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The Cycle of Wisdom

These Trebled motion/cycle of wisdom.  KJB translates this as Exodus 14:9

Egyptian math Will Add cannot lie.  When we apply it to the book, chapter, verse, wisdom is increased.

Wisdom for us today recognizes in this verse there are no Egyptians.  There is only upper and lower dual of limits that is equal to hemming that which comes from primitive root word cramp confine.  KJB translates this as Egyptians in this verse.  KJB uses other words in other verses.

Wisdom today also says that to skip LIKE A horse or swallow does not make a HORSE nor a SWALLOW.

Wisdom  today knows that a steed that comes out of primitive root word, separate is not HORSEMEN.

Wisdom  today knows that  twisting, whirling force causes motion.

Wisdom today knows that something punctured is open.  If it is open ahead of us we can what is in front.  In this case it is the HIDDEN DARK HUSBAND.

What is the wisdom in the original word meanings.

Follow the order of words which are found in the table for premium subscribers to download the details.

14 words in the verse.  14 is motion (motion of the door) represented by fish.

1 + 4 = 5 a window (created by the opening door) place where something can move through.

9 is the serpent cycle of wisdom that is indestructible; its meaning is TURN to the next full number; increase the power of one united oxhead to the next fullness.  In this case it is the oxhead10.

Information provided to premium subscribers in Hidden Dark Husband A, B, C is relevant to each.  There is a shift in the positions taking place.  These positions when in the order of appearance will  shed more light on the total expose of the word husband.

Premium subscribers have access to the tables that include the JSE#s and the comparison of the KJB words with the original word meanings; which includes the root words if applicable.

With this information you can draw your own conclusions.  Expand upon your knowledge and grow in wisdom.

Next up is Hidden Dark Husband C.