I haved added three new symbols to this site.  Their appearance is a signal of something being revealed in the writings.

My Cherokee medicine bag.  This symbol is either a reminder of that medicine or an application of that medicine.   The main active ingredient is DO NOT MESS IN ANYONE’s WALK.

LIGHT BRINGER COMPLETE BACK OF THE HEAD translated in KJB as axeLuke 3:19 which says:

“The axe is laid to the root of every tree that does not produce good fruit.”

Any HABIT produces more of the same; not necessarily good fruit.

Building block indicates building; adding something.   Usually this will be in relationship to names; which has been misinterpreted as meaning individual people instead of the processes of building.  

  • KJB name means conspicous position, an appelation, a mark.  Also translated as Shem; which is the conspicous position of Rest, translated in KJB as Noah.
  • WILL ADD built everything translated in KJB as Joseph and treated as if this is a personage.

The KJB took the word that means builder and translated it into the following words.  There are two other words that mean the same thing, builder.  One is Chaldean, one is what we call a name.  It is a conspicous position, referred to  the above Shem Rest.

  1. afflicted
  2. age
  3. Ahoh-
  4. Ammon-
  5. Hachmon-
  6. Lev-
  7. Levite
  8. annointed
  9. one,
  10. apponted to
  11. arrow
  12. Assyr
  13. Babylon
  14. Egpt
  15. Grecian
  16. one born
  17. bough
  18. branch
  19. breed
  20. (young) bullock
  21. (young) calf
  22. came up in
  23. child
  24. colt
  25. common
  26. corn
  27. daughter
  28. of first
  29. firstborn
  30. foal
  31. very fruitful
  32. postage
  33. in
  34. kid
  35. lamb
  36. man
  37. meet
  38. mighty
  39. nephew
  40. old
  41. people
  42. rebel
  43. robber
  44. sevant born
  45. soldier
  46. son
  47. spark
  48. steward
  49. stranger
  50. surely
  51. them of
  52. tumultuous one
  53. valiant
  54. valiantest
  55. whelp
  56. worthy
  57. young (one)
  58. youth.

All of these KJB words above were used to express builder and yet the religious HABIT is that the word son is a male gender and is the only son.

When all these scriptures are taken into consideration they ADD UP to the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest, which was built by ADDING. 

  • Adding built the MASTER SHIP EGYPT. 
  • EGYPT BUILT THE MASTER KINGDOM, destined to rule self.

This adding is what is still going on, revealed in another word that means the same the above and was translated in the KJB as Benjamin.  This cannot be understood unless the neutral, male remembered and the female open punctured forms of words is applied.  These keys are essential to adding.

  • It is the MASTER KINGDOM destined to master self; still in process of growing.
  • It is the ark drawn out of the waters of Egypt  translated Moses
  • It is the ark of the covenant.
  • It is the ark of the Testimony
  • It is the moveable tabernacle of the desert.
  • It is the temple of man.
  • etc, etc, etc.

May I suggest taking off the old religious HABIT of repeating old wives tales spun out of ignorance. 

  •  Lay the axe to the root that does not produce good fruit.
  • ADD something to the growth of the MASTER KINGDOM.

Builder of Sorrows is yesterday.  Builder of the open righthand of today is the power that is still growing, changing, extending, becoming.  This builder is the branch extending.

Not difficult to understand when WE, the MASTER KINGDOM, let the number, letter and word meanings of the original text ADD IT UP FOR US.  This requires taking off the old HABIT of repeating the old gossip which is witchcraft.

What does stretch the mind is that these things were documented by the human pen long before the KJB was translated.  Long before we came to understand through science, math, philosophy, and every human method of discovery that we have and will utilize.

axeWhat is sad is that we have the HABIT  of telling the old wives tales as if they bore good fruit.  Knowing  full well, that the stories in of themselves always condemn, accuse, demean, require sacrifice, obedience to someone’s rules and demand adherence by everyone.

We are the MASTER KINGDOM and all the other kingdoms are our elders, positioned to help and guide us through the process of being the BRANCH EXTENDING.

Religious and other HABITS  are like a parent that refuses to help the child grow.  Desiring to keep the child, a baby under its care, regardless of the consequences.

TIDBIT  Part of the levitical priesthood had no inheritance because it was the umbilical cord attached  to the placenta attached to the old womb.  It was circumcised.

Only the BRANCH EXTENDING of the Levitical priesthood has an inheritance and that is the mature MASTER KINGDOM.  The master of self, that is prophet, priest and king of self.

The MASTER KINGDOM wears the mantles of prophet, priest and king.  Does not merely talk about them as if they belonged to someone else.  It is a choice.  A choice that puts the responsiblity directly on the shoulders of the wearer. 

Perhaps that is what we fear most.  It means having no more scape goats.