILING STRENGTH, a neutral word, when we see Israel, the idea of a country or a select people group begins to fade.
  • GIFT, a neutral word, when we see Matthew, that reveals how we got here.
  • LIGHT BRINGER a neutral word, when we see Luke, the bringer of light shows the way to build the family of strength.
  • A REWARD a neutral word, when we see Nathan, Nathaneal, Nethaneel…then we understand the REWARD of PEACE that came through LOVING, Egyptian builder #7, the weapon.  Our weapon is peace.
  • REBELLIOUS a neutral word, when we see Mary, Miriam….cause us to ponder what the rebellion was all about.  May not be what you think.
  • LOFTY TERMINAL a neutral word, when we see Heli, Eli.
  • FAVORED a neutral word, when we see Annah, Hannah.
  • HOT when we see day in the Old Testament. (very few exceptions)
  • WARM GENTLE when we see day in the New Testament. (usually, not always)
  • MORNING STAR (builder of dawn) when we see Lucifer.  This word begins to take on a different flavor, straighten out our thinking.
  • WHITE ICE SNOW HAIL, a neutral word when we see Laban, Libni, Libnites, Lebanon, etc.  begins to change our perspective of the stages on which the creation play is performed.
  • DUAL LIMITS, a neutral word, when we see Egypt, Mizraim…then we can understand the limitation of the container the Great Housepharoah.
  • MIGHTY EARTH, a neutral word, when we see Nimrod.  What was/is the earth hunting?
  • CLEAR WATER, a neutral word, when we see Nimram.
  • FILTRATE, a neutral word, when we see Leopard.  Then we can see the spotted leopard is the black soil coming through the ice.
  • EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE when we see Jehoshua, Jehoshuah, Joshua, Jesus, Isaiah, Jesaiah, Jeshaiah, Esaias
  • BOND/GLUE or MEASUREMENT…height,width, depth, breadth when we see mother.

This is merely a sampling.  We can begin to assimilate the unique language created by the combination of so many manuscripts by so many authors in so many different places over the period of 1845BC to 70AD.

We can reclaim our rightful property, the stories we wrote that became distorted due to misunderstanding the translation.

Misunderstanding by well meaning teachers of English, which led to gross errors.  Remember in the mid 1600s the masses for the most part could neither read nor write.  Those few who could read and write English taught English, not spiritual creative truths.  They taught ways of behaving based upon the belief that the stories were about individual persons.

This is time intensive, but the REWARDNATHAN,NATHANIEL is well worth the effort.  At the end of the journey there will only be a few thousand precious pearls of wisdom.

Instead of 750,000 English words of today which have buried the honey of the Sweet Little Book under a Tower of Babel, confusion of languages.

We will uncover the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest, the seed pod.