To Understand Kadesh Barnea

To Understand Kadesh Barnea

We Have to Look at the Three Parts

  1. sacred sanctuary that comes from the primitive root TO BE
  2. winnowing fields from a primitive root to CLARIFY
  3. WAVER that is a  primitive root

What is the Sacred Sanctuary?

  1. it is enmishpat another transliterated word that means SACRED SANCTUARY.
  2. it is the DRIVING PASTUREWILDERNESS (of the) PRICK/CRAGZIN   (more…)

All Word is Powerful

Laughterisaac is Alive and Well on the Planet

Laughing yoga originating in India is spreading like wild fire across the planet.  It is good medicine.  Proven medicine as the after affects are clearly visible in the physcial realm.

This is not rising up through the religious houses that base their beliefs upon documents written between 1845 BC and 70 AD.

Read on for a few examples of those writings regarding laughter, seen through the word meanings of the original text.

1845BC We Wrote


Chaldean and Hebrew same Husband

Chaldean and Hebrew same Husband

Duplicated Meanings Reduce Size of Sweet Little Book

This graphic reveals HUSBAND translated as chancellor.  This Chaldean word is equal to a Hebrew word. TO MASTER TO HUSBAND TO OWN.  To master/husband/own what?

We find this chancellor in AIDEZRA.  AID was scribed between 546BC and 416BC in Palestine.

We discover AID has a copulating door (four), chapter four.

 Inside this copulating door we discover the puncturedfemale non gender AID.

  1. Aid has a PREGNANCY8  what is it?
  2. Aid has a SERPENT CYCLE OF WISDOM9 what is it?
  3. Aid has a MOUTH. what/where is it?


Are You Also Confused

Are You Also Confused

Tower of Babylon means Confusion of Languages

Some have said they are confused by my writings, videos, graphics, etc.  Desiring me to wave a magic wand that will open blind eyes and deaf ears.

I have no magic wand but I do have a Strong Bridge that has supported me for 25 years.  Years of passionately seeking the unconditional love.

Ears and eyes tuned to Christianese language created through the many INTERPRETATIONS was a stronghold for me to break through.  Break through until I could hear the beautiful stories of creation that we the human wrote 3000 yrs ago.

Stolen Property

     Our stories written between 1845BC and 0AD do not belong to the Christian (more…)

Neutral Nose But Female Nostrils

Neutral Nose But Female Nostrils

Why would the nose be neutral; but the nostrils be punctured female?

Remember, recall that female and male words are non gender.  Female is open, punctured, generative, changing, etc.  Male is something remembered, recalled into a form.  Most words are neutral; going nowhere, doing nothing.  Like place holders.

We err when we apply gender to the ancient writings from which the KJB was translated.  We lose the pattern of creation and cannot possible understand what was being documented.


The earliest documentation of nostrilsskipping is in HATED Job .

[emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]The skipping force mane is translated in KJB as horse strength thunder.  Skipping is translated also as crane, horse back, horse hoof.  Another form of the word is translated as snorting.

What was the weeping Prophet, YAH WILL RISE Jeremiah saying to us about skipping being heard in the JUDGE Dan  ?  Why was it translated snorting in the Judge?

We also find the skipping of the wreathed, which came from twine.  The eyelash eyelids of the dawn glows coals.   Translated in KJB as Leviathanwreathed, dawningeyelids, coalsglow.

How much difference is there in our understanding between the original and the translated?  Do we think of wreathed when we say Leviathan?  Do we think of horse when we say skipping?  Do we think of horseback when we hear the word skipping?  When we say Dan, do we think judges?  When we say judges, do we think Dan?

The story of creation laid down in FIRST Genesis  UNITED OXHEAD can be understood in HATED.  They are the same story; but the English words chosen to convey those stories in a simple easy to understand manner, buries the original context of the writing.

When we remain in the first grade story of see Dick run, see Jane run, we are not growing in our understanding.  The PHD starts with the first grade stories; but moves on, digs deeper, climbs higher.

Unless we look to the neutral, punctured female, remembered male, words  to lend their aid we cannot discern what was being documented.  Then the Confusion of Languages towe rof Babel holds reign over our understanding.

The wisdom of the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest documented by the human pen is today, buried under 750,000 English words with its millions of different meanings.  

CAUTION  There has been a trend to bring these ancient writings into todays’ understanding.  Not possible to do this and retain the meaning of the original content.  These documents written over  time; between 1845 BC and 430 BC and are the basis of the Old Testament.  Most of the New Testament words refer back to the Old Testament.

This is only cursory look at a single word SKIPPING nostrils  in only two cases.  To fully understand requires looking more closely at those scriptures and the others where these original words were part of the writing.

When we say company of horse; do we think SKIPPING?


Nose comes from a word that means breath.  We nose, we breath, we smell something; it is not the nose on the face.

What is your nose telling you?  [/emember_protected]

Black Power of Words

Black Power of Words

Black Warrior River Tombigbee Watershed Tornadoes

There were three crossings of incredible force, EF4 tornadoes that ripped across the Black Warrior River Alabama.    Three is an Egyptian gomer that means completed.  What was completed in this historic natural event?

