“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change  something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”- Buckminster Fuller

This blog and the subsequent database that is emerging are not about fighting the status quo; the existing reality of Religious Myths.   Rather about bringing light into the darkness; so that our eyes can see more clearly.

Obviously the 66 ancient texts had some great value and interest to those of the past that chose them as guiding lights through  the DARK AGES.

Perhaps it is time to see what those 66 (= nail 10 + a nail = oxhead10 + house = completion) ancient scrolls actually said.

What were the stories that we put to paper, thousands of years ago?  Stories so important that they have lingered all this while?  They are the elders, the elder stories waiting to be heard.

  • Do they match the religious myths of today or not?
  • Do they  make our hearts sing with hope and joy for a future?
  • Do they shed light (Luke) upon what we know to be true deep within.  A truth we know but at the same time is mismatched with the teachings we have listened to and believed?

Every individual has been given the tools, mind, will, emotion to decide what is light and true and what is dark and heavy

The new model being presented on this website and in the subsequent database, is actually the old model.  The pattern of which is buried under 750,000 English words of today.  A pattern that has been distorted by lack of knowledge=====gnosis====.  Which in many religious quarters is forbidden.  To seek knowledge is a sin.

Time to go back to the original pattern and build the house according to the ancient standards.

The blog and the database does and will show the house to the house.  It has and will continue to reveal the open pile of rocks; not the rock upon which the church is being built….has always been built….and will continue to be built.