Why do I write in WE..….?

This planet is your planet.
This planet is my planet.

We created the world we live in.
We are changing the world we live in.

WE are the last species of human being, the homo sapien.
The 22nd version of human…..
Are WE wiser or just more clever?
More clever to dominate the other species of human, plant, animal, bird, insect, reptile, minerals……..?

More clever due to religious (habitual) thinking and acting?
Doing the same thing over and over again…..killing each other….and expecting a different outcome…….this is the same definition for crazy!!!

Are WE just more crazy with religious (habitual) habits….
……..stuck in the mud like pigs wallowing around enjoying it very much?

Dogs licking the hand (power) of the master religious (habitual) viewpoint.

Time to give up religious (habitual habits) that have us mired in yesterday’s concepts.
Concepts based from a very narrow viewpoint.
Not so today, WE can see, hear, experience the global WE
if WE choose to do so; which requires letting go of religious (habitual) habits.

Will tomorrow be the global WE viewpoint or the religious (habitual) THEM and US?

WE, as individuals get to choose…..