Wolves Change the River

Wolves Change the River

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Wolves change the River an incredible documentary regarding wolves and Yellowstone Park.

Why this blog?  Religion has long taught that humans are superior and indeed masters of animals.  Original text does not bear that teaching to be valid.

Everything in the universe is the elder of human.  We have been babes in the cradle screaming for help.  Are we ready to begin to listen….listen to our elders are we yet ready to

  1. be SIMEON which means hearing?
  2. be ISHMAEL which means god will hear  (we are that god).
  3. be ISAAC which means laughter.  the inheritance of the MULTITUDE OF NATIONS abraham  (waged in a bloody religious war of who was firstborn)

The authors of the 66 books that are the so called basis of a book called Bible had a much different view of animals than what religion teaches.  They had the eternal view of the animal life in the EXISTENT OPEN WIDE FREE (interpreted as a plethora of words, joshua, jehoshua, jehoshuah, jesus, hezekiah, etc.)…..the sky, the universe, the unknown but the seeable.  (original languages did not use capital letters; added and misleading by modern language)

The STRONG BRIDGE DATABASE will allow anyone to search out for themselves what the original text actually documented.  It is quite a different story than the religious myths perpretrated upon the planet for eons of time.

The first Pope Peter died in 64 or 67 AD  (the original 66 writings  date from 1845BC).  The first public Bible was written in the mid 1600’s AD.  Huge difference in time between these dates.  The STRONG BRIDGE DATABASE closes the gaps and helps us to see and hear more clearly.

bridge with red heifers crossing opposite directsion

Perhaps the historical view in this video of wolves, bears, deer, birds, water, trees, etc. will help us to see they are the ecosystem of the planet.  Human is the destroyer that has the latent ability to create.  The little kid on the block has chosen to follow religious belief systems that place it as the superior being.  History proves this is not so.

Fourth of July Freedom Ringing WE…WE….WE

Why do I write in WE..….?

This planet is your planet.
This planet is my planet.

We created the world we live in.
We are changing the world we live in.

WE are the last species of human being, the homo sapien.
The 22nd version of human…..
Are WE wiser or just more clever?
More clever to dominate the other species of human, plant, animal, bird, insect, reptile, minerals……..?

More clever due to religious (habitual) thinking and acting?
Doing the same thing over and over again…..killing each other….and expecting a different outcome…….this is the same definition for crazy!!!

Are WE just more crazy with religious (habitual) habits….
……..stuck in the mud like pigs wallowing around enjoying it very much?

Dogs licking the hand (power) of the master religious (habitual) viewpoint.

Time to give up religious (habitual habits) that have us mired in yesterday’s concepts.
Concepts based from a very narrow viewpoint.
Not so today, WE can see, hear, experience the global WE
if WE choose to do so; which requires letting go of religious (habitual) habits.

Will tomorrow be the global WE viewpoint or the religious (habitual) THEM and US?

WE, as individuals get to choose…..

English Language vs Old Language


This website gives a very indepth description about the deception of the English language in view of the ancient language.

The distinction between gender based languages such as English refers to it, she, him, her, theirs, its.  As opposed to the non gender based languages of the indigenous peoples of the world  as well as  the earlier written languages that had no gender distinctions is made clear in this article.

Language such as English creates its own reality….does not describe reality…unwritten, oral language was a way of living in the existent time, place, event.  Distinctions were not made between life…all around was perceived to be living.   Not just human beings, but all of creation was life….was/is living.

Just because we do not understand the languages of the plants, animals, water, air, elements, the snakes, spiders, birds and flies; does not mean we cannot understand them.

Hidden Dark Husband B

Hidden Dark Husband B

husband continues

The Cycle of Wisdom

These Trebled motion/cycle of wisdom.  KJB translates this as Exodus 14:9

Egyptian math Will Add cannot lie.  When we apply it to the book, chapter, verse, wisdom is increased.

Wisdom for us today recognizes in this verse there are no Egyptians.  There is only upper and lower dual of limits that is equal to hemming that which comes from primitive root word cramp confine.  KJB translates this as Egyptians in this verse.  KJB uses other words in other verses. (more…)

Bear Medicine Immortality and the 20/head Rebellious/mary

Bear Medicine of Immortality

I recently watched a PBS special Yellowstone in Winter.  This was especially fascinating to me as I grew up in Montana and am quite familiar with the history of that beautiful park.

What caught my attention in a very dramatic way was the Bear.  Bear Medicine is strong medicine and as I watched I could see the correlation to immortality.  ..”this mortal must take on immortality” 1 Cor. 15:53

I also saw the connection to the head20 Rebelliousmarys which includes the Rebellious TowerMagdalene.  This is an e-book currently in process.

Click the link and enjoy one of our elders BEAR MEDICINE

Bear Medicine Immortality

Are You Also Confused

Are You Also Confused

Tower of Babylon means Confusion of Languages

Some have said they are confused by my writings, videos, graphics, etc.  Desiring me to wave a magic wand that will open blind eyes and deaf ears.

I have no magic wand but I do have a Strong Bridge that has supported me for 25 years.  Years of passionately seeking the unconditional love.

Ears and eyes tuned to Christianese language created through the many INTERPRETATIONS was a stronghold for me to break through.  Break through until I could hear the beautiful stories of creation that we the human wrote 3000 yrs ago.

Stolen Property

     Our stories written between 1845BC and 0AD do not belong to the Christian (more…)