Hidden Keys Unlock Hidden Doors

Hidden Keys Unlock Hidden Doors

Understanding what the original text actually says, is not an easy task.  King James was INTERPRETED, but not TRANSLATED.  KJB is the text to which the JSE was keyed.  Why?  Because it was the only document created for the common people; who,, for the most part could neither read nor write.

100 + years ago, a team of 100+- persons built the Strong Bridge, James Strong Exhaustive Concordance.

letters, numbers

They assigned 5624 numbers to various words in the original manuscripts of the NEW T. and 8674 words in the original manuscripts of the OLD T.

Key in handHowever, there are also thousands of words in the NEW T. that have no numbers assigned.  The original meaning of most of these unnumbered words has been identified.  They are part of the formation of other words; some numbered and some not numbered.

The situation in the OLD is quite different and reconstructing the word trees is an easier task.  The word trees give us a comprehensive look at the meaning of a group of words.

In both cases we now have, or soon will have a much broader more comprehensive  view with which to compare the true original meanings with the words chosen by the INTERPRETERS.

It is not so much that the religious world did not want to reveal this information; but more likely because up to date, there has been no way to put this information into a format that could be easily used.

That changes with the database being developed.  We will be able to more easily see the big picture.  Groups of words are families and they are similar in meaning.

Words do not lie.  Language does not lie; it is our way of communicating.  Or not.  Oranges do not grow on an apple tree.  The more we understand what a word meant and how it was formed.  Who its cousins are is important information.  What the root word means is invaluable in reconstructing the original text.

Key in handThe keys, are unnumbered; but the meanings of those words are given.  Keys  unlock the mystery doors created between 1845BC to 70AD.  This is the time frame of the writing of the original texts.

Let me repeat there is no NEW testament without the OLD testament.  A fact easily seen through the new database way of looking at the JSE research.

The Religious Myths of sin, shame, blame, devil, death, hell and resurrection, have held us in their bondage for thousands of years.  Myths told long before there ever was an INTERPRETATION which is titled Bible.   A book written to conform to the common held beliefs; which would have had a huge influence upon what words were used and what messages were conveyed.

The 66 writings that make up the basis for the Bible were scribed in many different places (mostly Palestine), by many different authors (most, if not all unknown).

They do however hold the common theme, the story of creation as we viewed it at the time of writing.  It is a very little book, sweet in the mouth, bitter in the belly. Rev. 10:9, 10 (revolution of the oxhead with the power of nine….ability to return to full house) (the power is in the palm of the hand, which is the house that holds the power).

Bitters are what assist digestion of food.  We have been eating off the knowledge  of good and evil and need to digest out all the evil that we have believed existed.  Did exist according to our beliefs.  Gen. 2:9  (First house and inside is a cycle of wisdom)  The word nine means turn to the next full # which is the oxhead to the power of 10.  

oxhead to power of tenNot ten oxheads.  One oxhead, one creation,  with more power, more understanding, more knowledge, more wisdom.

If we pick up the keys, unlock the door of our understanding, wisdom will be more than happy to help us remember what we have forgotten.  Creation is one, we are one with that creation.  Creation is perfect and is constantly changing into new forms of life expressions.

Death is a lie, life cannot die.  Else it would not be life.  People perish for lack of knowledge.  Knowledge is denied by religious myths that denigrate it and portray life as something we have no power to cooperate with.  These myths place us at the mercy of  man’s laws that we cannot possibly follow.

Law denies. life allows.

Watch for news of database release.  You too will be able to more easily glean knowledge from the fields of yesterday.

Third Times a Charm

Where Did This Saying Come From?  What Does it Represent?

The source is unknown but the principle is not.  As always the reference is back to what our pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD; scrolls that are the supposed source of the interpreted works called Bible.  There are no translations in circulation to the public.  Are there any true translations?  One can only wonder.

Math, in those writings  is not arithmetic.  If arithmetic principles are applied to the words, that English supposes are merely numbers;  the mathematical principles are lost.

Ever wonder why there are words one, two, three, four, thousands, hundred etc. instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, 1000, 100, in the Bible?  They represent mathematical principles…..not arithmetic principles of adding, subtracting, multiplying, etc..

Take anything and break it into three pieces; not thirds of equal measure as arithmetic would insist; but three pieces; which is still thirds/thirds.  Although, they could be equal; it is not a requirement and has nothing to do with the math principle being used.

