Mary Had a Baby

Both of these simple stories are appropriate for 2 and 3 year old children.

Neither are appropriate nor do they help the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY grow into  the knowledge of what it always has been the PERFECTED kingdom.

Children who are only allowed to drink milk, lose their milk teeth but then have nothing to chew meat with.  They cannot see the meat on the table; let alone desire or ask for the meat.

Then act as if they are powerless, sinful, fallen, hopeless victims.  Victims being led to the slaughter and then the judgement and then maybe if judged good, get to go to the place we  aleady live….. in the Queens house/upper Eygpt/heaven.

To arrive at the simple story of Mary had a baby required a great deal of diluting the original writings.  Add enough fruit, seeds and nuts to the white cake you get a fruit cake.  No resemblance to each other.

The Tower of English Babel dumped a tremendous amount of words on top of our scrolls  in order to come up with that story.  Diluting it down to a 2 and 3 yr old understanding.

More words do not bring clarity; they cause confusion.  Can’t tell the difference between the fruits, nuts and seeds.

  • We wrote about the HEAD20  of Rebelliousmary.
  • We wrote about the back of the head19 the Rebellious TowerMagdalene
  • As well as the other 18 Rebellious, the oxhead to the power of ten pregnancy.
  • Easy to  differentiate them by what each Rebellious built.
  • Easy to see the progressions of the pregnancies.

We can study the 1100+German/English translations of the Bible forever and we will never uncover what our pen wrote 1845BC -70AD. Not to mention all the other languages that have been translated from this original translation.

When we diulte our writings by dumping thousands upon thousands of words on top; we bury the original so deep that it is almost impossible to uncover.

Saving GraceAnnah  The translators of the original KJB added the chapter and verse designations  The words in any verse are not necessarily and are probablly not even an English sentence.  Especially when you use only the original words; leaving out the added ones.

Ever wonder why those finely defined verses?  Ever wonder why there is a certain amount of verses in a specific chapter that have no correlation to sentences?

There is a key to open up what the translators did provide.

That key has been carefully guarded by those who are self chosen leaders; feeding the sheep milk.

Instead of feeding meat to the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY

Ever raise sheep?  They will follow anyone even over the cliff to the rapture.  The wise ones become goats and escape the crib of religion.  The only crib is the one designed by the SRP; there is no crib nor is there a stable or a manger in our writings.

The head20 of the Rebelliousmary on top of the Rebelliousmary Towermagdalene can be understood using this key.  The connection between Old and New Testaments can never be broken; else we remain in the Old testimonyOpen for our growth; but refusing to grow.

If we throw the Old away there is nothing left of the New as it always points back to the Old for reference.

This key to understanding however is only useful when we throw out all the added English grammar words, all the duplication and forget about gender, time, directions, etc.

We wrote about the relationship of the creation to itself.  Not the relationship of people to the planet.  We wrote about creation and the creation processes; not individual humans.

This blog is not about the Rebelliousmary Towermagdalene attached to the Rebelliousmary Head20That is a study that requires attention and time; old thinking does not go away easily; especially when the majority of the planet believes in the Mary had a Little Lamb story.

Here is an example of book, chapter, verse and what we find there.  This is written according to what our pen placed on the paper thousands of years ago.

Mark…support oxhead window (on the outside) oxhead to the power of 40 (on the inside).  We find the small heel, Will Add, Happy/safe/well.

This is the 9th OT and the 7NT RebelliousMary.

Unless we have spent some time studying; that most likely will not make a lot of sense.  However, if you know what these are in relationship to the OT, this NT verse becomes vividly clear.  When placed in order the RebelliousMary head10 tells its own story.

There has a been a glimmer of light observed by the skewed conclusions that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus.

If you use only  a few chosen words from the JSE and then try to make the KJB story make sense; you could come to the conclusion that Jesus had an individual human wife named Magdalene.

These are the mongrel stories that have been circulating. searching for some truth.

7 the indefinite number, no amount, time, size, etc were driven out of the Rebellious Tower

7 what?  KJB says devils; but that word is also translated gods.  The 7 gods coming out of the Tower are pretty interesting.  A story for another day.