The First Copulating Door

Translated as Genesis 4.

The power of the meaning of the numbers, letters and words of the original text tell us what we wrote.  Provided we do not add anything, such as all the English grammar words that more than tripled the original texts and infused the toxic element of gender.

Destroying the beauty of the Garden of Pleasure/PleasureEden.

Synopsis of the First Copulating Door

The Flaming SwordCain guards the Eastern Gate, the rising of the sun.

With the power of heat and light destroyed its womb matebrother the House of VanityAbel, cold darkness. (it is a house2 because it came second, which creates a two fold in the dark void)

The House of VanityAbel, cold darkness was replaced by the Shadowset/seth.

The builderson of the ShadowSet/seth is MortalEnos.

The Firstborn Divine Child is light.  Light reveals the Shadow.  We cannot see the ShadowSet/Seth in the cold dark.

Mortal is behind the copulating2 door4. Remains there until the First rapidly moving soil, the sea monster, Black Madonnalower egypt/earth increases to the power of ten.  Then is able to emerge, press through the white ice mountain out into the Queens houseupper egypt/heavenJac.

Then and only then does the Garden of Pleasure/PleasureEden. begin  to produce.  Words that change from puncturedfemale to a rememberedmale forms are big keys to understanding.

This has nothing to do with gender; but everything to do with generating.  This principle, a law of creation, can be applied to gender but not until there is the duality of gender.

The ArAn created gender in the FIRSTGENESIS. This forever skewed the stories which built a Tower of Babel, Confusion of Languages.  Confusion that has kept the Firstborn Divine Child/humanity from knowing who it is.

The Lance, the Flaming SwordCain that came from a  musical sound of striking the Black Madonnalower egypt/earth is the tender of the soil.  Light must tend soil else it is not fertile.

A key to this scripture is the word SHEEP which means migration.  Has nothing to do with physical sheep.  This is about the House of VanityAbel and its tending the migration.  Migration of the Black Madonnalower egypt/earth which is moving toward the Queens houseupper egypt/heaven through the white ice mass.  The black void is still there.

In the process of migration develops Black fertile soilAdam, under the strength of the increased Life Giver, rib of  LightEve; has become SunlightSamson..  This develops the Red Fertile SoilEsau so that  the Garden of Pleasure/PleasureEden can .produce the Red Maggot/WormJacob. The twin of the Red SoilEsau.

Egyptian Math

Egyptian Math can be understood if we let it be what it is adding.  No division, only increasing strength, size, growth of the One united oxhead. Cycling through the serpent of wisdom9.

The picture is the base of serpent of wisdom; so wrongly accused by the ArAn’s perpetuated upon the planet.

Where is Humanity?

The embryo of the Firstborn Divine Child comes through this Red Worm by Egyptian Math Will Add.  Egyptian Math is all about Will Add.

The stories add up when left alone.  They become fat, ugly and distorted by the infusion of gender, time, directions and all the other English words used to convey a simple message.  A message that needs no help.

The ArAn’s rob us of the Egyptian head of DOUBLE FRUITEphraim that comes from the Garden of brain washingPleasure/PleasureEden.