English Language vs Old Language


This website gives a very indepth description about the deception of the English language in view of the ancient language.

The distinction between gender based languages such as English refers to it, she, him, her, theirs, its.  As opposed to the non gender based languages of the indigenous peoples of the world  as well as  the earlier written languages that had no gender distinctions is made clear in this article.

Language such as English creates its own reality….does not describe reality…unwritten, oral language was a way of living in the existent time, place, event.  Distinctions were not made between life…all around was perceived to be living.   Not just human beings, but all of creation was life….was/is living.

Just because we do not understand the languages of the plants, animals, water, air, elements, the snakes, spiders, birds and flies; does not mean we cannot understand them.

Copper vs Brass Steel

When we Read Brass or Steel in Scripture….

Do we think copper?   Did steel even exist at the time of the writing of the original text?  Copper is a pure metal and is the meaning of the word translated as brass and also steel.

Steel was not successfully used until the 17th century AD.  The KJB which is what the JSE is keyed to was written about 1640AD…….ummm.   Similar to the corn story….no corn in the Old World at the time of writing….but used in the KJB after it was brought from the new world to the old world…..so steel and corn could not have been the intent of the original text.

This is not to say that there are no relics made of material similar to steel, found thousands of years ago.  However, it was not common until the 17th century when it was a new product being used extensively.

Now this  minor difference of zinc being added to copper to create brass is not the point.  The point is that when we read words that are interpreted differently than the original meaning, our thought process goes in a different direction.

There is the word copper that comes from the word copper (of) ringing; which comes from the primary root word meaning to hiss.

Neutral copper is not the same word nor same meaning as PUNCTUREDFEMALE COPPER.   A non gender word; but an active word.

Knowing what a word means as well as how it fits in the creative process of this unique language is vital to understanding.   Understanding what we actually wrote 1845BC to 70AD.

There are many scriptures that use the word BRASS for the word copper.

Not only is it interpreted as BRASS, but also brasen, chain, copper, fetter (of brass), filthiness and steel.   All of these words are used for the meaning copper of ringing (past part. of) to hiss, primitive root word.

This is but a simple example of how words can mislead us, if we do not take the time and effort to search out the original word meanings.  A laborious task; nonetheless, a great reward of understanding is on the other side.

The primitive root word trees greatly increase our ability to understand any given original meaning.  Apples do not grow on orange trees.   Grape leaves do not appear on a walnut tree.  So too, word trees hold true to form, producing only words that are relevant to the primitive root.

The primitive root of copper is to hiss.  The intermediary word is RINGING.

TO HISS  a primitive root word is interpreted in the Bible as   (more…)

Comet Ison

Comet Ison

NASA reports that comet ISON

May or may not become the comet of the century on November 28, 2013.   It will pass across the sun and either burn up or become very visible in the day…..what will it be?

What do we see If we look at the words and dates through the veil.  What they meant thousands of years ago when we wrote the text that became the basis for the Bible.

When will we reclaim our writings and learn what was being taught at those points in time 1845BC to 70AD.    If we reclaim our property, then  perhaps we can set the stories straight.

We can use the creative principles to gain understanding.

What can be seen through the creative principles applied to comet ISON?

We can see a puncturedfemale house with one united oxhead coming through the (revolving) door.   I submit the door of time is at hand….we can explode into the light we always have been and be visible in the day season or keep our light hidden in the dark place.

I = HAND10

Confederate Husband or Cutting Husband?

First Appearance of Husband

Firstgenesis Motion door (to the inside)  Water   (original word meaning of chapter, verse and its contents)
KJB translates this as Genesis 14:13
KJB translates Select Cutting Husband  to “Confederate with.

There are 16 original words in this scripture, some of which have roots.  Here are the words and their roots.  Remember capital indicates KJB treated this as name of person/place/thing.

going.coming…refugee escaped..manifests High Father from be high
Other Side lies down, Oak from strength from twist, Lusty ruler to rule
Publicity brother, Bunch of Grapes from the testicle brother, Boy from rustling tumbling about from the growl, select cutting husband/master/owner High Father from be high.

We can see that the select cutting husband/owner/master is the HIGH FATHER that came from BE HIGH.

Questions posed by these words.

  • What refugee manifest as High Father from the Other Side?
  • Where and what is the Other Side?
  • What refugee resides as an Oak that is Lusty ruler?
  • What is the Lusty Publicity brother?
  • Why does Bunch of Grapes from a testicle reside between two brothers?
  • Who are the brothers?
  • What growl produces rustling, tumbling about?
  • Where does the growl comes from and what does it tumble about?
  • What Boy is the select cutting husband/master/owner?
  • What testicle produced Bunch of Grapes?
  • Testicle is not exclusive to human and animal male gender.
  • It is however the source of opposite polarity the Other Side.

