English Language vs Old Language


This website gives a very indepth description about the deception of the English language in view of the ancient language.

The distinction between gender based languages such as English refers to it, she, him, her, theirs, its.  As opposed to the non gender based languages of the indigenous peoples of the world  as well as  the earlier written languages that had no gender distinctions is made clear in this article.

Language such as English creates its own reality….does not describe reality…unwritten, oral language was a way of living in the existent time, place, event.  Distinctions were not made between life…all around was perceived to be living.   Not just human beings, but all of creation was life….was/is living.

Just because we do not understand the languages of the plants, animals, water, air, elements, the snakes, spiders, birds and flies; does not mean we cannot understand them.

Copper vs Brass Steel

When we Read Brass or Steel in Scripture….

Do we think copper?   Did steel even exist at the time of the writing of the original text?  Copper is a pure metal and is the meaning of the word translated as brass and also steel.

Steel was not successfully used until the 17th century AD.  The KJB which is what the JSE is keyed to was written about 1640AD…….ummm.   Similar to the corn story….no corn in the Old World at the time of writing….but used in the KJB after it was brought from the new world to the old world…..so steel and corn could not have been the intent of the original text.

This is not to say that there are no relics made of material similar to steel, found thousands of years ago.  However, it was not common until the 17th century when it was a new product being used extensively.

Now this  minor difference of zinc being added to copper to create brass is not the point.  The point is that when we read words that are interpreted differently than the original meaning, our thought process goes in a different direction.

There is the word copper that comes from the word copper (of) ringing; which comes from the primary root word meaning to hiss.

Neutral copper is not the same word nor same meaning as PUNCTUREDFEMALE COPPER.   A non gender word; but an active word.

Knowing what a word means as well as how it fits in the creative process of this unique language is vital to understanding.   Understanding what we actually wrote 1845BC to 70AD.

There are many scriptures that use the word BRASS for the word copper.

Not only is it interpreted as BRASS, but also brasen, chain, copper, fetter (of brass), filthiness and steel.   All of these words are used for the meaning copper of ringing (past part. of) to hiss, primitive root word.

This is but a simple example of how words can mislead us, if we do not take the time and effort to search out the original word meanings.  A laborious task; nonetheless, a great reward of understanding is on the other side.

The primitive root word trees greatly increase our ability to understand any given original meaning.  Apples do not grow on orange trees.   Grape leaves do not appear on a walnut tree.  So too, word trees hold true to form, producing only words that are relevant to the primitive root.

The primitive root of copper is to hiss.  The intermediary word is RINGING.

TO HISS  a primitive root word is interpreted in the Bible as   (more…)

FBDC Forgot what Word Means

FBDC Forgot what Word Means

Firstborn Divine Child Forgot What the word WORD means

The argumentum ad nauseam of religious habits that we have been feeding ourself, has convinced us that the singular word, WORD, in the KJB always means the same thing.

 In addition  feeding on the ArAn has  convinced us that all the words in the KJB are the WORD OF GOD.   The word of a singular god somewhere. 

brain washingThis is true when we know that we, the MHK, master human kingdom the FIRSBORN DIVINE CHILD, are the plural gods; the hologram of the whole. Plural gods = god.

God in the KJB,  most often means plural gods.  We, the MHK, the FBDC, FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD wrote those words.  It is our documentation.

Our attempt at telling the creation story was documented from 1845 BC to 70 AD.  The pen of the MHK wrote down on papyrus a version of the creation story.  A story about our mother, the BLACK MADONNA lower egypt translated as earth is resting in the Queens House in a HOT CONSPICUOUS EXPANSION of REST.

Since 1640 AD that story has been grossly msinterpreted by the ArAn of well meaning  teachers of ENGLISH; not the teachers of the original text meanings. We have let ourselves be spoon fed, stories that cause DIS-EASE.  Antithesis to REST.

Thus the FBDC has forgotten where it lives; in the Queens House in a HOT CONSPICOUS EXPANSION OF REST.

The ArAn has taught us that we have to die and then possibly, if we were good enough, go to heaven.  Didn’t even teach us that heaven is our house,  the house of our mother, the BLACK MADONNA resting in the QUEENS HOUSE.

Only by using the Strong Bridge can we discover for ourselves what we wrote about our history.  Today we will look at the word WORD and see what we can discover about what we have forgotten. 

