New Bible

I have been accused of wanting to write a new Bible.  Christiandom does not want a new Bible, a new view.

Our writings between 1845BC and 70AD have been so mutilated by INTERPRETATIONS of the 1100+ Bible TRANSLATIONS.  Another translation would be pointless.

No new biblical translation can change the mindset of the little god of war of Christianity.  Believing and teaching what has been  believed and taught for thousands of years.  Blind leading the blind unto death. Dragging the planet along behind.

Contrary to the very teachings of the one they claim to follow Jesus.  Only a few choice stories have been concocted to sway the masses.  Most of the translation is ignored.  All of the original text meanings have been obliterated by INTERPRETATIONS.

Christianity chooses not to hear what the pen of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY wrote.

Christianity chooses not to know what the ancient truths are.

Truths translated  into 1100+ Bibles. Then totally distorted by INTERPRETATIONS

Their ears  want to be tickled by what the chosen pope/Peters, pastors, prophets, teachers teach.

Regardless of its truth.  Regardless of the distortions of war, pestilence, famine of spirit, fires of damnation that have been created.

Scripture is clear ears hearingSimeon are to be attachedLevi to a good report.  That is the only way to get across the DescenderJordan.


Only those who have escaped, the scape goats or who were never trapped are interested in what was actually written in those long past years. Interested in freeing their spirit from the black root of damnation, condemnation, death and hell.

Christiandom’s Insurance Policy

Death and hell here on earth are concepts created by the INTERPRETATIONS.  Teach shame, blame, sin and that is how the person will act.

Based on the belief they are broken, unfixable, been discarded by God; they will act that way.  Must be true,  because that is what the pope, Peter, pastor, preacher, teacher says is true.

This is the insurance policy that keeps the pews and bank accounts full. Sinners in need of repentance that only the chosen frozen popes, pastors, preachers, teachers can offer.

Firstborn Childs’ Insurance Policy

Jesus taught the truth, humanity is perfect, in constant change and that is how they will act. BE PERFECT, for that is what you always have been, that is what you are, that is your destiny.  Gift of Yah Window and inside is the door of the pregnancy.  Otherwise translated as Mt.5:48

Our insurance policy was written before the creation was created.  “We need no man to teach us”. First Yah Endowment House and inside the house weapon. Otherwise translated as 1John 2:27

What is the house and what is the weapon of the house inside the house?

The translators left a trail that is easily discovered, if the Strong Bridge is

The SRP has no intention of revealing that trail.  To do so would defeat all of the efforts of the past thousands of year of preaching, death, hell, sin, shame, blame, die.  The fine print in their insurance policy to keep humanity crippled, frail, weak and needy of the SRP.

Our writings belong to the writers, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.

  • Writings about the beautiful creation, the Garden of Pleasure/Pleasure.
  •  A beautiful garden wherein is found the serpent of wisdom.
    • The pearl of great price is wisdom.
  •  The garden from which the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY  was birthed.
  • If any lack wisdom let him find it.  James 1:5

Truth cannot die.  Death is the lie.

Our writings are alive and well throughout the planet.  Despite the fact that Christiandom, confiscated and translated  it for own selfish purposes.

Sweet and bitter water cannot be mixed; for both will be bitter.

A new bible would be just as bitterly INTERPRETED as the other 1100+ have been.

The LIght BringerLuke said lay the axe to every root that does not bring forth good fruit.

So I lay the pick axe to the hard ground of Christiandom.  The hard ground in which it is believed Jesus is buried.  Secured with a mound of dirt and a cross, symbol of sacrifice ensconced on top.

Jesus never was building the church on the SRP; but is building the church from the same place he rose from, the open growing, changing living stones of humanity.

When the interpeters do not recognize and teach the difference between rock and pile of rock, they control the sheep and goats.

The living planet is the place where the church is being built.  It has no religious boundaries, Christian or otherwise.

No need for another Bible, the truth is in the SKY RECORDSAkasha and we live in the sky records of heaven.  Nothing is denied us.  We lack no good thing.

Lift the heavy weight of the SRP off of the back of the sand of the sea.  Humanity is what humanity has always been PERFECT.

There is a vast difference between  the entity of religion, regardless of what it calls itself and the humans who are entrapped in that entity.

Religion has no heart, no feeling, no emotion because it is not living.  It is simply repetitive habits, habitual beliefs that casts humanity into concrete ways of thinking and behaving.

SRP casts derisive looks and comments about religious habits outside of itself.

Does not see that its very religious habits have entrapped human minds, bodies and souls binding them to itself for purposes of feeding.

Like  a black widow spider devouring its mate, the very source of its impregnating life.