Where does the word Satan come from?

In the original text of the OLD Testament there a word that means opponent is TRANSLITERATED into the letters s a t a n.  Religious interpreters of the New Testament made the s a capital letter and treated the four letters as a word, i.e Satan.

Transliterated letters are not words.  They are symbolic of the original word.  We use this all the time in going back and forth between languages.

To be translated the letters s a t a n must result in a word that is equal to opponent.

When the letter s was made a capital letter it inferred in English that it was the name of a person, place or important thing.  Religion teaches that the word Satan is a spiritual being that desires to destroy humans.  Cannot answer the question, who/what created Satan?  Or at best says that God made Satan to teach us lessons.

Interestingly another word that means hurtful was INTERPRETED as meaning a masculine devil.   But  these words were used  in the Bible…bad, evil, grievous, harm, lewd, malicious, wicked, wickedness.  Wonder why  masculine devil was not used? These are English chosen words they are not word meanings taken from the original text.

There is another word that means ATTACK and from it comes the word opponent.  The interpreters of the Bible used adversary, Satan and withstand in different scriptures.

When we read the word Satan and we read the word withstand, our English trained  minds do not see them as the same thing.  They are not synonyms.  Nor do they mean opponent.

The only way to know what the original text actually had to say is to remove all added English words and then reconstitute the meaning of the original remaining words.  A very laborious task up until now.

With the database that I have been creating over the years, this information is easily pulled out.  There are no changes in the work of 100 scholars, who in the mid 1800s AD built us a STRONG BRIDGE which links the original word meanings to the King James Bible.  This work is called the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance.  It is a brilliant work used all over the world by Bible scholars and users.

However, it to is being dismantled by each new addition that removes much of the numbering trail that enables us to reclaim what the 66 authors were saying.

The new database is simply an easier way to pull out the true meanings.  In the Old Testament building word trees is built into the way the BRIDGE was built.  We can reconstruct the tree using the root word.

In the New Testament it is quite a different process.  However the database pulls together the connecting words and so a word tree can be  reconstructed.

Why do we want to construct word trees?  Grapes do not grow on apples trees.  Oranges do not grow on potato vines.  When we look at the words chosen in the Bible they quite often are oppositional to the original meaning and even oppositional to themselves.  Up does mean down nor will you see them growing from the same root word.  Unless the root means up and down.

It is time to reclaim the simply stories that 66 authors scribed.  Which were hurriedly jammed into a book called Bible.  All 66 are connected in a various views of how creation works as seen through the eyes looking between 1845BC and 70AD.

History reveals that the Bible published in the mid 1600s for the general public was a knee jerk response to the challenges of Martin Luther.  The book had to match the stories, the religious myths that had been used for hundreds of years.

The masses of people could neither read nor write and so the first Bibles became textbooks for teaching English by the few who could read.

Those religious myths have been spread across the planet like a live virus infecting every aspect of humanity with DIS- EASE.

Satan is just one of those words used in controlling the minds of the masses. Instilling fear instead of respect and awe for the unseen forces all around us.

It is popular to believe that the New Testament stands apart from the Old; but that is not true.  There are hundreds maybe thousands of words in the New that come directly from the Old.  This information is easily pulled out with the new database about to be released.

One of the major points is that the word FATHER is about language. The father of language is the aleph (Chaldean) transltierated eleph (Hebrew)  transliterated a (English)… Father is not some guy in the sky.  Further established by such words as Hermes, Thoth….not mentioned in church but certainly present in the original text.

People perish for lack of understanding.   We wrote about creation, the sun, moon, stars, planets, wind, water………blah blah blah…we did not write about how to control peoples minds.  That is a religious invention.,