What is the Courtyard of the Erect Palm Tree

The 27th generating of Upper Egypt Heaven, the Queens House

And the 25th generating of Lower Egypt Earth.

The Courtyard is the product of the holder of the birthright the Erect Palm Tree.  Through which came a Break and Rising of Light.  This birthright was passed forward from  the Red Earth and it will be passed on to the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest that Will Add.

When we apply the proper meaning to the words in the KJB translation, we can then follow our roots.  The roots of our elders.  One key word is STRENGTH another is EXISTENT.  We can only find STRENGTH AND EXISTENT if we look at how the words were formed in the first place.  And how they are used to form new words.

The Courtyard came through the Rising of Light.  Light on the Erect Palmtree cast a shadow creating the Courtyard.

Out of the Courtyard comes To Fondle Strength.  What Strength?  The Strength of the Queens House, upper Egypt heaven. Out of Fondling the Strength of the Sunlightsamson in the Queens house, comes the High Discretion Strength Be Strong Brother of the Existent.

These statements are like jibberish to English ears trained to the English language.  When we put on the ears of yesterday when the words were first put on paper, then we can grasp the height, width and depth of the Sweet Little Book, the creation story.

I am giving you the generations, which has nothing to do with individual human persons; the grossest misleading concept on the planet. (more…)

What Relationship is There Between Mole, Heron and Swan

What Relationship is There Between Mole, Heron and Swan

All Three Mean the Same Thing

Something that breaths hard.  The mole breaths hard when digging the tunnels in the meadow.  The swan and heron breath hard when migrating.

Is a Mouse an entangling spider?  Is a Hawk a brilliant flower?  Is vomit a Pelican?  Is Raven a dusky covering?  Is lacerate an Eagle?  Is the night violent? Is the Great Owl the breeze?  Is Ospray the strength?  ????? Read on and discover more.

The KJB translation and the interpretational stories all indicate that these words are physical  animals and  birds that we are not to eat.  It is not the physical animal nor the physical bird but what they represent that we are not to eat.


What are Corners?

Depends upon the Source of the Word

A few examples of corner.

  • Shave off the mouthcorner ( that comes from this place) of the beard

Usually females do not have beards, so what mouth is being spoken of?   What does beard mean?

Since mouth is a puncturedfemale word it most likely is an open mouth. We find this mouth  of the beard in CALLED OUT HEAD OF THE HOUSE ONE UNITED OXHEAD with a window inside.   Translated as Leviticus 21:5  This poses a lot of questions.

  • Wall of the Place of Waking on Two Hills was broken down from the gate of the Egyptian Head of Double Fruit  to the anglecorner.  

This is found in Second Word of Hot Day Head of House Window with a Head of House complete inside. Translated as 2 Chronicles 25:23  

Where is the angle of the Egyptian head of Double Fruit, the house that is remembered?  Why is it important?

 Religious habits teach about the head of the house having all authority over the household?  UMMM  what head?  What house? What household?  Sour milk and rotting flesh from this teaching has infected the  entire planet with dis-ease.

This REMEMBEREDmale Egyptian head of Double Fruit is one of the very few rememberedmale words and it is vital to understanding.  Only Egyptian math Will Add can unravel the mystery.

 Daughters are the corner stone (a word that comes from brightness).

If daughters is neutral then this stone must have been established already.  What is the brightness that comes from the stone of the corner? Psalms144:12   Song of 144 ruling inside poses the question what are the neutral daughters ruling?  Please remember there is no gender in our writings.

This is not exhaustive of corner.  So consider the cross.  The corners are open, punctured, so it is not the internal corners but the outer corners  that have no limitations.  Room for expansion, growth.  Room for all.  Ruling oxgoad, twelve is inside.  Outside is the cycle of wisdom9; room for all.

Religious habits do not make room for growth; but demand conformity.  A heavy solid rock crushing the sand of the sea beneath itself.

Seems to me these daughter corner stones must have something to do with the open pile of rocks where Jesus is building the church.  The open pile of rocks has nothing to do with Petra the solid rock.


What Was Actually Denied Us?

What Was Actually Denied Us?

Leviticus 11:29, 30

Approximately 1688 BC our pen wrote.

 not to partake of the gliding, attacking, establishing, shreiking wail, secrete, hide, lie low, hard breather.” 

Why do you suppose that this is not good to partake of?

Do we arrive at the same understanding when we read the KJB?

“unclean to you among creeping things, that creep upon the earth, the weasel, and the mouse and the tortoise after his kind. and the ferret, and the chameleon and the lizard and

the snail and the mole.”

Which one of these writings has more weight and more value in living daily life?

Which one dishonors our elders?

Which one can we understand and apply?

Using Egyptian math Will Add symbology expressed by usng words we discover this: (more…)

Black Power of Words

Black Power of Words

Black Warrior River Tombigbee Watershed Tornadoes

There were three crossings of incredible force, EF4 tornadoes that ripped across the Black Warrior River Alabama.    Three is an Egyptian gomer that means completed.  What was completed in this historic natural event?

