3 billion Christians of the 7 billion people on the planet

3 billion people, expected to tithe 10% of their income have not been able to end famine, death, dis-ease, homelessness and every other kind of misery that humans experience.

Have you ever wondered why this 3/7th of the planet’s majority fails to accomplish the task?  Ever wondered why they support war?

Hosea 4:6 “destroyed due to lack of knowledge.”  Could this be the reason?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the largest business on the planet and most specifically the 2.3 million  in the US began giving unto Caesar what is due Caesar?  Mt 2:21 

This business collects 10% and lives free off the backs of the people supporting it.

Today there is a  mass of growing discontent which is focused and up in arms trying to stop the corporations who DO employ people and DO pay taxes.

Shades of yesterday; when the Christians managed to get the 18th amendment passed.  An act that stopped 1/3 of the taxes from continuing to be paid.  Thus the income tax was instituted.  Why?  An attempt at legislating morality failed and backfired.

Morality is a Heart Condition

What is the heart condition of the 3 billion Christians on the planet?  What is the evidences of that heart condition after 2000 years of trying to change other?

This 18th amendment pushed the 5th largest industry underground.  It no longer paid taxes.  It’s employees no longer paid taxes.  Didn’t stop the production and sale of liquor; but certainly pushed us into the Greatest Depression this country has ever seen.

One I was born into and had first hand experience with.  Church brainwashed me for 50 years; but never fed, clothed nor housed me nor my family.

This largest business employs very few people. The adherents are expected to volunteer their time and energy as well as 10% of their income.  Babies still die, people still starve.

Where does the 10% tithe go?  Whose pockets are being lined?  What is the intent other than control of the masses, their money, their thoughts, their ideas, their very being.

Perhaps the focus is on the wrong entities.  The corporations at least employ people and pay taxes.

axePerhaps the root goes deeper than what appears on the surface.


Lots of unanswered questions in today’s changing times.  Time for a new age.  A new age without religious habits  controlling and feeding the planet with bad fruit of war, death, disease, shame, blame, death, hell and condemnation.

Time for it to change and graft on some branches that bring forth sweet, juicy good fruilt that ends death, disease, shame, blames condemnation, death, hell, devil worship, famine, war, pestilence.

Time to beat the weapons of warfare into plowshares. Isaiah 2:4, Joel 3:10, Micah 4:3.  Books written in Palestine translated into the Bible.  UMMMMM?????

Of course modern day Christians do not adhere to the Old Testament.  They live by their own testaments.  Pay their tithes to Moleck, sacrificing the children to its fire. “They built the high places of the husband (Baal) and sacrifice the sons and daughters to go unto Moleck which was commanded not to do”. Jeremiah 32:35

Then point their finger of judgement at other religions who participate in the same way sacrificing the young to the fire gods of war.