We can start from the whole which is either neutral or rememberedmale.  That starting point is determined by the state of process.  Either stage can be complete or complete word, representing something.

Break the complete or complete into three parts and it becomes  puncturedfemale .  The three parts are separated and something is happening or can happen.

When the third parts are rejoined; no matter what has happened to them; perhaps the shapes or the amounts were changed….then something has been or is  completed.  It has been REMEMBEREDMALE.   Put into a new form.    Three in one.  One is always neutral. 

Martin Luther called this the trinity; father, son and holy (whole) spirit.  It is not exclusive to this interpretation.  Nonetheless father, son and holy spirit are neutral words….they have nothing to do with gender….they represent roles in the creation.

There is much more to be learned  and applied to these mathematical words; not today.  Grab hold of the mathematical principles and apply them to the writings on this website and gain understanding.  Note the designated roles of rememberedmale  and puncturedfemale words; which have absolutely nothing to do with gender; easily seen just be looking at them.

We wrote that we could have all of our sister wisdom that we desire….but above all else, GET UNDERSTANDING.    That is what the past 20+ years of diligently interacting with only two books, the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance; 1940 edition and the King James Bible to which it is keyed.

The keys were developed by 100 persons in the 1800s.  They built a bridge between the Bible and the original text.  Any of the 1100+ versions of the English can be used; but first one must ascertain what words were used in the KJB.

Now this STRONG bridge has been around; but has had very little use as it can be cumbersome to uncover the rabbit trail of any given word….tracing it back to its root meaning.  This however, sheds great light on what any word actually meant.

That is what the 20+ years have wrought, a database whereby it is much easier to get a clear understanding of what we wrote.

The above mathematical (not arithmetic) principles add greatly in gaining that understanding.  Four is always rememberedmale ; but the four parts are always neutral.

The database will be put online, in the not too distant future, so anyone can determine for themselves what our pen actually meant, intended to mean in the scrolls of 1845BC to 70AD.





Wrong Foundation Produces Wrong Structure

Rock/Petra Church vs Open Pile of Rock/Church

When we stand in the pulpit and speak our personal understanding that is one thing.

  1. Standing in the pulpit speaking our understanding which is founded on the teachings of the Rock/Petra Church is quite another.
  2. Standing in the pulpit speaking our understanding which is founded on the original writings from which the Bible was taken.is still quite another…For then we stand on the open pile of rock where the true church is being built.
    An open pile of rock is not solidified into a solid rock of dogma, doctrines, rules, regulations, death, hell, sin and damnation.  It is actively, energetically being created.  

Big difference between humans creating the ROCK/PETRA CHURCH and the OPEN PILE OF ROCK/CHURCH being built by the elohiyms, the plural gods of wind, water, fire, earth, gravity, growth and expansion.. 

When we do not know there is ROCK/PETRA and an OPEN PILE OF ROCK because only the neutral word ROCK was used in the Bible.,…we stand in the wrong place.. (more…)

Three Kings of the East are not Human

Three Kings of the East are not Human

Three Stars of the East

We did not write about human male person kings ruling, riding on camels over the desert following a star in the east.

These three rulers reigning are not human kings.  This is the 3 heads of FLAMES that fell from the East.  Pieces of the STAR of the EAST, the sun star.

There were four heads in the Garden of Pleasure/PleasureedenThose four heads (the door) appear again, they are FLAMES OF THE EAST, flames from the ONE STAR of the EAST, the sun star.

Three of those FLAMES OF THE EAST fall to the ICE MOUNTAIN, that holds the rapidly moving soil, the BLACK SEA MONSTER captive.  That BLACK SEA MONSTER of rapidly moving soil becomes the MIGHTY BLACK EARTH.

One head remains and that is the STAR OF THE EAST, in the QUEENS HOUSE, which is the upper limit of the DUAL LIMITSmizraim, egypt.

Three rulers, three stars that fell from the FLAMES OF THE EAST rule over the ICE MOUNTAIN.  Three joined together create an Egyptian Gomer which means COMPLETE.

In this case it is COMPLETE rule over the ICE PRISON.  Heat rules ice by melting it.  The priesthood of ICEkorah rebelled in the desert, by  melting.

The story of the birthright, the SWOLLEN HEEL of the RED SOIL is told through the HANDMAIDEN TRICKLE assisting the  WEARY ICE of the WHITE MOUNTAIN.

