Sun Dog Star Caleb Descended

existent open wide free dog (star) descended.
versus the Bible story about 2 men Joshua and Caleb who crossed the Jordan River

The dog star, the sun star,  was renamed Serius by the Greeks and the Bible interpreters called it Caleb.  All English renditions of the Bible state they are translated from the KING JAMES BIBLE according to the  GREEK.

The original stories were not written Greek.  They were written, mostly in Hebrew with words from the languages of  Babylonian, Chaldean, Hebrew, Aramaic, Egyptian, Persian and a variety of other languages; some unidentified.

So let us look at another story about the existent open wide free dog (star) from the original text..

existent open wide free builds perpetuity….dog(star) builds, (what) will be prepared
vs Joshua the son of Nun….Caleb the son of Jephunneh.

Which view the original text or the religious myth view gives us the most information?  Let us look at a specific scripture.

Numbers 26:65 For the LORD had said of them, They shall surely die in the wilderness. And there was not left a man of them, save…Caleb the son of Jephunneh, and Joshua the son of Nun.

If the  existent open wide free dog(star) was all that was left….then there was still  the sun in the heavens.

  1. If Caleb and Joshua were the only  human male beings left….how did they reproduce themselves?
  2. How do two male persons bring forth life?   In order to answer this question; other myths have to be created to substantiate the religious myth that the existent open wide free dog(star) was two male persons.

What if we use the original viewpoint and let the words of the original text tell us their stories?  Instead of the long held religious viewpoint that existed long before the first Bible was released to the general public.  Evidences exist all over the world’ cathedrals, monasteries with depictions of Crucifixions built long before the Bible was developed for the masses.

The Bible was simply a way to reinforce the long held religious beliefs and a way to keep the masses aligned with those beliefs….saying this book is the WORD OF GOD and MUST BE OBEYED.  Question is which God?  Whose God?

Thus 1100+ interpretations of the Bible trying to figure out how to obey something that seems so contrary.  Something that is interpreted by thousands of different denominations and non-denominations, as well as the general public.  None agreeing with each other; just what we are to obey.

The new database will make this a much simpler task.  The information at the back of the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance, the numbering reference system is being brought into a a different format….same information….just much simpler, faster and easier to use than the hard copy.

Everyone can search for themselves and decide what they choose to believe….the long held religious myths about  human beings or the beautiful stories about creation and its processes.

This database does not replace the hard copy; but is an addendum to it, to facilitate an easier way to explore, so each one can come to their own conclusions.  There is only one of us. one human race; time for us to get it together.  Not as clones; but as beautiful individual expressions of creation.  Everything is our elder and we the little kid on the block have much to learn.

We will be able to pull up all sorts of data, such as the primitive root words and see what grows on them.  Compare them at a glance.  We will not find oranges growing on grape vines; nor apples on a cherry tree.

For the first time we will be able to pull up all of the unused root words; which were not assigned a number by the JSE team; but were identified and the meanings of those unused root words was given.  Now they can be broken out and see what grows on them.

We will be able to pull out all of the puncturedfemale and rememberedmale words and see they gave absolutely nothing to do with gender.  Have everything to do with form and function and how the authors used the same words in different ways.

There are not many words in the original texts; just a lot of repetitions…these can now be reduced down into a simple dictionary of the simple meanings of the original text.

Why only a Female Foundation no Male Foundation?

Wrong Rock Church

Teaches a male dominant perspective, yet over and over again we see that in the original text there is no gender.

Punctured (interpreted as female) words and remembered (translated as male) words have absolutely nothing to do with gender.  (my chosen color designations used to identify these type of words)

Easy to see, provided we go back into the original text and use the meaning of that time and era. (more…)

What is tsalmonah/shadiness?

What is tsalmonah/shadiness?

Yesterday We Looked at DEBAR DEATH

The fruit hanging on three of those same word trees combined with a different root of the fourth tree  produces something quite different. There is an energy quite opposite coming from that different root.

tsalmonah meaning shadiness of the shade that come from the hovering shade that is equal to tinkle and tumble came from and hangs on the three word trees.

The other portion comes from a different primitive root and it tree.  That foot means DEATH comes from TO DIE.

tsalmonah meaning shadiness is the transliteration.  It was capitalized and the spelling was changed to Zalmonah.

The translations never identify the punctured female and rememberedmale non gender words.  All words are treated neutral and then gender is infused. These designations are also key in understanding what our pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD.

This word is found in  two scriptures WORDS TO ARRANGE translated as Numbers.  It was written about 1688BC, place unknown.

If we think that the Old Testament is not important; then consider that most of the words in the New Testament refer back to the Old Testament for meaning.

We cannot possibly understand the New without knowing what the Old was and is about.

The Old did not end; a new portion was added in.

So if we look at DEBAR DEATH and DEATH from TO DIE, the only difference is one primitive root.  Which root are we drawing on?  Are we pressing on toward DEBAR DEATH? Or are we pressing on DEATH?

We are the prophet, priest and king of our own body temple.  The only temple there ever was. The temple of the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD///////HUMANITY.

Religious myth tellers want us to believe that there way is the only way.  How many different ways of religion are present on the planet?

How many of them use our writings; which have been distorted into their myths?


Time for vulture energy to come in and transmute that death myth into life.  This elder can handle thousands of times more toxic waste than human.



Mut as Vulture

So we are studying them all the while we revile them and exalt the Eagle that does kill.

To Understand Kadesh Barnea

To Understand Kadesh Barnea

We Have to Look at the Three Parts

  1. sacred sanctuary that comes from the primitive root TO BE
  2. winnowing fields from a primitive root to CLARIFY
  3. WAVER that is a  primitive root

What is the Sacred Sanctuary?

  1. it is enmishpat another transliterated word that means SACRED SANCTUARY.
  2. it is the DRIVING PASTUREWILDERNESS (of the) PRICK/CRAGZIN   (more…)

What is the Courtyard of the Erect Palm Tree

The 27th generating of Upper Egypt Heaven, the Queens House

And the 25th generating of Lower Egypt Earth.

The Courtyard is the product of the holder of the birthright the Erect Palm Tree.  Through which came a Break and Rising of Light.  This birthright was passed forward from  the Red Earth and it will be passed on to the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest that Will Add.

When we apply the proper meaning to the words in the KJB translation, we can then follow our roots.  The roots of our elders.  One key word is STRENGTH another is EXISTENT.  We can only find STRENGTH AND EXISTENT if we look at how the words were formed in the first place.  And how they are used to form new words.

The Courtyard came through the Rising of Light.  Light on the Erect Palmtree cast a shadow creating the Courtyard.

Out of the Courtyard comes To Fondle Strength.  What Strength?  The Strength of the Queens House, upper Egypt heaven. Out of Fondling the Strength of the Sunlightsamson in the Queens house, comes the High Discretion Strength Be Strong Brother of the Existent.

These statements are like jibberish to English ears trained to the English language.  When we put on the ears of yesterday when the words were first put on paper, then we can grasp the height, width and depth of the Sweet Little Book, the creation story.

I am giving you the generations, which has nothing to do with individual human persons; the grossest misleading concept on the planet. (more…)

What is the WORD?

There are three forms in the original text

neutral WORD
puncturedfemale WORD
rememberedmale WORD

This is the basic creation formula of Egyptian math.  Neutral position opens up and remembers something from the past.  Simple equation; but all of these forms with different meanings are lumped into one word; one neutral word in the KJB.

There are many other words used the KJB translation besides WORD.  This is what causes great confusion because rarely is an original word meaning translated into just one word in English.  We are looking specifically at the places that the translated word is WORD.