To Change Your Beliefs

Merely to inform you.  If that information changes your belief then so be it.  If it changes nothing, so be it.  You are the Firstborn Divine Child Humanity and the fullness of creation is part and parcel of who you are.  You lack no good thing.

If what is shared on this site, enhances your creative spirit to be what you always have been PERFECT; then that is reason enough for my writings.

To Reacquaint You With Laws of Creation

When we remove gender and see the laws at work through the word formation, it changes everything; our view is totally rearranged.  Death is a lie, life is a river and cannot die.  It simply keeps evolving, changing, rearranging, renewing, replenishing, restoring

Nor To Argue Points of Differences

Our DNA is 99% the same, but that unique 1% is how the creation is expressed through our presence here on the planet.  Each one a unique flavor, fragrance, color, contrast, shape and spiritual expression.

There is only ONE UNITED OXHEAD and we individually are the 1% that expresses that in our uniqueness.

The more expression of the EXISTENT PREVAILING STRENGTH of OPEN WIDE spaciousness of the universe, the quicker the change from a warring, struggling, straining, mentality becomes the beautiful, passionate, joyful expression of life itself.

We are all energized by our common power generating mitDNA, which Bryan Sykes called Eve, which means Life giver.  The mitDNA is only passed through the mother and is the unbroken red umbilical cord that connects us to creation’s energy field.

It is the curved rib of light that revealed the rapidly moving soil, the sea monster being formed in the primordial waters of creation.  Today we call it the Big Bang.  Thousands of years ago it was described as FIRSTGENESIS plural gods, wind, fire, water creating the sea monster, adam.

A sea monster revealed by the first rib of light.  A sea monster, lower Egypt/earth that turns Red when it breaks forth out of its icy cave by the strength of the sunlightSamson into the Queens House upper Egypt heaven.  The Ark coming into RestNoah.  Rest is the ark of the covenant, the ark of the testimony, the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest.

A very sweet simple story made ugly by misunderstanding the translation.  Misunderstandings that have led to human sacrifice, torture, war, famine, death, dis-ease and all manner of disquiet and unrest.

Time to reclaim our rightful inheritance of LAUGHTERIsaac the builder of MULTITUDE OF NATIONSAbraham.

The intention of this blogsite is to help us reclaim that rightful inheritance of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.  Our writings did not and do  not belong to religions of the world.