As Compared to the Human Vulture

Mut as Vulture

The Egyptian vulture is quite often seen in today’s historical view of Egypt as a headress.  A cap worn on the head with the beak sticking out in the place of the single eye of Egypt.

The vulture never destroys. 

  1.  It looks for that which is no longer moving.  That  which is no longer NON GENDER  female, moving, active, generating, etc.
  2. It searches for that male non gender form that is deteriorating.
  3. That is loosing its form, deteriorating toward neutral.
  4. This neutral form is the food of the Egyptian vulture.
  5. It takes that which is no longer NON GENDER  male nor female and converts it into life.

The MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM destined to master self, follows the pattern of the MASTER SHIP, EGYPT and does the same as the vulture.  Destroys nothing, converts inert and deteriorating matter into life.

The Human that Does Not Rule Self

 The human that does not rule self, continues to rule over other and acts in a different manner.

  1. It looks for that which is kicking, living, generating, producing, the NON GENDER female.
  2. Wrings its neck, shoots it with a gun, beats it with a stone etc, until it is still; believing the old HABIT that it has killed something.
  3. Actually has only created a NON GENDER male form; rigidly held together by energy bonds.
  4. Before the non gender male form begins to deteriorate,  lose its form, the unevolved human eats it.
  5. This is taking that which the human has made to be still and converting the energy for one’s own body.   We forget this is a form of war.
  6. This behavior is similar to the vulture; but not the same.
  7. The difference is the vulture does not bring the non gender, female active, generative, producing to stillness.
    1. That which we call death.  Death is a lie and life cannot die.

Perhaps the Egyptian headdress of the vulture was and is a reminder to not destroy anything.  Do not interfere in its path.  Wait until it appears lifeless and is loosing its form; then convert it to full active motion.

Some unevolved humans pride themselves on not killing and eating meat.  Yet when the teeth grind up the seed of the grains,  the fruit of the vegetables,  the egg,  that seed is no longer  able to reproduce self.  To be self ruling.

When the seeds of plants, our elders, are discarded in an inappropriate place, food disposal, the garbage pit, the chemical tank, the seed is unable to reproduce self. 

If the lie of death is believed, then this is no different than wringing the neck, shooting with a gun, bringing to stillness by an arrow or any other method of bringing the non gender female generative force into stillness.  It is still taking dominion over other; instead of ruling self.

Just because stillness is consumed before the deterioration of the non gender male form, doesn’t make it any different than eating animals, eggs or birds; that have been brought to stillness.

Perhaps the vulture headdress is a reminder that the head; is the head of the house, the body.  It is the head that rules, decides, determines for that individual body temple. 

Our elder the Egyptian Vulture has much to teach us yet on our pathway of becoming the MASTER KINGDOM that RULES SELF.   Becoming the lofty self entity planned by the plural gods in the FIRST UNITED OXHEAD; translated as Genesis chapter one.

The entire creation came first, so that we the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM had elder instructors, we could consult as to how to rule self.

Everything is our elder.  The plants need only light and water to manifest matter.  Manifested matter is supported by lower Egypt, earth.

Cattle eat plants live in the sunlight, consume the living water and create matter.   Yet we disdain our elder cow and refuse to eat its medicine.

Red Heifer with symbol of one united Oxhead

One United OXhead

The elders are here offering their life energy to support the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM as it learns how to MASTER SELF. 

Some cells have  REMEMBERED self and returned to the one perfect stem cell from which it came.   A perfect cell able to replicate self, renew self, sustain self.  A perfect cell surrounded by the corona radiata, the Radiant Light, floating in the river of life.  Sustained and nourished by the breath of life in the river.

Other cells are still struggling to discover how to rule self.  How to recognize that within the body of water is the breath of life, breathing that cell.  Recognize and accept that the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM is already manifested light.

Recognize that those cells that have not yet mastered self, simply return to the womb of the MASTER SHIP, EGYPT.  Those cells do not die; for death is a lie and life cannot die. 

 The life force of those cells is the very energy that continues to develop the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM in the womb of EGYPT.  The CELLS of the kingdom destined to master self, becomes one of the elders when mastery is achieved.

There is no sin, no error; we only believe  the old HABIT, that there is death.

Light Bringer palm of the hand of power holding perfect door.  Translated as Luke 11:34

‘The light of the body is the eye; therefore when thine eye is single, they whole body also is full of light; when it misses the mark it is dark.”