Remember, the sky records (akashic/akasha) are inside us.  The Sky records came when we the light fell from the QUEENS HOUSE.  We are the FBDC, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, the MHK, MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM.  We, the starlight fell from the Queens House to the womb of our mother, the BLACK MADONNA.

Have We Forgotten What Duality Means?

The ArAn has taught us how to forget that the WORD duality is not about separation; but the opportunity to co-operate.

Hands, arms, feet, legs can only learn co-operation in duality.  Opposites working together to crawl, walk, run, jump, climb mountains, leap from airplanes, go to far distant planets. 

The FDC is destined to master the one self, the ONE UNITED OXHEAD of which each is a hologram of the whole.  The ArAn would have use remain in bondage and slavery to religious habits we have formed.

The choice is ours.  REMEMBER our mother, the BLACK MADONNA with which we reside in the QUEENS HOUSE.  The duality of heaven/earth is the place we came to discover how to co-operate with our self, individually and self corporately. 

The other choice is to believe the ArAn and return to the womb of our mother, the BLACK MADONNA, lower egypt/earth.  Where we will be recycled again.  Living water will cause us to sprout again and again have an opportunity to become light falling from the Queens House.

Let us Look at the Word WORD/WORD/WORD

 First there we see there are three forms, a neutral form, an open, puncutured form and a remembered form.  Another example of the creation pattern.

When we use the Strong Bridge we discover 5 primitive root words from which comes word.  Five Hebrew primitive root words and 1 Chaldean primitive root word.  From these 5 roots come 21 different branches.    The KJB translates WORD/WORD/WORD into hundreds of different neutral words other than WORD. [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

Diabolical Scheme or Ignorance

The ArAn does not tell us about these differences.  Why?  Was it a diabolic scheme or simply the blind leading the blind?

If it were a diabolical scheme, then these ancient writings would not have been broken down into fine verses.  These verses contain many additional English words to make it grammatical correct.  Remember this translation was made for the illiterate and therefore needed to be simple stories they could understand.  First graders learning how to read Dick and Jane books.

The preservation of the finely borken down verses when coupled with the MEANINGS of the original words, the letters and the numbers, tell their story.

Some who teach the ArAn have made conscious choices not to reveal the original writings; but to stay with the Dick and Jane stories about individual people that totally skews the creation story. This obliterates the history of our mother the BLACK MADONNA and overlooks the QUEENS HOUSE.

Not to mention the increase in slavery, bondage to black people due to the distortions of the ArAn.

Nonetheless, these stories are not lost; only buried under 750,000 English words taught by teachers of English without the knowledge of the story of creation.  Dig deep inside and discover what we wrote over the past eons of time.

Neutral Word WORD

The ArAn translates this as answer, appointed unto him, saying, speech, word, promise, thing, speech, word, Imri, Amorite, Amariah, murrain, pestilence, plague, Dibri, Dabareh, Daberath, say, utter, speak, speaking, answer, letter, matter, word, decree and sentence.  Plus hundreds of other words not listed here.

Open Punctured Female non gender Word WORD

The ArAn translates this as a neutral word. 

We, the FBDC, the MHK documented  commandment, speech, word, cause, end, estate, order, regard, intent, sake, float.

Remembered, a male non gender Word WORD

The ArAn translates this as these neutral words.

We the FBDC, the MHK wrote the older Chaldean answer, by-word, matter, anything, what to say, to speak, speaking, speak, talking, word, commandment, matter, thing, word.

We Forgot our Mother’s Story

When we let the ArAn tell us something different than what we wrote about our own history, then we forget it ourselves.

When we remember, the difference bewteen neutral, open punctured and a remembered form of any word then we are able to remember/recall who we are: the FBDC, the MHK destined to MASTER SELF.

We cannot master self by listening to the argumentum ad nauseam that we have created.

Chaldean is older than Hebrew and that is where, in this case, we find the REMEMBERED WORD.  A non gender male word that is a form which is remembered/recalled into a more present time.  Recalled into another language, Hebrew.

We find that the REMEMBERED WORD is broken open becomes a female non gender OPEN/PUNCTURED WORD.  Something is happening, changing, rearranging, reforming, etc until it becomes the NEUTRAL WORD, STATUS QUO.

When we let the ArAn tell us something different than what we wrote about our own history, then we forget ourself, the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.

Then we forget our wombmates, translated as brothers.

Who Are Our Wombmates?

All the seed of all the plants, animals, insects, birds, reptiles, humans, minerals, air, water, fire, shared the same womb.  All of creation shared the womb of the BLACK MADONNA lower egypt/earth. 

