Love Has No Gender nor Religion

In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world — that is the myth of the atomic age — as in being able to remake ourselves.”

Not remake others by our religious standards and beliefs; especially when those have no weight on the scale of what the original text say.

Our human pen scribed our impressions of creation and how creation works.  We did this over a time frame of 1845BC to 70AD.  Many different authors in many different  places; recorded basically the same information.

Human created religions took those writings and twisted them to fit the religious myths that had abounded on the planet for who knows how long.  Religious myths about individual persons.  Now these stories may????? be helpful in controlling human behavior.  Which is the intent and purpose of religion…whose very meaning…. means do it repetitively until it becomes a habit…..habit of war against other!!~!!!!`  other religious beliefs

However love has no gender and has no religion when religion bases religious teachings on gender then love us lost.

The transliterated word DAVID meant and means loving/love.  Making love a male gender is the basis for all human error that abounds on the planet today.

Time to lay down our weapons of warfare and beat them into plowshares of DAVIDLOVE.

2 CO 10:4 New Testament declares that “the weapons of our warfare are not carnal; but mighty to the pulling down of strongholds”.  

Question is what are the religious strongholds that have been built upon the backs and minds of humanity?  One of the answers is love has a gender and it is male….a male God.

Which raises the question of which of the more than 16 words interpreted as God is being referred to.

Perhaps it is time to define what God means….what God represents in terms of non carnal warfare.

What does Old Testament say?  Written In Palestine about 695 -616 BC ……

Existent Be High house10 ox : copulating door (otherwise interpreted as Jer. 21.4)   This writing was interpreted and printed in the Bible as:     ” I will turn back the weapons of war”.  When we look at the meaning of the original words we see something quite different.

existent be highjeremiah will turn back the preparedweapons of war”

  1. who/what is being turned back??? the prepared of war….ummm what is that?
  2. if the existent be high is a human being named Jeremiah; then that human must be God that is turning back the prepared of war.
  3. who prepared  for war?
  4. who waged the war?
  5. who engaged humanity in that war?
  6. for what purpose was the concept of war between humans and creation created?
  7. war in the heavenly creation is not the same as war between human beings.
    1. however the war of the mind is in high places….the head of the house.
  8. who/what created the concept of humanity being separate from the creation?
    1. of any part of creation being separate from creation?
    2. the very first word God in Bible is plural eternal dieties, wind, water, fire, and elemental earth.
    3. these dieties make up the creation.human, plant, animal, etc. and never die/
    4. who/what  created the myth of death?
      1.  Life cannot die or it would not be life.
  9. who/what created the concept that human being needed to be saved from what???
  10. who/what built the trap that humanity has fallen into…the trap that human is less than God?  How can any part of the creation be less than what it was created from????

How To Decipher Jeremiah 26:18

When we start with the primitive root word that means TO THRUM…. we discover what grows from that primitive root…….. 9 different words.  We can see all kinds of information.   Information gained no other way in trying to reclaim what our pen wrote 1845BC to 70AD

For instance there is a word that appears only 2 times in scripture and it grew from this primitive root word TO THRUM.   Jeremiah 26:18  and Micah 1:1

  1. We can know that Jeremiah 26:18 means……be high existent house10 + nail = pregnancy  (inside is) oxhead10  + pregnancy = cycle of wisdom……discovered by using the creative princples of  N/F/M words.

We can then look at any scripture, remove the added English words and reconstitute the TRANSLITERATED words into their respective meanings… this case, we can see one of the GOD RECIPES, used several times in just two verses.

We see the question posed “who (caused) existent<to exist (God Recipe)….it was the moresheth-gath that came from occupy plus the gath that equals press that comes from to thrum……in the hot (day)……. it was the   “who (caused) existent<to exist (God Recipe)….that prophesied……that word meaning “who (caused) existent<to exist (God Recipe)…..was INTERPRETED as Micah. (more…)

Buddhism, Hinduism Native American Coincidence?

Buddhism, Hinduism Native American Coincidence?

Fascinating These Three

I find it intriguing that the Buddhist, Hindu and Native American traditions, beliefs and stories parallel what we wrote,  1845BC to 70AD

How is it then, that  the three major religions on the planet claim to base their beliefs on the WORD OF GOD.  Those beliefs do not reflect the same beliefs as the BHNA? Nor do they reflect our writings nor what was intended.

