Pale Was Translated Silver in the Old Testament

But it is not money.  We wrote about the pieces of light coming through the dark.  The pieces of paleness, the pale light of the stars.  Out of the same root comes the word SILVERY, the shining of the pieces of paleness.

Even more interesting is the New Testament 10 pieces of silver that the LIGHT BRINGERLUKE described.  Described in the SUPPORT15 of the ONE UNITED OXHEAD10 PREGNANCY8

Ten is the ONE UNITED OXHEAD to the power of ten; the increased power of one creation.

Twenty is the head  with the ability to reason, think and know.  It is the house2 with the power of 10.  Twenty pieces of  silvery light.  What is thirty pieces of silvery light?  What is the 100 pieces of silver?

In the New Testament, the word silver comes from the same root word as the SERPENT.  What SERPENT?  The silvery serpent created by the same pieces of PALENESSSILVER of the Old Testament.  We writing about the creatures we saw formed by the silvery light of stars.  Our guidance system.


The cycle of wisdom growing in the womb of creation.  The cycle of wisdom is not a number between 8 and 10 it is a word that means TURN TO THE NEXT FULLNESS, BE BIRTHED, INCREASE THE POWER OF ONE.  It is REMEMBEREDMALE word because the cycle is completed.  Either a birthing happens or an abortion.

The myths of organized religion have dumped a pile of MONEY upon our writings about the SILVERY STARS shining down from the upper limitsegypt.  Teaching that the Goddess of  COMPLETE LIGHTDiana was an evil person.

The religious teachers of the religious myths call this upper limitegypt heaven; but fail to teach that heaven reaches the lower limitsearth; the FIXED EARTH/the OXHEAD, that was birthed in the FIRSTGENESIS account.

Organized religious myths teach that the word PALENESS coming out of a word BE PALE, was money, silver metal money.  Never taking the time to understand the TRANSLATION.  Instead making up myths to tickle ears, to bring in money.

The OX/TAURUS depicted in the upper limitsegypt as the ONE UNITED OXHEAD.  The OX that equals a 1000 that equals a family that equals all of the seed held within the LIMITSEGYPTIAN TREASURY OF GLORIOUS REST.  The seed chest of the FIXED EARTH.  Who can tell how many varieties of seeds have sprouted; let alone how many are yet to sprout.

We wrote about the ONE UNITED OXHEAD, the FIXED EARTH, receiving the birthright from the previous holder of the birthright, the RAM.  The  RAM gave up the birthright to the BREAKpharez/perets in the ERECT TREEtamar through which came the RISING OF LIGHTzerah.  RISING OF LIGHT.

Time to Remember

We forget that our touch to the creation was through the PIECES OF SILVER shining through the darkness of night.

The SILVERY LIBRARY was the way we understood the creation story as documented in our writings that were translated into the Bible.  We understood the revolution and  changing of the ages.

We wrote about the revolutions of the cardinal fire of the RAM and its sound.  We documented that the birthright moved from the house of the RAM  on to the house of the BULL.

The EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREEJESUS  pointed to the age previous to the RAM, the age of the FISHES.  We recorded that the symbol of the FISH is the symbol of MOTION.  Fish evolved before the HOUSE OF BREADBethlehem.  

EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREEJESUS used the symbols of FISH and BREAD.  First the motion of the creative waters in the CIRCLEgalilee of the ROARsea.  Without which there would be no plant life to make the flour to make the bread.

The EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREEJESUS drew the sign of the MOTIONfish on the SAND of the CIRCLEgalilee OF THE ROARSea.

We documented that from the WELL OF LIVING WATERBeer lai hai roe; HAGAR would produce seed so numerous that it can not be counted.

We are once again in a season of change; but have forgotten our oldest, our first record , our first library, the SILVERY PIECES of light coming down through the darkness.  Our first way of understanding; which we carefully recorded with pen and ink on papyrus, cave walls, animal skins and paper.

We are in the FIXED AIR sign of the WATER BEARER.  What fixed ideas will manifest.  What kind of water will we pour out for the next 26,000 years?  What legacy are we creating today as we individually express our 1% of free will.  The 99%DNA binds us together in a common world.  The law of dual limits Egypt has never ceased to be.

Will we continue to spend our money attempting to buy our salvation and demanding that others do the same.  Salvation has always been our free birthright alongside of LAUGHTERISAAC.

Will we continue believing and spreading the myths of organized religions to generate MONEY.   MONEY is the basis of the success of organized religions.

The EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREEjesus threw out the money changers.

Organized religion teaches that humans threw out the old RAM/Judaic teachings as no longer valid.  Teaching that there was no law any longer.  Then in the next breath teach how to buy salvation, peace of mind, the right to go to heaven.  The place where we already live, move and have our being.  We wrote about the Queens House, upper limitegypt.

Organized religion would have us believe that there is someplace called heaven, somewhere out there, somewhere; but does not reveal that we already live there.  It is our rightful home.

What Do the Silvery Pieces of Light Have to Say?

The FIRSTGENESIS  house is the house of the RAM.  Representative of  CELEBRATED FROM USING THE OPEN HAND POWERJUDAH.

The OX represents the second house, the FIXED EARTH.  Also described over the ages as:

  2. the SEA MONSTER of rapidly moving soil
  3. the BLACK EARTH
  4. The RED EARTH
  5. Egyptian math WILL ADD, which is the UPPER/LOWER LIMITSEGYPTIAN TREASURY OF GLORIOUS REST.  Have you figured out what this word is?

The prophesy of HearingSimeon AttachedLevi to the bad report of religious myths continues to teach that we must struggle, strain and die.  FIRSTGENESIS 49:5

We are in a time of change.  That change is orchestrated by us.  Change self, we change the whole OXHEAD, the thinking.  This then changes the house of the fixed nest , our body which changes the fixed nest we live in.  Every thing that  changes; changes every thing.