Religious Myth Being Disputed by the Apostle Stars

Seen from the Blood of Oilchrist Mountains, Sangria de cristo, southern end of the Rocky Mountains, Santa fe, NM

Home of the oldest house 800 yr
Home of the oldest church
Home of the oldest Public Bldg
Home of the oldest government capital building
Home of the oldest Our Lady of Guadalupe Church on Sparks Street, now Alameda
Home of the miracle staircase built by the power of the hand of the unknown carpenter.
Major stopping point for the Old Santa fe Trail, the Camino de Real, Old Pecos Trail.
Major portion of the state belongs to Natives
Home of the Seven Nations given sovereign status by President Abraham Lincoln.

The Religious Myth that generates zillions of dollars every year around the planet is being played out during the month of July, 2012.  I call it Christmas in July.  We have an opportunity this month, this year to see the actual play; capitilized into a holiday called Christmas.

The religious myth says that 3 wise human men followed a bright star to a place where a human son was birthed to a faith-filled woman…never had sex.  Sex being the reason for the fall of man.

The pen of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY wrote no such story between 1845BC and 70AD.  Our writings were taken from our human library and put into a book called the Bible.  Religious ignorance has passed down commonly held myths for thousands of years, that have no weight on the scale of what we actually wrote.  These myths do not line up with what our pen scribed.

The story, we wrote, that is being played out in the heavens, can be seen round the planet.  We, who are fortunate enough to be living or visiting Santa Fe, NM this month, can observe it every morning just before dawn over the BLOOD OF OILCHRIST MOUNTAINS. (Sangrio de cristo)

July 4, 2012 the planet of love, Venus passed through the Hyades, just above the left eye of the bull, the oxhead, the aleph, the eleph.  The one oxhead we wrote about it.

Present also just above the planet of love, Venus, is Zeus translated as Jupiter.  The CHANNEL FALLING was also translated as Jupiter.  The CHANNEL FALLING is just above the planet of Love, the Goddess, VENUS.

July 7, 2012 the RED EYE of the bull, the oxhead, the aleph, the eleph joins the CHANNEL FALLING and the planet of love VENUS.  It aligns just below the FALLING LOVE.

The three line up one above the other.  The CHANNEL FALLING above the LOVE with the RED EYE of the one united oxhead below.  This is the right eye of the BULL, Al Dabaran, the oxhead, the aleph, the eleph.  The single Egyptian eye of the upper limitsEGYPT of the Queens House.  High above the lower limitsegypt earth, this story has been repeated over and over again.










Right now, July 9, 2012, the moon is directly overhead and still golden.  Each morning it continues to approach the three magi, Through the CHANNEL FALLING comes the GODDESS VENUS OF LOVE.  With the SINGLE EGYPTIAN SINGLE RIGHT RED EYE of the OXHEAD looking down upon us.

These three  are the three magi that follow/track the bright star MOON as it approaches them.  The four equal a copulating door that continually revolves.

On July 15, 2012 this COPULATING DOOR can be seen just before dawn over the BLOOD OF OILCHRIST MOUNTAINS.  Through this COPULATING DOOR comes the NEW BORN SUN into the HOUSE OF BREADBETHELEHM.  The House of Bread is the lower limitEGYPT EARTH.

The BRIGHT STAR/MOON loses its golden color as the NEW BORN SUN  is being birthed.  From this newborn SUN comes the strength of SUNLIGHTSAMSON.

We wrote about this in the Acts of the Apostles.

  • We wrote about ZeusJupiter in the MOTION14 of the Acts of the Apostles (stars).
  • In the eighth verse, (the pregnancy) we wrote about the newborn that had never walked.   Religious ignorance calls this being crippled.  Why?  Because religious myths teach our stories as if they were human stories.  Which they are not.
  • We wrote about the whitish wolf, coming from the white lightluke.
    1. The golden moon loses it’s color as the NEWBORN SUN approaches and this golden light of the bright star/moon is totally lost as  the NEWBORN SUN comes through the COPULATING DOOR.
    2. We call this three day period,  the DARK OF THE MOON.
    3. Religious myths teach it as something else.  Recognize the myth of the 3 days in the tomb?
  •  We wrote about the division of the CELEBRATED FROM USING THE OPEN HAND OF POWER/10judah = 1 OXHEAD and the USED RACEgentile.
  • We wrote about the apostle’s  LITTLEpaul speech.  A newborn has a limited vocabulary.  The vocabulary of the SUN is powerful, though limited.

We wrote about the CHANNEL FALLINGjupieter  in the BACK OF THE HEAD19 of the ACTS of the Apostles (the stars).

  • ·          We wrote about the GODDESS of COMPLETE LIGHTDiana.
  • ·          Religious myths and religious arrogance warn against that GODDESS, as if it were human.
  • ·          Hardly  human, human is still in gross darkness due to its own ignorance of COMPLETE LIGHTDIANA. Translated from a word that means HUNG UP.  Light is not buried it hangs above.

All of what we wrote, 1845BC to 70AD in a variety of places, times, languages by different authors, is once again being played out in the heavens; declaring the glory.

We are once again being given an opportunity to understand what we have forgotten.  The stars and planets were the guidance system until we began to rely upon our own creations.  No problem with our creations; but when we forget our past, we have no future.

Consider that the elohiyms, fire, water, wind and earth were here long before man appeared.  The power and energy in those plural gods/elohyims (translated as a singular God) could wipe us off the face of the planet at any moment of the past or the future.

Yet that same power, energy force that moves mountains, erupts volcanoes, causes floods, storms, tornadoes, changes rocks into precious gems, creates hurricanes, sends our creations, rockets to the moon; lovingly occupies itself with maintaining our fragile human bodies.  At the same time created and maintians all of our elders, the plants, animals necessary for the survival of this little child, humanity.  The FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.  We have all the capabilities of the gods of wind, fire, water and earth from which we are made.

One day we will leave the playpen.  That is the day we stop beating each other over the head with our toys.  When we stop pulling hair and poking eyes of the OTHER, we will graduate to a larger room. Someday we will be allowed outside of our playpen, outside of our room, outside of our house.

  • We will go across the street to the OTHER SIDEEBER. 
  •  We will traverse the LITTLEjoktan EARTHQUAKEpeleg and cross over safely.
  • We are destined to  RULE WITH STRENGTHISRAEL.

Human arrogance and human religious myths destroy our bodies.  Yet even the translations say that we MORTALS are to take on IMMORTALITY?  Not die, be judged and then if found worthy, go to some place somewhere in the sky.

That is a religious myth used to make sure the religious coffers of the largest corporation on the planet are continually full.

Can we sit quietly under the apostles, under the magi and hear the true story?  Are we ready to REMEMBER?  We are the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD/HUMANITY.  Destined to MASTER SELF, just like the single Oxhead, the aleph, the eleph.

Each one, head of our own house.  No longer willing to be either beheaded as females and children nor burdened as males forced to wear several heads.

Let us observe our elders, the wise ones looking down with their limited vocabulary; but speaking volumes in a very loud language.  Visit them just before dawn during July 2012 to see the LOVE FALLING from the CHANNEL ABOVE to the EARTH BELOW while the RED EYE of the single OXHEAD, aleph/eleph looks on.