What is a Cult?

“What is a cult? The greatest authority on the cults, the late Dr. Walter Martin, described a cult as “A group of people gathered around a specific person’s misinterpretation of the Bible.”{2} Cults are groups that claim to be in harmony with Christianity but deny foundational Christian doctrines such as the Trinity or the unique deity of Jesus Christ.”

To this quote above….this reply…..every single group of people gathered around a book called Bible, have created a cult.

There are no translations of the original text…..there are only INTERPRETATIONS and every new Bible interpretation states clearly that is a translation based on the previous Bibles.

So long as we continue to look from the posture of the words used in the Bible….we will see the same scenes, hear the same sounds…believe the same as the previous generations.

The new DATABASE about to be released allows us to see from a different viewpoint.  The  viewpoint has been around for more than a hundred years…the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance.   However wonderful, marvelous this work is….it is cumbersome to use…..takes hours just to track down the original word meanings in any scripture….by the time an hour has passed, the eyes are glazed and the beginning point is in a fog.

The JSE is a strong bridge between the English words used in the Bible and the meanings of the original text.  It will now be possible to actually pull it all together with the incredible tool called the web world.

This DATABASE is not new information; but  rearranged in a different way, a different sorting system to look at the gift (Matthew) given of light (Luke) in the mid 1800s; by a team of more than 100 people.  People desiring to know what the original text ACTUALLY SAID.

There are very few words in the original 66 books…very few words and when we reduce the duplications; there are even fewer word.  Duplications appear, due to different authors in different time frames and different places on the planet…..plus…. the nature of language to evolve, change, grow, evolve…as a result wwe have far fewer words to work with.

A dictionary is evolving from this new DATABASE.  A dictionary that contains only the word meanings of the original text.

If the stories that have been perpetrated as the stories of the Bible cannot be retold USING ONLY  the true meanings of the origInal text.found in this new dictionary….then those stories did not exist at the time of writing.  Which means those biblical stories bandied about as originating in the original text are based on false beliefs of the cults that perpetrate them.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks is the fact, capital letters are not a function of the older languages….English introduced that into the Bible.

Another big stumbling  block is gender based stories.   It is quite obvious that today we have no concept of the function of neutral, punctured and remembered words; otherwise designated as neutral, female and male words.

Clearly a word that means FATHER OF DEW; but is identified in Biblical stories as the female gender wife of a male gender person…..causes one to stop and wonder!!!!!!

A word that means SUNLIGHT is designated by English in the Bible as a male human person.  When we use the word SUNLIGHT instead of the name of a human being; we see a far different light beam.  A light beam with great strength.

With this new DATABASE we can easily pull up the very few remembered words and the somewhat more prolific punctured words and clearly see there is no gender.  When we open our eyes further we see the creative process in those words.

English functions on a totally different scale than the original languages, which were used to record the words of the 66 books; the basis of the Bible.

Christianity teaches that we are not to point fingers at each other; condemn each other, judge each other; but to love, honor, respect each other.

Cults by any  name set themselves apart as if they are more special than any other cult.

The truth makes us free; it does not set us free….we are already living the open wide free existent; otherwise words capilitized and  interpreted as the names of several different persons in the Bible, such as Jesus, Joshua, Jehosuah, Jehoshuah, etc.

Somewhere between 781 and 711BC in a place called Palestine; a person scribed these words.

“People perish for lack of knowledge”; …..gnosis; knowing the truth.  If we look at the original word meanings we discover  this was scribed by the deliverer door with a nail inside……..English interpretation is Hosea 4:6

The deliverer is a word that is created from a root word meaning open, wide, free…(the same as Jesus, Joshua, Jehoshuah, Jehoshua, etc..  Capital letters added by English and other capitalized based languages.

Amongst many other functions, the DATABASE  will allow us to pull up the primary/primitive root words and see ALL OF THE OTHER WORDS that grow from the primary/primitive root.  Then we can use the proper meaning in the scriptures where it belongs.

For example, the many many words that grow from the FIRST FATHER,  (the aleph, elpeh, alpha, a,A….father of language) reveals much.  Cultish thinking keeps us locked into seeing the word father as something quite different than it was in the setting of the writings 1845BC to 70AD.

The same way it keeps us locked into a view of the TRANSLITERATED LETTERS j e s u s.

Question!  How many sermons have been preached telling us that the FIRST FATHER is the first letter of any given language?

Question?  How many sermons have been preached on Hermes,  the author, the father  of the Egyptian Emerald Tablet?  It is in the Bible.

How many sermons have been preached on Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, the 12 houses of the zodiac?  ……on Venus, the bright and the morning star?

How many crosses have been thrown up defending against these words due to religious habit.  They are all in the Bible and their meanings are clouded by religious stories without any foundation.

