Coyote and Set/Seth, the Shadow


In most cases, our elder, coyote is considered to be a trickster.  Not necessarily to deceive, but to alert to other possibilities. 

I am adding coyote to the symbologies of this site.  Recognize it also represents Set/Seth, which was the image of the image of the phantom illusion of plural gods.  The seed of humanity. 

Wherever you see this symbol it represents one of the tricks of  the English language.  The language does not intend to deceive; however it must follow its’ own program.  

 If we follow the English language as translated in KJB, without understanding the symbology of the original word meanings, we are allowing ourself to be misled. 

Following are a few examples of the TRICKSTER ENGLISH LANGUAGE. 

English Demands  Gender. 

The moment we choose, we are locked into that gender designation in all cases. 

EXAMPLE We choose to take the KJB neutral word father and make it be a gender; we err.  Neutral mother and father are the same, they are roles, processes and cycles.  Not human individuals. 

  • Mother is also the CUBIT measurement of humanity.
  • Equal on all sides. 
  • Eight corners, of the pregnancy.
  • Humanity is the NAIL of the pregnancy.  That is six sides
    • The open punctured sides added together form the NAIL
    • That which first punctures and then  holds fast is the overplus NAIL, which was remembered, recalled, reformed in the pregnancy

EXAMPLE  this/this/this.  These three are treated by English as being the same.  They are not.  Watch for the blog on this key element of symbols. 

  • Do not be deceived by the software of James Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. 
    • It does not have the capability to retain all that is in the original work. 
    •  You will not even find the word this, let alone its more than 400 occurences of the male this and also the more than 400 occurences of the female this.
  • Nor will you be able to see the word trees from the software. 
    • Only the hard original work allows that. 
    • The software is not intended to deceive, it simply does not have the capabilities to retain the original work done in the 1800s. 
      •  A gift of a lifetime to humanity. 
      • A bridge to the past; which we have chosen to ignore except to go across and find a few tidbits to reinforce our HABITS of belief.  Seed from the OTHER SIDE does not need to return, for it knows who it is, the DIVINE FIRSTBORN destined to rule self.
    • Do not be deceived by the attempt to bring the original writings into conformancy to our current day belief in gender; our HABIT is creating tricks on us.

English demands pluralities. 

When we take singular meanings, symbols and create pluralities we err.  I will only give a few here; but know that there are very few pluralities in the original texts.  They are key elements to understanding. 

EXAMPLE BRANCH, singular.   Translated in KJB as tribe/tribes.  

  • There never was 12 or 13 or any other number of tribes; there is only the ONE UNITED OXHEAD.
  • The neutral BRANCH.
    • This neutral BRANCH was punctured; that is IT became the BRANCH EXTENDING.
    • That BRANCH is still growing, extending and will continue to do so until the EGYPTIAN HEAD OF DOUBLE FRUIT begins to appear. 
      • Then the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM will begin to become evident.
      • The Temple of Man over which each MASTER HUMAN is prophet, priest and king.
      • Mastering, managing, loving self.  So that self contained temple overflows to every portion of the creation. 
      • We cannot overflow with that which we deny self.  DO NOT BE DECEIVED.

The KJB word six is symbolized by the #6 which means overplus and the Egyptian letter #6 ur and Hebrew vau meaning NAIL, HOOK.  

 English tricks us into creating six separate parts; dividing the NAIL.  Then we tremble in fear at the 666, number of man and beast.  Tremble because we have been tricked into believing a lie. 

When we take that symbol and break it into 6 different parts, we err  in understanding the ancient writings.   When we split the male remembered form, it is no longer that form.  

 Nothing wrong with dividing in todays world of understanding; but it skews the unconditional love of creation that is  all about ONE UNITED OXHEAD. 

When we further make six be male GENDER builders and six be female GENDER builders, we err.  There is only one builder, WILL ADD.  Nothing else can build. 

I direct you to a future blog regarding the relationship between the  

  • HATED neutral humanity which was the perfect NAIL of creation delivered of 6, the NAIL of trouble. and
  • The HATED WEARY water that produced the water for the NAIL  (6) of humanity. 
    • The embryonic water (13)  of the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM. 
    • Humanity destined to master self.

coyote trickster


When you see the trickster of English language, be aware of being led astray by past HABITS of belief.  

Think twice about six separated parts or is it one NAIL

My Christ Mass  wish for us is the ability to see, hear and speak in the language of symbols of the original writings from which the KJB was translated.  It needs no help; but tells the stories accurately. 

It is like math which cannot lie.  WILL ADD is the key to the growth of the human embryo in the womb of Egypt.  The Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest, added until the head of the MASTER KINGDOM was birthed.  The body must follow that Egyptian head of DOUBLE FRUIT, that Causes the Forgetting of the Sorrows of the past. 

Letter + word + number = OUR STORY. 

Some KJB words in this writing not revealed by their original meanings.  Joseph, Job, Leah, Ephraim,Manasseh.