What Does Transliterated/Translated Word Zalmunna Mean

What Does Transliterated/Translated Word Zalmunna Mean

Knowing How a Word Is Built is the Key to Debar Death

This word  was not translated but the transliterated word was capilitized after  the spelling was changed.  tsalmunna was changed to Zalmunna.

If we follow the rabbit trail provided by the JSE numbers, we can know what that word means.  Especially when we look at the four primitive root word trees on which it hangs. Not often that a single word hangs on four different trees.  The shared roots of those four trees produce  fruit  which is DEBAR DEATH.

I am not going to give the JSE numbers; only the meaning of the rabbit trail of building this word.  Anyone can look them up for them self.

There are two parts.  One part involves 3 primitive roots.  One part is a primitive root word.  This makes a total of 4 primitive root words to reconstruct the meaning of the translated word Zalmunna.  So we can find this word on four different word trees.  Makes understanding a little easier.

Here is the Construct (more…)

Chaldean and Hebrew same Husband

Chaldean and Hebrew same Husband

Duplicated Meanings Reduce Size of Sweet Little Book

This graphic reveals HUSBAND translated as chancellor.  This Chaldean word is equal to a Hebrew word. TO MASTER TO HUSBAND TO OWN.  To master/husband/own what?

We find this chancellor in AIDEZRA.  AID was scribed between 546BC and 416BC in Palestine.

We discover AID has a copulating door (four), chapter four.

 Inside this copulating door we discover the puncturedfemale non gender AID.

  1. Aid has a PREGNANCY8  what is it?
  2. Aid has a SERPENT CYCLE OF WISDOM9 what is it?
  3. Aid has a MOUTH. what/where is it?


What are Corners?

Depends upon the Source of the Word

A few examples of corner.

  • Shave off the mouthcorner ( that comes from this place) of the beard

Usually females do not have beards, so what mouth is being spoken of?   What does beard mean?

Since mouth is a puncturedfemale word it most likely is an open mouth. We find this mouth  of the beard in CALLED OUT HEAD OF THE HOUSE ONE UNITED OXHEAD with a window inside.   Translated as Leviticus 21:5  This poses a lot of questions.

  • Wall of the Place of Waking on Two Hills was broken down from the gate of the Egyptian Head of Double Fruit  to the anglecorner.  

This is found in Second Word of Hot Day Head of House Window with a Head of House complete inside. Translated as 2 Chronicles 25:23  

Where is the angle of the Egyptian head of Double Fruit, the house that is remembered?  Why is it important?

 Religious habits teach about the head of the house having all authority over the household?  UMMM  what head?  What house? What household?  Sour milk and rotting flesh from this teaching has infected the  entire planet with dis-ease.

This REMEMBEREDmale Egyptian head of Double Fruit is one of the very few rememberedmale words and it is vital to understanding.  Only Egyptian math Will Add can unravel the mystery.

 Daughters are the corner stone (a word that comes from brightness).

If daughters is neutral then this stone must have been established already.  What is the brightness that comes from the stone of the corner? Psalms144:12   Song of 144 ruling inside poses the question what are the neutral daughters ruling?  Please remember there is no gender in our writings.

This is not exhaustive of corner.  So consider the cross.  The corners are open, punctured, so it is not the internal corners but the outer corners  that have no limitations.  Room for expansion, growth.  Room for all.  Ruling oxgoad, twelve is inside.  Outside is the cycle of wisdom9; room for all.

Religious habits do not make room for growth; but demand conformity.  A heavy solid rock crushing the sand of the sea beneath itself.

Seems to me these daughter corner stones must have something to do with the open pile of rocks where Jesus is building the church.  The open pile of rocks has nothing to do with Petra the solid rock.


What is the WORD?

There are three forms in the original text

neutral WORD
puncturedfemale WORD
rememberedmale WORD

This is the basic creation formula of Egyptian math.  Neutral position opens up and remembers something from the past.  Simple equation; but all of these forms with different meanings are lumped into one word; one neutral word in the KJB.

There are many other words used the KJB translation besides WORD.  This is what causes great confusion because rarely is an original word meaning translated into just one word in English.  We are looking specifically at the places that the translated word is WORD.