Christianese is the language developed from the INTERPRETATIONS of the translation of the KJB.

Every denominations has its own version of our stories.  I say our stories because what was written between 1845BC and 0AD was written by one human pen.

Those stories belong to humanity; not some entity that demands obedience, adherence to its interpretations.  Interpretations that are not in agreement with each other.


I remember very clearly the day I was delivered from the hand of death, August 31, 1986.

I remember very clearly the day the heavy chains fell off my physical body, several years later.  I opened my eyes fully expecting to see them laying at my feet.  The heavniness of these spiritual chains were gone.  The recurring nightmare of 39 years was ended.

The chains were first placed upon me when I was three years old.  The solid rock of Petra came and delivered me from my Cherokee mother’s breast. 50 years later I was delivered from under the crushing weight of that solid rock.

However, I did not see it was the solid rock crushing me, the blinded sheep, the stubborn goat.  Only after I began my passionate search for the unconditional love promised to me by the solid rock of Petra were my eyes opened.  Of course the plan there was that I would die first.  In the meantime I would pay the tithe, because the church had my head.

Can’t think for yourself when your head is in the hands of the solid rock crushing you under its weight.

Our Stories Belong to the Firstborn Divine Child, Humanity

These writings do not belong to any special group and most especially not to the solid rock of Petra that is crushing the planet under its heaviness.  The deep seated teaching that we are flawed is evidenced in the number of wars, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, ad nauseam.

That rock does not even know or perhaps has it chosen not to tell the masses that  it is not the pile of rocks where the church is being built.  Why does this solid rock not know the difference between a rock and a pile of rocks, a branch and a branch extending translated as tribe?

Or again has it simply chosen not to tell?  Question then is WHY?

One way to look at it is a solid rock has no place for light to come through; there are no windows; the prison is deep and dark.

The blind sheep and stubborn goats have been listening to those who would control them by fear, shame, blame, death, hell, damnation.  This must come to an end.  The Wild Horse of the Acts of the apostles must be tamed.

If you don’t know where the Wild Horse is found in the Acts; perhaps it is because the solid rock, does not want you to know.

The Rapture

The solid rock of Petra teaches RAPTURE.  May it’s heavy hand  be raptured now.

It does not teach nor recognize that there is more than one word translated into the single word, world; same as more than one word translated as rock. Jesus prayed DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF THIS WORLD.

You cannot have both a rapture and mortal immortality here on this planet.

Not knowing or perhaps not telling the masses the difference, helps keep control of the dumb, blind sheep who follow the leader over the cliff of death.

Anyone who teaches from the INTERPRETATIONS has not searched out; has not sought for understanding.  People have been perishing from lack of understanding and being kept in the dark by those who profit from the masses staying in the dark.

The FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, humanity is perfectly capable of hearing with their own ears what the creation is saying.  Come away from the dens of the lions that devour you.  You were born free, stay free.

There is no condemnation in the oil, translated Christ.  The oil can be lit and light can come.  The solid rock of Petra cannot be penetrated with light.  It is oblivious to anything but its own light which is only a shadow of light. It is busy concentrating on keeping the shifting sand under its control.

The Shadow, set/seth has no color, no beauty only grayness of death.  It does not even teach the plain language of KJB, mortal take on deathlessness, translated immortality.

Instead insists upon everyone dying and then going to the place we already live, upper Egypt/heaven with our feet firmly planted on lower Egypt/earth.

Egypt, upper and lower together is the law of creation and it fulfills what is spoken, designed, created, etc.  Rapture is the concept of the solid rock of Petra, that has no basis in our writings.  Time to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

Oil Followers

Christians simple follow the oil, but never become the oil so that their lamps are lit; because they listen to the Christianese language.  Good intentions can still cause great harm.

Ears tuned to Christianese cannot hear the good news, the sounds of creation all around them, only the clanging gongs of obedience, sacrifice and submission.

If you want to see the invisible than pay close attention to the visible.  They are reflections of each other, the two sides of the same coin.

Submitting to the beheading of the women and children by the men who are beheaded by the solid rock Petra.  The ears  Attached (levi) to the bad report, Hear (Simeon) only the sacrifice and become instruments of cruelty. Genesis 49:5  A prophetic statement of what would come to be.

Ears Tickled By Sexy Solid Rock Pregnant with Dis-ease

Much easier to go to church on Sunday, get the ears tickled with a momentary high and then go back to the mundane.  In the world this would be called seduction for the purpose of having sex; a momentary pleasure.

All who labor and are heavy laden come and find rest; not a momentary high on Sunday mornings.  Gift of Yah, Power in the Palm of the hand for the house pregnancy inside.  translated as Matthew  11:28.

The pregnancy, the dis-ease inside  the planet; the dis-ease of  unrest comes from the solid rock of Petra that teaches dis-ease, labor, struggle, strain, ad nauseam, die and if you are good enough then you can go to heaven.

Otherwise you are doomed to hell and eternally fire.  Dumb sheep, stubborn goats believe this story.  Would rather believe this story then challenge it.  Rather believe the lie than to ask and receive the truth.

Truth is All Were Are Will Be Saved

All were saved, being saved and will be saved; none are lost.  How could an all seeing, all knowing everywhere present God do such a thing to its own child as to condemn it to hell?

Only human parents do such a thing and that because they have been led astray to believe in sacrifice, labor, struggle, strain, die and be redeemed.

The solid rock of Petra believes and teaches that it is the savior of the world. Unless you fall under the rock and be crushed you too will die and live in eternal torment of fire.

Seek and you will find; seek the original writings and the truth and beauty of the universe will be discovered.  Seek the solid rock and be crushed.

Free will is the most beautiful gift given to the Firstborn Divine Child, humanity.