Difficult to discover what an individual scripture is telling us.  However if we know what the previous scriptures reveal it is much easier.  Especially if we start with the FIRSTGENESIS chapter one.

Let us simply look at the previous verse 12,  a governing verse.

We can see they ..whoever that is..took the Veil.

  • If we know what the Veil is and where the Veil came from we can better understand what  refugee escapes through the Veil .

Previous chapters revealed that

  • The Veil and the select cutting High Father both came from the Flames of the East.
  • The Veil came with the select cutting of the High Father.

Without the select Cutting Husband that came from the Queens House Upper Egypt heaven, there would be no harvest.  Seed cannot sprout and grow without heat.  If the heat is not veiled the seed withers and dies.

Where is the seed?   All seed of everything is in the womb of  Lower Egypt Earth.  Seed in the womb of LEE is on the Other Side of the QHUEH.

What else is between LEE and QHUEH?

Before the Veil and the select cutting High Father flame could reach LEE the White Ice Mountain had to be broken through. Then the Boy heat of the select cutting Husband High Father could fall to LEE.

This select cutting High Father will become the father of a Multitude of Nations.

Premium subscribers can download the table with the JSE numbers that reveal the words and their roots of this particular scripture Genesis 14:13.  Where you can also discover what words did the KJB use in the translation.

We did not write about people; we wrote about creating creation and its processes.

The Lily and The Egyptian Servant

The Lily and The Egyptian Servant

A Tidbit

Many blogs refer to the repeated teachings to imprint people with ideas.  I call these argumentum ad nausems.

There is quite a few of these teachings embedded across the planet.  Man and wife, adam and eve, noah and the animals, David and the giant, original sin in the garden.  Evil serpent.  Magic wand that caused a sudden appearance of people, animals, plants, etc. Sacrifice, sin, guilt, ad nauseam. None of which hold any weight on the scale of yesterday’s writings .

The biggest portion  of our stories are ignored.  Overlooked because they do not seem to fit into the geneologies of individual people.  The argumentum ad nauseam cannot put them into the context of their teachings.  The generations are not people.


In the following narration, I am not giving you the King James words, I am giving you the original word meanings, which are in bold.  This is what our pen wrote.

These are the literal meanings of the numbers, letters and words with as little added words from me as possible.

This First Word of the Hot Day translated as 1 Chronicles was written in Palestine somewhere between 1279 BC and 461 BC.  Translated into the King James Bible about 1640 AD.

The only way to truly understand this story is to understand the story of FIRSTGENESIS. written about 1688BC.

Perhaps this much of a story written more than 600 years later, will tweak your interest. Spark a desire to know more.  You are the Divine Firstborn Child and as such have a right to your inheritance of LaughterIsaac.  Our good medicine.

The Lily and the Egyptian Month of Sweeping Away Produce a Water Crane

This story of the Lily and the Egyptian Month of Sweeping Away begins in the 27th generating of the Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth, which is also the 29th generating of the Queens Houseupper Egypt/heaven,      [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

  1.  Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth is the 27th (head20 house2 weapon7)
  2.  Queens Houseupper Egypt/heaven, is the  29th (head20 house2 cycle of wisdom9, the Crown)

Let Us Begin

May God Have Pity took a Crown that came from Encircling.

  • The 5th builder of the Crown, May God Have Pity was the window5  which was Strong.
  • The Strong window5 was built by Destructive. (open a door it is destroyed, becomes a window)
  • Destructive was built by Liberal. (window is more liberal than a door)
  •  Liberal was built by Exaltation of the Two Nostrils.  (a house of nostrils, a breathing)
  • Out of the Exaltation of the Two Nostrils  came Saving.  (whose nostrils are breathing?)
  • Out of Saving came the Lily.
  • The Lily gave the building of the Lily to the Egyptian Month of Sweeping Away (flood time).
  • A Wishful builder came forth, then a Timely, Given, Giver, Judge, Serving, Jehovah is He, Jah Has Helped, Strength, God Has Made, Water Crane, a Retribution, Yah Will Rise, God of Hearing. 
  • This takes us to the 47th generating of the Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth, which is also the 49th generating of the Queens Houseupper Egypt/heaven.
  1. We started with generation of the Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth  head20 house2 weapon7 of the Crown.
    1. It became the door4 weapon7The Crown of the head opens the door.
  2. We started with generation of the Queens Houseupper Egypt/heaven the head20 house2 cycle of Wisdom9.
    1.  It became the Queens Houseupper Egypt/heaven, door at the end of a cycle of wisdom.