Our mother, the BLACK MADONNA gathered all the seed of all that would ever spring forth.  The seed was gathered in the RAPIDLY MOVING SOIL, the FIRST (genesis)  sea monster.

The primordial waters of creation; living waters from the well of the womb of the BLACK MADONNA cause the seed to sprout and grow.

The seed of the EGYPTIAN TREASURY OF GLORIOUS REST contains all the SKY RECORDS, resident in the MHK, the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD.

We are destined to REMEMBER who we always have been, the FIRSBORN DIVINE CHILD.

The first FULLY CONSCIOUS seed; conscious of all the other wombmates.  Consciously working with our wombmates.  They have taken us to the moon and back in vehicles created from them by us.

  • We are the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest.
  • We are the Ark Drawn Out of the Egyptian Waters.  Waters of heaven and earth.
  • We are the Ark of the Covenant.
  • We are the Ark of the Testimony.
  • We are the moveable living Tabernacle; the status quo

 brain washingThe ArAn that we have been feeding ourselves has caused us to be DIS-EASED. We live, move and have our being  with our mother, BLACK MADONNA in the QUEENS HOUSE  a HOT CONSPICUOUS EXPANSION OF REST.

The ArAn that we have been feeding ourselves, duality is bad has caused us to stay in WAR.  War with ourself. War with our womb mates and war with the hologram of the whole REST.

REST is appointed for us.  We are the MULTITUDE OF NATIONS/Abraham given the full inheritance of LAUGHTER/Isaac.  Destined to ISRAEL/Rule as plural gods.

The ArAn would have us to believe that these were individual people instead of  being a part of the story of our inheritance. 

We wrote the stories.  We can remember/recall what we wrote.


NIV gender neutral Bible

NIV gender neutral Bible

More Questions

 How does this new NIV gender neutral Bible address these so called people.  People as taught by the INTERPRETERS of the KJB translation.

 Ornament (Adah) and Shade (Zillah) are female words translated as wives of the phantom illusion of Powerful (Lamech)  Powerful is neutral, it is not even a male word.  Powerful appears again as the shadow image of the phantom image of the elohiyms, the plural gods intentions.

  1. Shade (Zillah) produces Pleasantness (Namaah) translated as sister to a stream, a father of  those who dwell in tents and have cattle  translated  in KJB as Jabal..
    1. Does only the male gender play harp and organ?

    1. Does only the  male gender dwell in tents and have cattle? 
  3.  Sister to a stream, a father of those who handle harp and organ translated in KJB as Jubal.

  5. Are Ornaments, Shade and Pleasantness exclusive to female gender?  Or are they words that are active, describing, doing something?  Perhaps the Pleasantness comes out of Powerful Ornament of Shade?

How does the new neutral gender NIV Bible neutralize the gender in these instances?

axeThese questions can only be answered by going back to the original text and understanding the functions of neutral, female and male words.  These have nothing to do with gender.  It is process, functionality.

Where does Tubal-cain fit in?  It means Produce a Crop of Lances?  Lances of brass and iron.

What if?

What if?

We Take Some Principles and Draw Some Conclusions

What we know.

  • All parts of the MASTER KINGDOM, the human body are identified.
  • We know there is no gender only function and form.
  • We know there is a neutral branch translated in KJB as tribe/tribes.
  • And there is a branch extending. Also translated in KJB as tribe/tribes.  No distinction in function.
    • Extension is a female non gender word; open generative, growing. (more…)
My Three Most Favorite Sounds

My Three Most Favorite Sounds

Sound Has No Perception That There of Receivers

Voice may direct sound toward something or someone.  Sound dispersed by the breath of life is dispersed in the breath of life that does not recognize differences.  Differences of opinions, habits, ideal or belief systems.  Sound disperses around the world unconditionally offering its’ sound, its’ messages.

Nothing contains sound waves; no walls, no habits, no barriers.  Only closed ears pretend not to hear.

Sound does not care about our habits, our religious choices, our professions, our degrees, our accomplishments nor our failures..  Its job is to deliver sound, so that we can choose to hear or not hear the harmonious melody of the universe of ONE UNITED OXHEAD.

Sound of Church Bells

One of my oldest, most favorite sounds are church bells all ringing together.  What a joyous melody, sung by our elder, metals.  Sounds only the clanging of metal can bring to our ears.  Yet carrying the hearts cry of the human pulling the cord. (more…)