The root of my maternal Cherokee mother and the roots of my paternal English/German grandmother are stronger in me than the 50 years of brainwashing by the so called church.

The paternal pioneering, homesteading grandmother who raised her sons by herself are strong; they give me a strength that is not to be explained.  Strength that served me well during my 39 years of prison time invoked by the so called church.

The kindness, the gentle spirit of my Cherokee mother  sustained me; but got buried.  Buried by having to defend myself against the very one who said I love you and then with the fist controlled me.

Same way the church controlled me.  Told me about the unconditional love of God and then immediately demanded obedience and subservience to its rules.

The Cherokee root had to be hidden from  the world that misused, abused and defiled anyone who confessed their native roots.  It was not always been a good thing to be called native American.

In many places it is still not a good thing to be known. Nonetheless the roots are strong and they are building a tree that cannot be hewn down again.

Twenty plus years of searching for the  unconditional love of God in the Bible has been found.  It is not what the so called church teaches.  The so called church is not even built on the right rock.  It has no roots and will not withstand the storms of change that surround us.

It is a new day, the most beautiful day.  Do we have eyes to see it, ears to hear the music of the spheres?  Hearts open to change?