Everything is the Elder of Human

Therefore the elder always has wisdom for the LITTLE KID ON THE BLOCK.   The little kid, human still in the playpen of creation.   Hitting each other over the head with our toys.   Pulling the hair of other.   Poking eyes and making fun and warring with other.

What does this have to do with sheep, our elder?   Elders teach in mysterious ways, even by expressing a dumb way of life.

Sheep will follow any leader even over the cliff to death, hell and damnation.   Especially when those sheep are told that it is the WORD OF GOD that they should do so….FOLLOW THE LEADER, the priest, guru, pastor, prophet; but don’t follow the prophetess.

First of all the word sheep is hidden for the most part in the word this.  Interpreters of the Bible use only the word this and we think it means pointing at a specific object, person, or thing.

That is true with the NEUTRALand REMEMBERED male words.They function in the same way as English this.  However the word meaning SHEEP was also interpreted as simply this.

The earlier editions of JSE give us this important detail.  However, the newer “FIRST EDITION”  of the new JSE have removed all number references to the word this.

So we can no longer discover this important truth…..there is a vast difference between THIS….THIS…and THIS.

Sheep is the main elder used to describe human behavior……QUESTION will we continue to follow the leader over the cliff to death, hell and damnation or will we reclaim our rightful property?   Are we willing to let our original stories be distorted, mutilated, circumcised of all truth or will we reclaim it?

QUESTION   What will we feed the children coming up?  Will we continue to cripple them with religious myths about  a punitive God waiting for them to mess up?

Or will we tell them the truth…they are already PERFECT…PERFECTION in constant change….not an end a process.

Will we teach them to be dumb sheep or brilliant stars?    Our elder is waiting to see what we do with the message of the ELDER SHEEP.  They cannot DO PERFECT only BE PERFECT.