Six Old Testament Recipes
Eight New Testament Recipes

Contrary to popular belief there is no word in the original texts 1845BC to 70AD, that means what we  are told God means.

There are 14 different recipes used to come up with a word that is then translated into GOD.

This blog particularly addresses one word STRENGTH used in the OT.  Strength coming from strength that is equal to twist was translated God 245X.  This does not include all the words where strength is part of building a particular word.

When God is used instead of strength it skews all the meanings of the other words partially composed  of strength and often half of the meaning is strength.

When STRENGTH is used in its proper place instead of God the view is quite different.  The view from the ancient unique language empowers the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY. 

The translation is just a foreign word and the interpretations keeps the power away from the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.  Power and strength to do many things.  These few samples are but a drop in the bucket of what happens when the word STRENGTH  is used instead of the created word, god.

Here are just a couple of samples.  There are many words that are created by using STRENGTH and  many other created by using the word HOUSE.

  • House Strength vs. translated word Bethel and interpreted as House of God.  With no iindication that it is an open houseFemale but not- gender.
  • Strength to Know vs translated word El-daah interpreted as God of Knowledge
  • Strength to Add vs translated Eliasaph interpreted as God is Gatherer.

If the SRP would teach that we are god/s, it would be a different story.

  • Keeping the separation between an all powerful, mighty diety that is just waiting for us to mess up is crippling…it is  an abusive, mind controlling technique.
  • The weight of that solid rock on the backs of the sand of the sea is being  lifted as light continues to rise in the human psyche.
  • If the SRP taught from the meaning of the unique language we wrote in, that would be a different story.
  • Meantime, humanity suffers with the concept of loving self, which is exactly the only way to love other, is to love self first.
  • Love self then we act lovingly, think lovingly, behave lovingly.
  • Labor under sin, shame, blame, condemnation, we act accordingly.
    • We think we are broken, permanently wounded, helpless, crippled and at the mercy of something we cannot touch, feel, nor interact with.

Here are a couple  more examples.

Strength to Hear vs translation Elishama interpreted as God of Hearing.
Strength to Advance vs translation Eladah interpreted as God Has Decked.
Strength to Duplicate vs translation Elead interpreted as God is Defensive.

What is treated as names of people is actually the story line.  People are perishing for lack of knowledge that they are the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD and that none lacks any good thing.  Not one person ever on the planet has ever been anything other than the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIVINE CHILD  you are free to leave the womb/tomb/crib of religion.

Discover your face, it is beautiful a shiny, glowing face of gold.  Rise and shine for your light has come. Isaiah 60:1