We have looked at primary words father, brother/brother and mother and observed what other words are formed from those PRIMARY WORD building blocks.  Which is just one way of discovering what words in the original text actually meant.

There are several views we can take.  Today we are looking at how the progression of a single primitive root TO BUILD and how it can reveal what was built.

This is just a cursory view.  The indepth study reveals much more.  When we go into the scriptures where these words are found IN THE ORIGINAL TEXT the beautiful story begins to shine through.

Remember, you cannot get their with the Bible alone, we need the STRONG BRIDGE to support our travels.

From the primitive root word TO BUILD comes

  1. a builder from a twisting force
  2. a builder that bends  (remember the husband bend?)
  3. a builder that bows  (the iris of the eye? the rainbow?)
  4. Built builder
  5. a builder lightning from to lighten
  6. a builder structure
  7. a builder existent  (remember existent is one of the words translated as God, so who built this God?)
  8. builders (plural)  from twist
  9. a builder built right
  10. a builder builds the right mortal
  11. to build an edifice
  12. to build an edifice
  13. to build a builder
  14. To build a builder people unit from association.

First off these are all neutral words except the STRUCTURE, a puncturedfemale  non gender word.  Remembermale puncturedfemale means it is open, active, creative, growing, changing, etc.  Why are there no male words coming out of the primitive root TO BUILD?  

We did not write about people, we wrote about creation and creation processes.  TRADITION teaches individual human persons and all of those examples given are taught as people.  No wonder we live in the Tower of Babel, confusion of languages.

The bottom line dollar of these sequences is discovered in #14 TO BUILD A PEOPLE UNIT that comes from  ASSOCIATION.

Not build religious edifices, doctrines, rituals that separate and divide HUMANITY.  Jesus asked who made me judge and divider over you?  The answer is religions.

Following are the the words used in the KJB translation for the above word meanings. Taught as names of individual persons, because the meaning of the words was not understood in English.

Ben-hail, Ben-hanan, son of Hesed, Bani, Bunnai, Bene-barak, building, Benaiah, Benjamin, Benuni, Ben-ammi.

Some of the meanings are repeated; they have been assigned different numbers by JSE and translated into different words.  This does not change the meaning.

Why should we care?  Time to reclaim the wisdom that is buried under 750,000 English words today and thousands of years of TRADITIONAL TEACHINGS.



There are 15 different opportunities/scriptures to look at #4 BUILT BUILDER through which we can discover some of what was BUILT.  These 15 scriptures are not found in the first five books of the Bible, written sometime around 1688BC (FIRST THESE TREBLED CALLED OUT DRIVING A PASTURE THOSE WORD).

They are found in later writings across a wide time frame.

1 example of BUILT BUILDER #4

Avenger built (the) Given (of the)Station…..Station Built (the) Crowd.

If we know what the CROWD is; what is being crowded and where it first appears in the creation story then we can fit it in.

We can know where the STATION is, what it is and what order in the creation process that it appeared.  How it was built, where it was built  and what came from it.  It is the head STATION, but not the head of a person.

The jigsaw puzzle is small and  fits together very nicely when we use the front side of the original picture.

It is a jigsaw puzzle because the writings that were translated into the Bible were by many different authors in different places in different times and settings.  Using different spellings and different orders.

Why were so many different manuscripts chosen?  Because it is the same creation story over and over again with an expansion of wisdom and knowledge gained over time.

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding buried under TRADITIONS, RELIGIOUS DOGMAS, MYTHS that have no substance when the original text is viewed in its own beauty and revelatory meanings.

The myths may have substance somewhere, but not in the original text.  These writings belong to HUMANITY.  They are not the property of religious entities that use them for their own purposes.

The FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY wrote the stories and they belong to the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY  that is ALL OF US.