How is that we wrote about creation?  We wrote about the interrelated, interactive beautiful dance of ONE UNITED OXHEAD, one creation, unified by, honoring and respecting all parts of the creation.  No part better than any other part.  Looking to the elders for direction.

Humanity is the Firstborn Divine child; but the littlest kid on the block; with the greatest giftMatthew.  The gifMatthewt of Bringing LightLuke that has been squashed by the religious entity consuming human energy.  Causing us to miss Existent MarkJohn

In 75 years on the planet I have never heard a teaching on the water builders of  PERFUME of a Multitude of Nations of Laughter.  Let us take a closer look.


What Was Depression?

What Was Depression?

What Did Our Pen Write About Depression?

A word translated in the KJB as Maachah, Maacah.  From which comes the Machathite, Maachathi, Maachathites.  Then interpreted as personages.

This word is used at least 29 times.  The table below is not in any special order.  Following the table there is one story written in the original meanings from one single verse.

Lest you think Depression is not important because it is Old Testament.  There is no New Testament without the old.  Remove all the references to the Old Testament words and the New Testament has no leg to stand on.

1 time in FIRSTGENESIS  written 1688BC place unknown
1 time in EXISTENTJOSHUA from OPEN WIDE builder of PerpetuityNUN (1646BC in the place of the skullGilgal.) (more…)

How Can This Be?

How Can This Be?

3 billion Christians of the 7 billion people on the planet

3 billion people, expected to tithe 10% of their income have not been able to end famine, death, dis-ease, homelessness and every other kind of misery that humans experience.

Have you ever wondered why this 3/7th of the planet’s majority fails to accomplish the task?  Ever wondered why they support war?

Hosea 4:6 “destroyed due to lack of knowledge.”  Could this be the reason?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the largest business on the planet and most specifically the 2.3 million  in the US began giving unto Caesar what is due Caesar?  Mt 2:21  (more…)

Neutral Nose But Female Nostrils

Neutral Nose But Female Nostrils

Why would the nose be neutral; but the nostrils be punctured female?

Remember, recall that female and male words are non gender.  Female is open, punctured, generative, changing, etc.  Male is something remembered, recalled into a form.  Most words are neutral; going nowhere, doing nothing.  Like place holders.

We err when we apply gender to the ancient writings from which the KJB was translated.  We lose the pattern of creation and cannot possible understand what was being documented.


The earliest documentation of nostrilsskipping is in HATED Job .

[emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]The skipping force mane is translated in KJB as horse strength thunder.  Skipping is translated also as crane, horse back, horse hoof.  Another form of the word is translated as snorting.

What was the weeping Prophet, YAH WILL RISE Jeremiah saying to us about skipping being heard in the JUDGE Dan  ?  Why was it translated snorting in the Judge?

We also find the skipping of the wreathed, which came from twine.  The eyelash eyelids of the dawn glows coals.   Translated in KJB as Leviathanwreathed, dawningeyelids, coalsglow.

How much difference is there in our understanding between the original and the translated?  Do we think of wreathed when we say Leviathan?  Do we think of horse when we say skipping?  Do we think of horseback when we hear the word skipping?  When we say Dan, do we think judges?  When we say judges, do we think Dan?

The story of creation laid down in FIRST Genesis  UNITED OXHEAD can be understood in HATED.  They are the same story; but the English words chosen to convey those stories in a simple easy to understand manner, buries the original context of the writing.

When we remain in the first grade story of see Dick run, see Jane run, we are not growing in our understanding.  The PHD starts with the first grade stories; but moves on, digs deeper, climbs higher.

Unless we look to the neutral, punctured female, remembered male, words  to lend their aid we cannot discern what was being documented.  Then the Confusion of Languages towe rof Babel holds reign over our understanding.

The wisdom of the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest documented by the human pen is today, buried under 750,000 English words with its millions of different meanings.  

CAUTION  There has been a trend to bring these ancient writings into todays’ understanding.  Not possible to do this and retain the meaning of the original content.  These documents written over  time; between 1845 BC and 430 BC and are the basis of the Old Testament.  Most of the New Testament words refer back to the Old Testament.

This is only cursory look at a single word SKIPPING nostrils  in only two cases.  To fully understand requires looking more closely at those scriptures and the others where these original words were part of the writing.

When we say company of horse; do we think SKIPPING?


Nose comes from a word that means breath.  We nose, we breath, we smell something; it is not the nose on the face.

What is your nose telling you?  [/emember_protected]