More Questions

 How does this new NIV gender neutral Bible address these so called people.  People as taught by the INTERPRETERS of the KJB translation.

 Ornament (Adah) and Shade (Zillah) are female words translated as wives of the phantom illusion of Powerful (Lamech)  Powerful is neutral, it is not even a male word.  Powerful appears again as the shadow image of the phantom image of the elohiyms, the plural gods intentions.

  1. Shade (Zillah) produces Pleasantness (Namaah) translated as sister to a stream, a father of  those who dwell in tents and have cattle  translated  in KJB as Jabal..
    1. Does only the male gender play harp and organ?

    1. Does only the  male gender dwell in tents and have cattle? 
  3.  Sister to a stream, a father of those who handle harp and organ translated in KJB as Jubal.

  5. Are Ornaments, Shade and Pleasantness exclusive to female gender?  Or are they words that are active, describing, doing something?  Perhaps the Pleasantness comes out of Powerful Ornament of Shade?

How does the new neutral gender NIV Bible neutralize the gender in these instances?

axeThese questions can only be answered by going back to the original text and understanding the functions of neutral, female and male words.  These have nothing to do with gender.  It is process, functionality.

Where does Tubal-cain fit in?  It means Produce a Crop of Lances?  Lances of brass and iron.