Next we see the TIMID HANDMAIDEN JOURNEYING EWE of water.  TIMID JOURNEYING EWE of water coming  from the WHITE MOUNTAIN of ice in the FLAMES of the EAST.

When we reconstitute the TRANSLITERATED words and begin to use them…..the story of creation reveals itself.  When we understand the Old then we can understand the New.

Three kings are three FLAMES OF THE EAST.  Is this seen in the day or the night?  It is dark and it is cold and the STAR of the EAST in the QUEENS HOUSE is still maturing.

Of course in the day season we can see lightning where we cannot see stars.  Perhaps these three heads from the FLAMES of the EAST are bolts lightning.

In either case, we did not write about human male person kings ruling, riding on camels over the desert under the stars.

The 3rd/3rd letter of Hebrew/Chaldean is gimel; but the Egyptian third letter is GOMER.   Still, the meaning of these 3 different language groups is COMPLETE.

GIMEL = GOMER = G (English)  We get confused when we look at the TRANSLITERED letters and see them as words instead of LETTERS.

When the letters are coupled with the order of the words, one, two, three (which are not necessarily numbers)  we can see the COMPLETE THREE.  Three separate thirds/thirds joined together are COMPLETE.  NOT three male human kings riding on camels in the desert.

The creative process is always the same order, same manner.  We have taken that creative process, creative order and made HUMAN the center of the universe.  We never were the  center.  We did not write about HUMAN creation.

Evidenced by our lack of ability to come to the PROMISED REST.  We are still  babes in the playpen, kicking, biting, pulling hair, demanding our own way.  Still creation goes on by the laws of creation we wrote about.

While we continue to follow our RELIGIOUS HABITS.  A habit is something done over and over again with the same outcome…….we keep thinking if we rewrite the Bible often enough it will make sense…….NEVER it simply tells the RELIGIOUS MYTHS in a different set of words.

Until we go back to the original text and see what we wrote 1845BC to 70AD we will continue the crazy making behavior….doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

All Power In Open Hand

To decipher what we really wrote 1845BC to 70AD requires an understanding of what the word ten actually represents.

Words have meaning that includes words llike one, two, three, four, etc.  When we read the scripture and see these words our minds go to mathematical equations.

This drags us off into a deep dark woods of confusion.

Transliterated letters are half of the key to the way that those words, one, two, etc. were used in the original text.

All 22 letters of Egyptian, Chaldean, Hebrew origin are found within the ten.  English has 26 letters, but in the transliteration we find additional entries such as ch, th, tz,  All of these are also found within the 10…which actually means the OPEN HAND OF POWER.

This is the POWER OF TEN which today we understand as a math equation.  The word HAND causes the confusion because we look at the English word HAND and decide that means a human hand.  However, a human hand is not ten digits; unless we consider the empty spaces between the fingers.

With this knowledge we can better see what the assignment of chapter and verse words, one, two, three are actually conveying to us.

If you are near Santa fe, NM you can come to Lucky Bean Downtown Cafe at Sanbrusco Center any Sunday morning at 11:00 am and learn more.

Hope to see you there as we reclaim what our pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD writings that are the basis for the single book called Bible.

A book that at best is only 1/3 translated, 1/3 transliterated and the balance simply added English grammar words intend to support the religious myths that have abounded since humanity began

What Does Cycle of Completed Seven Produce?

What Does Cycle of Completed Seven Produce?

Picking Up From Yesterday’s Blog

Let us go back to the basic graphic  (premium subscribers can view it).  There is another basic term used frequently  by RELIGIOUS MYTH TELLERS  BATH-SHEBA.

This word is formed from the BE COMPLETE seven/seven cycle and growth from another key primitive word TO BUILD.

TO BUILD produces two words  A BUILDER and  a BUILDER   The BUILDER joins a branch rowingt from the root of the complete seven/seven cycle.  This growth is SHEBA, same meaning as seven.

When we use the proper meaning builder for this particular word, we get a different viewpoint.  If BATH is a human daughter (properly builder) as RELIGIOUS MYTH TELLERS want us to believe and SHEBA is a human son (properly builder) than what we must have written about an  hermaphrodite.  Half male half female.


One look at the graphic and we can see clearly what we did write. Premium subscribers will have access. (more…)