The 22nd Generating of the Creation

Amongst other things appearing in the 22nd generating of the creation are two female words,  both non gender.

  1. Fragrance is translated in KJB as Bashemath and called a daughter of God Will Hear translated as Ishmael.  Is also referred to as a wife of earth translated as Esau.
  2. Plural Fruitfulness is translated as Nebajoth; but the KJB designates this female word  as the firstborn of God will Hear as a male gender son.

How does a gender neutral  NIV Bible treat this paradox?  is Plural Fruitfulness male or female gender in this neutral-gender NIV interpretation of the KJB?

There is virtually no gender in the original writings.  

axeSeems to me that trying to neutralize  gender, which English forced in the first place, simply builds the Tower of Babel higher.  Tower of Babel  means the Tower of Confusion of Languages.

  1. Why wasn’t the past 25 years spent in bringing the translation back to its first non gender status?  
  2. Why is no one will to to rock the boat of the Warlord of Religion? 
  3. Why do we keep building the Tower of Babel higher and higher?  It will fall.