How does this relate to the ancient scriptures?  Words are power and they cannot lie.  What was completed by that awesome tornado experience?  What does it have to do with the work of Dr. Emoto and water?

The Black Warrior has arisen from the past.  400 years of oppression based upon an erroneous INTERPRETATION of a black son uncovering a black father and humiliating him.  The word black does not even appear until CALLING OUT translated Leviticus; except in the oldest writing HATED translated Job.

axeNo basis for that INTERPRETATION. 

When we remove the 750,000 English words that have buried the original texts we discover the Black fertile soil of lower Egypt/earth emerging out into the fullness of SAMSON translated as sunlight.  The sunlight of upper Egypt/heaven.  The brilliant sunlight melts the ice mountain and the seeds contained in the water begin to sprout and grow.  Humanity was only a seed of intention in FIRST Genesis    OXHEAD 10.

There are five different ancient words translated in KJB as BLACK.  None of which have anything to do with a color BLACK.  [emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

  1. DAWN
  2. BE ASHY
  4. PUPIL OF THE EYE  (CLUE: this is LOWER EGYPT/earth that is twin of worm.  The worm crawls out of the eye which is the fountain of the landscape.  What is inside is revealed on the outside)
  5. TILE similar to punctured (female) SURROUNDING which is the active particle of travel.

Satellite Reveals Much about Black Warrior River

What does that have to do with the three mega tornadoes that ripped across the Black Warrior River, removing vegetation from a massive portion of the landscape.  The follow up details of this can be found on

Previous satellite pictures and stories of the exact pathway of an unprecedented historic tornado event.

Add to this Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama  major event players in the Black Freedom Fighters march to reclaim their divine right as a MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM destined to master self.  Not be mastered by other.  If you have not seen the  PBS documentary on this, please do so.

The Black Freedom Fighter movement was based upon the principles of Ghandi. 

Peaceful resistance resulted in a massive change of energy in this country. 

However, we are still experiencing the Warrior spirit, because we are a country that continues to war.

The Black Warrior River was named after Chief Tashkalusa, namesake of Tuscaloosa WARRIOR tusca   BLACK lusa.  It was endangered by 95 active BLACK coal mines.

Slavery was abolished in 1865, yet in1930 53% of the coal miners were BLACK men picked up for vagrancy or loitering and sent to prison to be assigned to the black coal mines.

Tombigbee River Watershed and Black

Tombigbee River Watershed connects the Gulf of Mexico to the BLACK Warrior river.  BLACK OIL had already threatened the larger body of water, the Gulf of Mexico. Tombigbee is the common name of the moccasinshell mussell Medionidus mcglameriae that is now extinct.

So long as we continue to war, extinction continues.  The MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM is destined to master self.

Black humanity is slowing gaining the respect and dignity that belongs to all humanity.  A great deal of which was lost due to the proliferation of an INTERPRETATION that infected the entire planet with dis-ease. An interpretation declared to be THE WORD OF GOD.

What has become or is becoming extinct? 

Perhaps this reminder of the power of the creation will help us focus on the power of words that we use daily; the RELIGIOUS HABITS.  Perhaps thought and actions of war will become extinct.

Words and numbers tell their stories across the eons of revolutions of time.  They cannot nor do not lie.  Combine the energies of words and numbers and words are created that contain all of the energies of the letters and the order of the letters that form the words.

We, THE MASTER HUMAN KINGDOM created those symbols to express ideas, concepts, stories, etc.  Yet we ignore their power upon the planet, the universe and all of the parts thereof. Flippantly let our tongue release its power upon the planet.

It is the breath of life that ushers the sounds out of our temple body.  The breath of life is no respecter of persons.  It breathes life upon whatever is spoken.  There is no judgment in the breath of life; it only fulfills the meanings that are being conveyed by the conveyance.

The law of sowing and reaping.  Sowing the seeds of a BLACK SON uncovering a BLACK FATHER and humiliating him has reaped a harvest; an untold holocaust that cannot be counted.  A holocaust created by passing on the seed of a story that has no basis except INTERPRETATION.

Messages in the the First Created Form…. Water

The BLACK WARRIOR RIVER contains all the information from the beginning, because  water is the prophetic messenger.  The water, which was the first created form held all the seeds of intentions that would ever sprout.  A sprout comes from water swelling the seed; but  only grows if it is watered.

Dr. Emoto’s work should help us to understand that the WHOLE HOLY water contained in our temple body also contains all the seeds of intention of everything that we will ever speak into existence.

What seeds of intention are lurking in our BLACK  waters that we are not aware of?

We are concerned about the power of a hydrogen explosion and nuclear fusion; but forget the power contained in our words, spoken and written.  Our words can be more destructive and  have a far reaching impact upon the entire planet.

So let us weigh our words on the scale of impact because once released they just keep on releasing their power.   [/emember_protected]