What Does Transliterated/Translated Word Zalmunna Mean

What Does Transliterated/Translated Word Zalmunna Mean

Knowing How a Word Is Built is the Key to Debar Death

This word  was not translated but the transliterated word was capilitized after  the spelling was changed.  tsalmunna was changed to Zalmunna.

If we follow the rabbit trail provided by the JSE numbers, we can know what that word means.  Especially when we look at the four primitive root word trees on which it hangs. Not often that a single word hangs on four different trees.  The shared roots of those four trees produce  fruit  which is DEBAR DEATH.

I am not going to give the JSE numbers; only the meaning of the rabbit trail of building this word.  Anyone can look them up for them self.

There are two parts.  One part involves 3 primitive roots.  One part is a primitive root word.  This makes a total of 4 primitive root words to reconstruct the meaning of the translated word Zalmunna.  So we can find this word on four different word trees.  Makes understanding a little easier.

Here is the Construct (more…)

What is the Source of Husband?

What is the Source of Husband?

A Primitive Root Word

In order to understand the word HUSBAND we need to discover its source.  Words are either primary words, primitive roots or branches, twigs, leaves, fruit, etc growing from the primitive root.

In order tounderstand any word of the original text, such as the one that means


We need to look at its source and also if possible where it leads to; what it nourishes.  What sometimes seems confusing is better understood when we look at the entire plant; not just a twig.

  • What is feeding it and what does it feed and or produce.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  So I am giving you graphic depictions regarding this word HUSBAND.

Today’s graphic is available to any one reading this blog.  However that will not necessarily be true for the future graphics of HUSBAND; how it was translated and where it is found in the original text.  This will require at the minimum being a free subscriber; but most likely only Premium Subscribers will have access. (more…)

Roots of Judging and Dividing

Roots of Judging and Dividing

What our native languages wrote between 1845BC and 70AD is not about religion.  It was and is about creation.  It is best understood through Egyptian Math which is always Will Add.  Always increase of the one united oxhead, never division, never subtracting.

Perhaps  that is the reason Jesus asked who made me judge or divider over you?  Light Bringer rules the motion; otherwise translated as Luke 12:14. (more…)

Neutral Nose But Female Nostrils

Neutral Nose But Female Nostrils

Why would the nose be neutral; but the nostrils be punctured female?

Remember, recall that female and male words are non gender.  Female is open, punctured, generative, changing, etc.  Male is something remembered, recalled into a form.  Most words are neutral; going nowhere, doing nothing.  Like place holders.

We err when we apply gender to the ancient writings from which the KJB was translated.  We lose the pattern of creation and cannot possible understand what was being documented.


The earliest documentation of nostrilsskipping is in HATED Job .

[emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]The skipping force mane is translated in KJB as horse strength thunder.  Skipping is translated also as crane, horse back, horse hoof.  Another form of the word is translated as snorting.

What was the weeping Prophet, YAH WILL RISE Jeremiah saying to us about skipping being heard in the JUDGE Dan  ?  Why was it translated snorting in the Judge?

We also find the skipping of the wreathed, which came from twine.  The eyelash eyelids of the dawn glows coals.   Translated in KJB as Leviathanwreathed, dawningeyelids, coalsglow.

How much difference is there in our understanding between the original and the translated?  Do we think of wreathed when we say Leviathan?  Do we think of horse when we say skipping?  Do we think of horseback when we hear the word skipping?  When we say Dan, do we think judges?  When we say judges, do we think Dan?

The story of creation laid down in FIRST Genesis  UNITED OXHEAD can be understood in HATED.  They are the same story; but the English words chosen to convey those stories in a simple easy to understand manner, buries the original context of the writing.

When we remain in the first grade story of see Dick run, see Jane run, we are not growing in our understanding.  The PHD starts with the first grade stories; but moves on, digs deeper, climbs higher.

Unless we look to the neutral, punctured female, remembered male, words  to lend their aid we cannot discern what was being documented.  Then the Confusion of Languages towe rof Babel holds reign over our understanding.

The wisdom of the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest documented by the human pen is today, buried under 750,000 English words with its millions of different meanings.  

CAUTION  There has been a trend to bring these ancient writings into todays’ understanding.  Not possible to do this and retain the meaning of the original content.  These documents written over  time; between 1845 BC and 430 BC and are the basis of the Old Testament.  Most of the New Testament words refer back to the Old Testament.

This is only cursory look at a single word SKIPPING nostrils  in only two cases.  To fully understand requires looking more closely at those scriptures and the others where these original words were part of the writing.

When we say company of horse; do we think SKIPPING?


Nose comes from a word that means breath.  We nose, we breath, we smell something; it is not the nose on the face.

What is your nose telling you?  [/emember_protected]

What Did the Little Streamlet Love?

What Did the Little Streamlet Love?

It Loved the STRENGTH of the Sunlight

This story is found in EXPOSED translated in KJB as Judges.  Does not the Judge expose?

It was the strength of Sunlight, that the Little Streamlet loved and desired to understand where it came from.  In seeking the source of the strength, the Little Streamlet kept absorbing that strength, loving, mating with that strength.  The Little Streamalet produced growth with that strength.

The love of the strength of Sunlight produced great growth in the trees upon the bank of the Little Streamlet.  The trees grew  with the strength absorbed by the Little Streamlet of water.   Branches  grew and overhung the Little Streamlet, cutting off the strength of the  seven, indefinite number of strands of Sunlight feeding the Little Streamlet.  Seven is the weapon of an indefinite number.


  • How many strands of Sunlight are there?  How much strength is in those strands?
  • How does the strength of the Sunlight, get to the trees?
  • Do you recognize this story of Samson and Delilah? 
  •  Is there any wanton woman or strong man in this story? 
  • What temple walls did the strength of Sunlight push down?
  •  What is the myth that the religious HABIT has been propagating for hundreds of years?
  • Which religious HABIT will we choose to put on?

Who What are the Parents of Sunlight? (more…)