Genesis Story

Genesis Story


This picture is a depiction of a moon of Saturn but it beautifully expresses the words of the author of Genesis.  Words which reveal a mass of rocks floating in an ocean encapsulated in ICE.

Gives a perfect example of the WHITE SKIN reigning supreme.  Not of WHITE SKINNED people; but of the ice and snow that held the black soil (adam) captive. Expresses in  a picture how the faint first rib of the LIVE GIVER (eve)  revealed this stage of evolution.

Shows us the first ray of SUNLIGHT (samson), not yet strong enough to melt the WHITE SKIN supremacy.  As it grows in strength it did  reveal the RED SKIN (esau) of the earth .  This RED SKIN (esau) is the holder of the birthright of all the seed that would ever spring forth; including humans.  Humans which today are estimated to have been birthed in the last 30 seconds of creation.   A newborn babe with the ability to do anything it chooses to do and to believe it can do.  Question is what have we chosen?

But not before the birthright was transferred to the SWOLLEN HEEL(jacob).  This twin of the red earth, received the birthright as it was full of the life giving light and water that enabled the seed to spring forth into life.  Life covering the red planet turned it green. The sustenance of all life springs from the GRASSY MEADOW (abel) of VINEYARDS, WATER, DUAL LIMITS (egypt), DANCING, SAFFRON.

When we look through the eyes of the original authors of the 66 books we see something quite different than the religiously held beliefs and teachings that has mesmerized the planet with shame, blame, death, hell and condemnation.

The view from the OTHER SIDE (eber) of the BRIDGE is quite different than view from the GREEK INTERPRETATION  used to give us the first public Bible, the KING JAMES, authorized version.  Who authorized this version?  Why was it authorized?

This authorized  Bible is the basis for all other editions across the planet.  All Bible are TRANSLATIONS of  a GREEK INTERPRETATION. Not translations of the word meanings of the original text.  Bible do not convey the original intent of the authors of the 66 books; which are the foundation.

It is in fact mostly groups of transliterated letters which in and of themselves are not words. That is after we remove the thousands of English words added to describe the Greek mythological stories.

However these transliterated groups of letters do carry meaning.  When we discover what they mean; we get a totally different picture.

We do not know the name of the author of the FIRST (genesis) manuscript.  But we can discover it by using the STRONG BRIDGE DATABASE, about to be released.

Meanwhile humans have used the FIRST (genesis) gods, wind, water, fire and the elements of the earth to create objects.  One object is a camera and  another object a space shuttle that captured information through many different technological devices.  Devices that reveal the very essence of WHITE SKIN SUPREMACY.

How many have suffered on this planet due to the teaching that white skin man rules supreme over not only different skin colors.  But was given authority by the belief in some male god sitting on a white throne issuing edits.  That  man is supreme over all of life springing forth from the red soil (esau) through the swollen heel (jacob).

Why are WE  turning the green planet into a brown desert due to religious beliefs?  Why are WE so full of ourself? Why does the youngest kid on the block (WE)  keep poking eyes, pulling hair and hitting each other over the head with our toys?

I believe the major player is RELIGION based on RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

RELIGIOUS BELIEFS are not only developed in the soil of the church, synagogue, temple, ashram, etc. they are developed in the soil of our mind.  Anything that requires repetitive action based on repetition thoughts becomes a RELIGIOUS HABIT.