How does this relate to the ancient scriptures?  Words are power and they cannot lie.  What was completed by that awesome tornado experience?  What does it have to do with the work of Dr. Emoto and water?

The Black Warrior has arisen from the past.  400 years of oppression based upon an erroneous INTERPRETATION of a black son uncovering a black father and humiliating him.  The word black does not even appear until CALLING OUT translated Leviticus; except in the oldest writing HATED translated Job.

axeNo basis for that INTERPRETATION. 

When we remove the 750,000 English words that have buried the original texts we discover the Black fertile soil of lower Egypt/earth emerging out into the fullness of SAMSON translated as sunlight.  The sunlight of upper Egypt/heaven.  The brilliant sunlight melts the ice mountain and the seeds contained in the water begin to sprout and grow.  Humanity was only a seed of intention in FIRST Genesis    OXHEAD 10.

There are five different ancient words translated in KJB as BLACK.  None of which have anything to do with a color BLACK.  [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

  1. DAWN
  2. BE ASHY
  4. PUPIL OF THE EYE  (CLUE: this is LOWER EGYPT/earth that is twin of worm.  The worm crawls out of the eye which is the fountain of the landscape.  What is inside is revealed on the outside)
  5. TILE similar to punctured (female) SURROUNDING which is the active particle of travel.

Satellite Reveals Much about Black Warrior River

What does that have to do with the three mega tornadoes that ripped across the Black Warrior River, removing vegetation from a massive portion of the landscape.  The follow up details of this can be found on http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2011/16may_groundtracks/

Previous satellite pictures and stories of the exact pathway of an unprecedented historic tornado event.

Add to this Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama  major event players in the Black Freedom Fighters march to reclaim their divine right as a MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM destined to master self.  Not be mastered by other.  If you have not seen the  PBS documentary on this, please do so.

The Black Freedom Fighter movement was based upon the principles of Ghandi. 

Peaceful resistance resulted in a massive change of energy in this country. 

However, we are still experiencing the Warrior spirit, because we are a country that continues to war.

The Black Warrior River was named after Chief Tashkalusa, namesake of Tuscaloosa WARRIOR tusca   BLACK lusa.  It was endangered by 95 active BLACK coal mines.

Slavery was abolished in 1865, yet in1930 53% of the coal miners were BLACK men picked up for vagrancy or loitering and sent to prison to be assigned to the black coal mines.

Tombigbee River Watershed and Black

Tombigbee River Watershed connects the Gulf of Mexico to the BLACK Warrior river.  BLACK OIL had already threatened the larger body of water, the Gulf of Mexico. Tombigbee is the common name of the moccasinshell mussell Medionidus mcglameriae that is now extinct.

So long as we continue to war, extinction continues.  The MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM is destined to master self.

Black humanity is slowing gaining the respect and dignity that belongs to all humanity.  A great deal of which was lost due to the proliferation of an INTERPRETATION that infected the entire planet with dis-ease. An interpretation declared to be THE WORD OF GOD.

What has become or is becoming extinct? 

Perhaps this reminder of the power of the creation will help us focus on the power of words that we use daily; the RELIGIOUS HABITS.  Perhaps thought and actions of war will become extinct.

Words and numbers tell their stories across the eons of revolutions of time.  They cannot nor do not lie.  Combine the energies of words and numbers and words are created that contain all of the energies of the letters and the order of the letters that form the words.

We, THE MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM created those symbols to express ideas, concepts, stories, etc.  Yet we ignore their power upon the planet, the universe and all of the parts thereof. Flippantly let our tongue release its power upon the planet.

It is the breath of life that ushers the sounds out of our temple body.  The breath of life is no respecter of persons.  It breathes life upon whatever is spoken.  There is no judgment in the breath of life; it only fulfills the meanings that are being conveyed by the conveyance.

The law of sowing and reaping.  Sowing the seeds of a BLACK SON uncovering a BLACK FATHER and humiliating him has reaped a harvest; an untold holocaust that cannot be counted.  A holocaust created by passing on the seed of a story that has no basis except INTERPRETATION.

Messages in the the First Created Form…. Water

The BLACK WARRIOR RIVER contains all the information from the beginning, because  water is the prophetic messenger.  The water, which was the first created form held all the seeds of intentions that would ever sprout.  A sprout comes from water swelling the seed; but  only grows if it is watered.

Dr. Emoto’s work should help us to understand that the WHOLE HOLY water contained in our temple body also contains all the seeds of intention of everything that we will ever speak into existence.

What seeds of intention are lurking in our BLACK  waters that we are not aware of?

We are concerned about the power of a hydrogen explosion and nuclear fusion; but forget the power contained in our words, spoken and written.  Our words can be more destructive and  have a far reaching impact upon the entire planet.

So let us weigh our words on the scale of impact because once released they just keep on releasing their power.   [/emember_protected]