English Language vs Old Language


This website gives a very indepth description about the deception of the English language in view of the ancient language.

The distinction between gender based languages such as English refers to it, she, him, her, theirs, its.  As opposed to the non gender based languages of the indigenous peoples of the world  as well as  the earlier written languages that had no gender distinctions is made clear in this article.

Language such as English creates its own reality….does not describe reality…unwritten, oral language was a way of living in the existent time, place, event.  Distinctions were not made between life…all around was perceived to be living.   Not just human beings, but all of creation was life….was/is living.

Just because we do not understand the languages of the plants, animals, water, air, elements, the snakes, spiders, birds and flies; does not mean we cannot understand them.

The 5th Holocaust/Step

The 5th Holocaust/Step

Five is a Window Between the Past and Future. 

The Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth is slowly being forgotten as the belief, concept, idea of a male gender God begins to get a foothold.  The mind that had been oiledChrist begins to forget the light of the window of the past.  Forgets the luminaries/happiness of creation.

The story about the first rib of Life givingEve light that revealed the smooth rounded shape of our mother, the Black Madonnalower Egypt/earth. is lost.  Buried under the teachings about  a male gender god.  A frail god unable to create perfection.

Bit of a paradox as we look back and say that the first PopePeter/Petra was established somewhere around 30 – 33 AD.  Confusing because the new calendar was not instituted until 1582 AD.  So these dates are retroactive and therefore there is a difference of opinion about many dates. 

Consider what that has done to something like the Mayan calendar written long, long time ago before this new calendar changed the numbers that today, we use to define time periods.  Does that time frame coincide with the NEW CALENDAR?

What does it do to the understanding of ancient civilizations?  [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

Not to mention the one thousand five hundred eighty two years prior to setting the date of the NEW CALENDAR back to zero. 

In step four, the door we looked at the solid impenetrable rock Peter/Petra/Pope not being the pile of rock that Jesus is building the church upon. 

The church was and is being built through the pile of Egyptian rocks.  This pile of rocks belonged to a rich Egyptian.  The father by law of the one that was buried in that Egyptian pile of rock. Will Add was added to the pile of rock.  Did not die in that pile of rock; but was added to it along with all the other cells/rocks of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, humanity.

Destined to master self and rise up the mortal body into immortality.  Not die and go to heaven.

The Diamond Crystal is Impenetrable to Light

There is no difference between the shiny diamond and the solid rock of Pope/Peter/Petra.  We have elevated both to a very high status.

That solid adamant/adamantine rock of Pope/Peter/Petra shines brightly reflected  through its wealth of gold, jewels, paintings, property, churches, ad nauseam. Just like the diamond formed in dark under tremendous heat and pressure, it also rejects, refuses to let light enter into its inner structure.

This solid rock allows only the argumentum ad nauseam to speak.  Refuses the Goddess of COMPLETE LIGHTDIANA.

Seems to not understand the messages of the LIGHT BRINGERLUKE.

Does not teach about the FIRST RIB OFLIGHT, the LIFE GIVEREVE.  Relegating it to some human woman taken out of some human man.  A stupid woman deceived by a snake and all of mankind was forever doomed to struggle, slave, work, die and then be judged.

Everone who disagreed with the argumentum ad nauseam was damned to death, hell and firey brimstone would forever fall from heaven. God is a Judging God and has ruled you inadequate, frail and not worth anything except the belt across your back.

These teachings and many more are alive and well today.  Pick up any newspaper, magazine, book,  turn the TV on, go to the theatre, movie or live, etc in the common market place and you will see that those teachings have perrmeated the entire planet. 
They have been reflected, deflected from  the diamond solid rock Pope/Peter/Petra.

Dysfunctional Family Units

 I am not talking about the specific Catholic denomination. I am speaking about the church, Pope is Peter is Petra, all of the denominations that use the Bible as the source of control.

We can lay under the foot of the solid rock, the dysfunctional family units where the head of house, the male has to wear two heads and the female and children are beheaded. 

This puts an undue burden upon the male gender; bowing his back. Causing anger at the responsiblity placed by an outside entity that teaches it is God’s will.  Reinforced by the solid rock which offers no relief from the burden.

Who/what God’s Will

 The word God appears 2606 times and it is always plural.

Forcing the male to carry the burden of two heads, also denies the world the benefit of the female and her childrens knowledge, abilities and strengths.  Forcing them to stay servants to a two headed monster.  Let them stay just one step above the black person.

This is not confined to the family unit; but extends out into the work place, the culture, the nation, the world.

The diamond is a very beautiful stone that grows in total darkness in the pipes of volcanoes under intense heat and pressure.  When we remove that diamond from its dark womb and bring it into the light, it cannot absorb the light, it rejects/reflects it back.

There is no light in a solid rock;  it refuses it.   Light can penetrate and come through a pile of rocks. 

In holocaust/step twelve.we see that the teachers of English, did not know the difference between a rock and pile of rock and so treated them as if there was no difference.  They were teaching English  with the King James Bible to the illiterate masses. 

Teaching what English said, not what was written thousands of years before.    No light can penetrate a solid rock, a mindset that refuses to change.  The English that was taught then is still taught today with more words available to cause more confusion.  Exert more control.

House Built on Shifting Sand Will Fall

Jesus  told us what happens to a house built on shifting sand; most especially when the house is a solid, impenetrable rock placed on that sand. 

The water of the word, will wash in and over the sand.  It will shift, the people will put on the mind of OILCHRIST and the house of the solid rock built upon their backs will fall.

Our pen wrote stories between 1845 BC and 430 BC that are totally different than the translation of 1645AD called the Old Testament.. 

Our writings from 0 AD to 70AD called New Testament, reflect back to the earlier writings.  If we do not understand the UNIQUE LANGUAGE of the former, then we cannot understand the latter.

Just because those stories have been placed in a single volume, with chapters and verses, does not mean it reflects a time frame, a progression, let alone the stories that our pen wrote.

Who Made Me Divider Over You?

The word divider appears only one time in scripture.  Jesus asks the question, who made me divider over you?

Chapter six of my four e-books, We Are All Egyptians addresses that question.   Making Jesus the divider,  is obviously one of the reasons that the followers could not be transformed.  They forgot to renew their minds.  Rethink what dividision does.

Intentions placed on division; who is the chosen frozen best, first and only one, we cannot possible manifest the mind of OilChrist.