Some Ways to Contact Red Heifer Logos

Questions regarding products that are not answered on this site.

If you want to schedule a class or workshop in your area.  Send details of date, place, time and approximate number of attendees.  Red Heifer will let you know if that date is available.

Use this email address to send your completed form for any workshop or classes you have scheduled.  This is after you have made the request and the date has been confirmed.



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  1. a very unique site indeed.I searched for the red heiffer in israel at the cave of the column near Qumran and i never understood the exact nature of the sacrifice and it is said even moses didnt grasp all of the mysteries associated with how the clean (offerer) could render the ones sprinkled with the waters of the purification with the effect that the offerer would then become unclean.I wish you could tell me what is behind the story,the sacrifice etc in understandable words.

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