Bible interpreters decided that a word meaning midday should be interpreted as NOON and SOUTH .

To be a translated word requires the meaning to be retained in the new language.  Midday expressed as NOON is an example of an interpretation.  An interpretation that is not, in this case,  misleading.

However using the word SOUTH where MIDDAY was used in the original text, is misleading at the very least.

Which of us would read the English word SOUTH and come to the conclusion that it meant MIDDAY?  Would there be even one person that would arrive at this conclusion?

We can dissect the baked cake.  Use a microscope of the highest power and never see the eggs, shortening, salt, sugar, milk, vanilla, flour, etc.  The same is true when we try to understand the original text by dissecting the English words that were used in the Bible.   Many of them unrepresentative and even contrary to the original meanings.

The following graphic shows how the word MIDDAY was formed.  Part of the formation is  a PUNCTUREDfemale  word.  These types of words have nothing to do with gender.  They do, however express something very clearly.

This is one example of how the database will easily give us information so that we can individually decide whether or not the Bible is an accurate document.  I have no intention of making that decision for anyone.  Have full intention of providing a valuable precious gift to the world.  Who chooses to open the gift remains to be seen.

Take a look at the graphic and how this word was formed.  This is a very simple word; some words are very complicated in their formation.  Examples of that will appear in the future.

Sit and accompainment are joined to form a new word MIDDAY; part of which is a puncturedfemale word.  These types of words have nothing to do with gender but are about activity, action, movement, etc.

Easy to see this when we look at the words identified as FEMALE.  N-3326 (meta) happens to be a primary preposition and there are many words that come from the source.  Easy to see all of those words  and how they are formed in Book Three; extrapolated from the main database.

Words that are formed from the same primary preposition must agree in type.  Orange trees do not produce figs.  Nor can a fig be grafted onto an orange tree.

The next step is to look up the words SOUTH and NOON to see which scriptures use this word meaning MIDDAY.

South #3314 appears only 1x Acts 8:26  “go toward the SOUTH (midday) unto the way (road) that goeth down from Jerusalem (founded peaceful) unto Gaza (strong)  which is desert.”  NOTE; way (road) is a Primary word and  one of the words for which the number has been removed in the newer JSE editions; so called as “First Editions” published in recent years. 

Road has been interpreted as meaning journey, high way and way.  Journey and road are not synonyms.  High way and way could be interpreted as meaning similar to road.  Still the interpreters did not distinguish between an active open word and a neutral one.

Knowing the difference makes a lot of difference.  Old Testament word day is HOT.  New Testament word day is TAME.

Old Testament word interpreted as SOUTH actually means dry parched.  When would we ever read the English word south and think it meant dry parched?  Interpreters used this word SOUTH  as a direction instead of its true meaning..dry parched.


N-3314 midday