A Few Words of Understanding Still Causes Confusion

This builds the Tower of Babel higher every year.

  • It is not enough to know that words are formed from primary words, primitive roots, unused roots.
  • It is not enough to know that sometimes those roots are very deep and convoluted.
  •  It is not enough to know what a few words mean; we must understand all of them.
  • It is not enough to know that when you take a word that means bond and it is translated as mother, it causes a great deal of confusion.  Especially when there are other words with different meanings translated mother.
  • It is not enough to know that this is not a single case but is the norm.
  • It is not enough to know that most of the Bible has never been translated.
  • It is not enough to know that James Strong made a valiant attempt at bridging between the common teachings and what his work uncovered.
  • We need to continue to build the bridge of understanding.  Not use it to prove what we already believe, have been taught for hundreds of years.
  • We need to understand the stories in their true light; not religious myths.

All of the original word meanings are essential to understanding what the human pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD.

We can only understand our writings, when we remove all of the added words and put on a different thinking cap and use the original meanings.  Fit the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together.  This is a time intensive effort; but well worth the fruit of the labor.

All that we have learned over the years through science, math, biology, chemistry, etc, is useful today to see the tremendous amount of knowledge we had thousands of years ago.  Buried under 750,000 gender based words of today.  We think we are so smart and have learned so much.  Perhaps we have forgotten more than we realize.

The Big Bang is not so difficult to understand today, but how did the authors know that back then?  It is found in the FIRST CHAPTER OF FIRST.

Why did we write about ICE, SNOW, HAIL, and are taught to believe that the setting of scripture is dry, hot desert?  Why did we write about the Brother Waters and what do they have to do with the leprosy?

Nothing do with a dis-ease, everything to do with water splashing on the White Mountain of Ice and causing the black earth to show through as spots.  Evenutally more black showing and less ice, thus the spots of leprosy.   No dis-ease, no people, only creative processes.

We read the same story in a different manner when the priest of Ice rebelled in the heat. Nothing to do with people, self chosen priesthood that chose to go against the standard of the day.

In all of the years of listening and believing the religious myths, no one ever spoke of ice and it is a key element.

What technology was being utilized in those times?

  • brain washingWhat has blinded us to the ancient pathways?  Native people around the planet have no problem with brother sky, mother earth, sister raven, father wolf.
  • What has caused us to lose our connection with the creation?
  • Who taught us to kill, maim, destroy our brothers, our children?
  • Who taught us we must struggle, strain, toil?
  • Where is the source of the sacrifice of children, animals, mutilation of human bodies (circumcision).
  • Who taught us to celebrate a resurrection from a crucifixtion?
  • Who has put heavy burdens on our back when it is clear even in the KJB that our destiny is RESTnoah.
  • Who taught us that REST is after DEATH?
  •  Death is a lie, life cannot die.
  • Who has robbed us/humanity of our PERFECTION, changing faster than we can even say the words?
  • EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREEJESUS threw the money changers out.  Who collects the 10% and then demands extra service; at the same time locking its doors due to fear that some poor waif might actually need a place of refuge?
  • Who builds large edifices, huge followings to satisfy a hungry God that is never satisfied?
  • Who demands literal interpretation of the scriptures and yet refuses to learn what the literal meanings actually were?
  • Who profits by keeping us in ignorance?
  • Why are we satisfied with ignorance?
  • Why do we believe that anyone else has access to something denied us?
  • Why are we content to led like blind sheep over the cliff to doomsday?
  • Holy means whole, why do we believe it is something extra special, not attainable except by a few chosen frozen, elite self appointed leaders?
  • Why do we believe in a God that is not able to create a perfect creation?
  • Why is it easier to believe in brokeness, failure, struggle, strain then to come into the appointed RESTNoah?