Husband Under A Microscope

Husband Under A Microscope

Discovering the Primitive Root Word

We are looking very closely at a single word HUSBAND.  Which for the most part is not visible in the KJB.  But is a very visible word in the language and stories of INTERPRETERS of the 1100+ English translations.  Not to mention the thousands of other languages that have their own translations.

The journey of discovery starts with the primitive root from which many words grow. We are looking specifically at the primitive root of HUSBAND.   The graphic depicted in this blog reveals the primitive root is BE MASTER.  We have to be a MASTER beforer we can master anything.  This primitive root grows in two directions which in and of itself is clue.

  1. A master, A husband, An owner which is neutral
  2. mistress which is punctured female word.

>There are no REMEMBERED MALE WORDS anywhere in the primitive roots nor in any of the growth of all of the branches that come off of these primtive growths. WHY?

>Because we never wrote about gender.  So there is no basis for a gender based dominance of either sex in any of the original texts; from which millions of Bibles have been translated into almost every language in the world.

We do discover in tracking the growth from BE MASTER to A MASTER, HUSBAND, OWNER that there is a TREBLED HUSBAND.  So how can a punctured female word combined with a neutral word; be defined through interpretation as a basis for the male gender dominance idea?

The three growths from the primitive root BE MASTER.

  1. A master/husband/owner (these are all the same meaning)
  2. A word from another primitive root is added, clings to  A master/husband/owner.  Two creates a house.
  3. Third word is formed in the house.  Such as A master/husband/owner ….
    1.  Fortune…fly…bend…trebled..gap..breaches…any many other words.
    2. Rarely do we find husband as the translated word.

HUSBAND is so buried in the translated words that this study could go on for years.  Not a diabolical scheme by the translators; but an effort to help us see that the word is not about gender.

When we look at the growth from the primitive root BE MASTER in the other direction we discover the Mistresship and the MIstress Well and mistresses.

If we have studied  FIRSTgenesis in its original word meanings, then we can easily understand what this is about.  The writings are over a time span of 1845BC to 70AD.  It is always and ever a very Little Book, simply rewritten over and over again.  The infusion of English grammar words created a Tower of Babel which means CONFUSION OF LANGUAGES.  This tower has ruled the planet for far too long.

Time to reclaim our inheritance.  We are the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD…..HUMANITY in its entirety.  None excluded.  We are to be the LOVING MASTERS  of our self.  Embracing both the concepts of what male and female expressions truly mean.

We will be exploring some of the arrows coming out of A master/husband/owner as depicted in the graphic.  To discover what other word was added to A master/husband/owner to create a third word.  Where it this new word found in the scripture.  What the role was in that place and time. As well as discovering what the mistresship and mistresship well is about.

This is much like turning over a bunch of different  jigsaw puzzle pieces that have been laying face down.  Face down we were taught it represented a male dominant gender. husband.  Many surprises are in store when we get a glimpse of what the beautiful colors, shapes and images are actually represented in a single word husband.

Why did Jehovah SaveJoshua the Misstresship Well?  Why was this written in the Place of the SkullGilgal in 1646BC?  What is this well?  How was it formed?

Branch Extending is Judge of What?

Branch Extending Translated as Tribe

Branch and branch extending are both translated as neutral tribes.  There is only one and it is either neutral going nowhere or extending.  Throwing the word tribes around as if there are 13 of them, is a gross error.  Then to teach that 10 are lost.  10 is power and it is ONE.

Yes the concept of ONE HAS BEEN LOST in religious fighting and infighting,

The branch extending Judge had the 7th lot.  7 is an indefniite amount, measure, time, etc.  7 is the weapon.

Following are the original word meanings without any added English.  This poses many questions.  Questions easily answered when we stay with what our pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD and do not get caught up in the Tower of Babel, confusion of languages.

Questions easily answered if we understand FIRSTGENESIS.  Questions easily answered when we can see the Sweet Little Book, instead of the grossly overweighted translations and grotesque interpretations of the translations. (more…)

What Was Depression?

What Was Depression?

What Did Our Pen Write About Depression?

A word translated in the KJB as Maachah, Maacah.  From which comes the Machathite, Maachathi, Maachathites.  Then interpreted as personages.

This word is used at least 29 times.  The table below is not in any special order.  Following the table there is one story written in the original meanings from one single verse.

Lest you think Depression is not important because it is Old Testament.  There is no New Testament without the old.  Remove all the references to the Old Testament words and the New Testament has no leg to stand on.

1 time in FIRSTGENESIS  written 1688BC place unknown
1 time in EXISTENTJOSHUA from OPEN WIDE builder of PerpetuityNUN (1646BC in the place of the skullGilgal.) (more…)