This is the same story told in a different ways in a different times and places.  A story about creating the Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth which attained the power of ten by growing and adding and then broke free of its ice mountain into the Queens Houseupper Egypt/heaven

What is the Water Crane?

We can view the Water Crane as a bird or the power of water to move, to lift.  I am inclined to believe at this point in time that it refers to the power of moving water which was the first created form.

We do not have something called a Water Crane bird; but do have water birds in the Crane family. An 11 million year old fossil of a Sandhill Crane was discovered in Nebraska. 

Obviously the Lily seed was moved by the water in the Egyptian Month of Sweeping Away.  Lilies consume algae; perhaps this is the spit of the water in the FIRSTGENSIS generating.  A time when rapidly moving soil was being formed.

Many birds and animals depend upon the lily for food, including the turtle, raccoons, ducks, etc..

 Either way there remains the question who is this God of Hearing that can hear both a water bird or the water being moved.  Remember, the word god is a created word and it means plural gods, not a singular all powerful god.  This then is plural gods of Hearing.

This is not a geneology of people, it is the generating of  heaven and earth.  There is the breath of life breathing, wind blowing on the water.

When we misunderstand  the FIRSTGENESIS   story, we cannot comprehend the repetitive retelling by many authors in many places over a time period that began almost 4000 years ago.

Consequently we have built a TOWER OR BABEL, confusion of languages. [/emember_protected]

Lost Flaming Sword of the East

Lost Flaming Sword of the East

Losing the Black Madonna and the House of the Queen


How did we the FBDC, Firstborn Divine Child, lose sight of our mother the BLACK MADONNA?  Excerpted from the 14 steps of the Argumentum ad nauseam.

We, the FBDC clearly defined the Big Bang in 1688BC.  Our pen wrote the FIRSTGENESIS  story.  

Coming out of the dark void of the Great House and Landpharaoh came the description of our modern day version of an atomic explosion.  Single atom, ONE UNITED OXHEAD, breaks open releasing wind, heat, light and creating water from two gases.  Water in its three forms, ice, liquid and steam are an Egyptian Gomer, completed.

The argumentum ad nausem taught by teachers of English starting in 1640 AD using the KJB brain washingtold a different story.  They told about an instantaneous appearance of all life, as if a magic wand had been passed over the black void and suddenly everything was present.

A picture is painted of plants, animals, fish, birds, etc.  None of which exists in our original documentations.  Only the spit is there.

We not only have lost sight of the BLACK MADONNA LOWER EGYPT/EARTH our mother, we lost sight of the first rib of light of the QUEENS HOUSE UPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN.

brain washingThe teachers of English, teaching the  ArAn overlook that first rib of light and then go on to paint a picture of a female gender being taken out of a male gender.  When the KJB clearly says look at the creation and understand how it works.  Female humans coming out of male humans is not how it works.[emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

They say the first rib of light, the Life Giver is a female gender called Eve.  Forever obscuring the light of the QUEENS HOUSE UPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN.  That rib of light continues to increase in fire, light and heat until the WhiteLebanon mountain of ice releases the BLACK MADONNALOWEGYPT/EARTHER .

Releases the BLACK MADONNA LOWER EGYPT/EARTH out into a Conspicuous Hot Expansion of Rest.  The teachers of English teach the ArAn that these are the human sons of a human male called Noah.  Lay the basis for white supremacy, black failure leading to increased slavery.

In 1688 BC, we did not write about individual human beings.  We wrote about the creation story.  Something that had happened in the far distant past.  Probably in relation to the last ice age 70,000 years ago. 

The teachers of English starting in 1640AD were teaching the ArAn, which has caused us to lose sight of both our mother BLACK MADONNA LOWER EGYPT/EARTH and our home QUEENS HOUSE UPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN, where we have always lived.

The teachers of English are unable to keep a continuity in the stories and therefore the FBDC also lost sight of the FLAMING SWORD OF THE EAST.  The opening of the single eye of Egypt that allows the QUEENS HOUSE UPPER EGYPT/HEAVEN to once again bath the BLACK MADONNA LOWER EGYPT/EARTH with its strength.


The FBDC has free will and lacks no good thing, all the SKY RECORDSakashic/akasha are resident within and can be accessed if we leave off listening and believing  the ArAn.  It has has been crippling us for too long.

 axeTime to lay the axe to the root of the tree that is producing rotten fruit. Written by Light Bringer Egyptian Gomer completed cycle; otherwise translated as Luke 3:9