Universal Icy Waters of Creation Divulge Their Messages

Exploration of the ancient scrolls from which the KJB was translated, revealed the Big Bang.  Also revealed the icy waters and all the elements we understand today.  Articles about the White Mountain and the Flames of the East that destroy that White Mountain.  Even trickles of myrrh come down in that water from the melting of the icy white mountain.

That Big bang continues to astound us even today, with evidences of icy waters, elements that were clearly known more than 3000 years ago.  Not by scientific research but by the inner knowing that every human comes into this world with.  Often loses that the knowledge of the cosmic library by being taught by the outside world. (more…)

Are We Stuck in the MotherShip

Are We Stuck in the MotherShip

Solar Sail Stunner Birthed by FASTSAT

Only one spacecraft has done anything like this before: Japan’s IKAROS probe deployed a solar sail in interplanetary space and used it to fly by Venus in 2010. IKAROS is using the pressure of sunlight as its primary means of propulsion—a landmark achievement”  

 Pressure of sunlight? Samson.  Remember the blogs of The Little Streamlet and Strength of Sunlight which KJB termed Samson and Delilah?  Strength of Sunlight has not diminished.

Nasa launched a NanoSail-D in November 2010.  A spacecraft destined to clean up all the garbage floating around the earth; mostly garbage we humans have put up there.
“We couldn’t get out of FASTSAT”  Nasa is pondering why the NanoSail was stuck in the womb of the Mothership for 2 months.  It was birthed on Jan 17, 2011  Two months beyond the expected delivery date. 

In terms of the ancient meaning of number and letters this would be the Oxhead, (1) mouth (17), window (5).  The Oxhead found the mouth of the birthing window.  So why didn’t it sail through that mouth of the window? (more…)

What Did the Little Streamlet Love?

What Did the Little Streamlet Love?

It Loved the STRENGTH of the Sunlight

This story is found in EXPOSED translated in KJB as Judges.  Does not the Judge expose?

It was the strength of Sunlight, that the Little Streamlet loved and desired to understand where it came from.  In seeking the source of the strength, the Little Streamlet kept absorbing that strength, loving, mating with that strength.  The Little Streamalet produced growth with that strength.

The love of the strength of Sunlight produced great growth in the trees upon the bank of the Little Streamlet.  The trees grew  with the strength absorbed by the Little Streamlet of water.   Branches  grew and overhung the Little Streamlet, cutting off the strength of the  seven, indefinite number of strands of Sunlight feeding the Little Streamlet.  Seven is the weapon of an indefinite number.


  • How many strands of Sunlight are there?  How much strength is in those strands?
  • How does the strength of the Sunlight, get to the trees?
  • Do you recognize this story of Samson and Delilah? 
  •  Is there any wanton woman or strong man in this story? 
  • What temple walls did the strength of Sunlight push down?
  •  What is the myth that the religious HABIT has been propagating for hundreds of years?
  • Which religious HABIT will we choose to put on?

Who What are the Parents of Sunlight? (more…)

Ten Builders of Red Earth

Ten Builders of Red Earth

The Window and Nail

Seven builders build the expansion creating a windowThe NAIL of three, build the second Egyptian gomerREMEMBER  anytime three things are joined they create an Egyptian gomer, which means complete.  This has been interpretated, not translated as trinity.

REMEMBER blue indicates a male word, something has been remembered, recalled from the past and creates a form.  Yesterday’s blog we looked at the OXhead, house, the completed Egyptian gomer and door.

We saw the frail red earth replacement was in a house that was the Praise of plural gods.  The growth of that frail red earth was powerful.  Seed of the MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM was in that red earth.  The seed is carried in the womb but has not sprouted yet. 

Today we look closely at what built the window and discover it was the Egyptian gomer complete.  The conspicuous position of the hot house expansion was finished.  It is duplicating self.  A lofty self entity can replicate self.

A window, like a door separates.  However, the window, unlike a door allows us to see both sides. (more…)