What is the WORD?

There are three forms in the original text

neutral WORD
puncturedfemale WORD
rememberedmale WORD

This is the basic creation formula of Egyptian math.  Neutral position opens up and remembers something from the past.  Simple equation; but all of these forms with different meanings are lumped into one word; one neutral word in the KJB.

There are many other words used the KJB translation besides WORD.  This is what causes great confusion because rarely is an original word meaning translated into just one word in English.  We are looking specifically at the places that the translated word is WORD.


12 Neutral 1 Female 0 Male Disciples

12 Neutral 1 Female 0 Male Disciples

Why  Only One Female Disciple No Male?

It is a clue to the 13th disciple. Number 13 does not appear in the New Testament.  Ever wonder why?  Ever wonder why someone decided that 13 was an unlucky number?

Why would the 13th disciple be female and the only female disciple?  And most especially why is it a GazelleDorcas/Tabithah?

If we forget about gender, then we can see what this means. (more…)