Elohiyms = Dieties

When we understand the graphic below; which depicts our writing 1845BC to 70 AD, then the light has begun to rise in our consciousness.  We begin to REMEMBERmale who we are, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD that documented the creation story over and over again.

Just because religion has chosen to take our writings, put them into a single book called Bible and create religious myths to control the masses; does not mean it is the property of religion.

Time to reclaim our birthright.  Time to lay down the concept of gender; most especially male dominant gender.  We never wrote about gender; only described creation processes.

If you are a premium subscriber; click on the more button and see the rest of the story in graphic form. Read the description of the symbolic creative progression.  As well as the commentary about it.  Symbols meanings can be applied in all cases.

The primitive word trees are an especially useful tool in recreating our stories.  In this case the primitive root is an unused root; from which comes twist and strength.

Strength being translated as God, a male dominant somewhere in the great blue yonder, God.  A God holding all the power to judge if we are doing right and kill us if we are not.

A concept not found in our writings.  This is a religious myth concocted to control the masses.  And has done so very successfully for thousands of years.

The word elohiym is plural of elowahh that comes from the unused root where twisting creates strength and then more strength.  Just because these words were translated as the all powerful religious God, does not make it so.

See the list in the lower corner of the words that were translated from plural dieties/elohiyms. Translated 2606 times; never as PLURAL.

Let us remember, recall that the translation of the mid 1600s had been in place for more then 200 years before James Strong and associates gave us the meaning of our original words 1800s.

Ever wonder why the religious myths continue to impact the planet with dis-ease?  Maybe we are just too lazy to care.  Too easy to let the self proclaimed gurus, the chief of staffs of the religious army tell us what to do and think about we wrote in the first place.

Why do we ignore the richest corporation on the planet RELIGION and point our fingers at the entities that give us employment? Employ us so that we can feed our families.

How do we know that the FIRST plurality was wind then water then earth then fire?  We go back to the original text; throwing out all the added English words used to describe what the religious  myth tellers want us to believe.

Look up each and every word in FIRSTGENESIS chapter one and discover the order of creation.  Out of the void comes the breath of life/WIND diety.  The gases form the WATER diety; which without fire is ICE.  ICE is clearly seen under the cover of English words.

The red in this graphic depicts the energy which is always PUNCTUREDFEMALE; easily seen by using the word trees.  Has absolutely nothing to do with gender.  Misunderstanding or misrepresenting and most especially not even acknowledging them in the translation is like stealing major keys of understanding.  Buried under infused gender concepts.

PUNCTUREDFEMALE WORDs are keys to grasping the intent of our pen 1845BC to 70AD.  Rarely is there a REMEMBERED MALE word, because creation is still creating.  They too are major keys in unraveling OUR STORY.

FIRE diety is next on the scene which melts the ice form of the WATER diety.  Then creates the liquid WATER diety, using the WIND diety to evaporate the liquid WATER diety into a WATER/STEAM diety.

This created steam WATER diety,  then is evaporated by the WIND diety and the FIRE diety creating the RAPIDLY MOVING SOIL, the BLACK SEA MONSTER diety.

The BLACK SEA MONSTER, DIETY, translated as adam; is revealed by the FIRE diety, the first rib of light, THE LIFE-GIVER translated as Eve was/is the first rib of light..

You know the religious myth that has permeated the planet with failed parents.

Following is the graphic with its description of the symbols.  These symbols never change their meaning and can be applied to understanding scripture.

The first translations were merely religious myth stories.  Then the numbers were applied creating verses.  When we understand what the book, the chapter and the verse means; it is easy to understand what the words in the verse are saying.