Chaldean and Hebrew same Husband

Chaldean and Hebrew same Husband

Duplicated Meanings Reduce Size of Sweet Little Book

This graphic reveals HUSBAND translated as chancellor.  This Chaldean word is equal to a Hebrew word. TO MASTER TO HUSBAND TO OWN.  To master/husband/own what?

We find this chancellor in AIDEZRA.  AID was scribed between 546BC and 416BC in Palestine.

We discover AID has a copulating door (four), chapter four.

 Inside this copulating door we discover the puncturedfemale non gender AID.

  1. Aid has a PREGNANCY8  what is it?
  2. Aid has a SERPENT CYCLE OF WISDOM9 what is it?
  3. Aid has a MOUTH. what/where is it?


Why Did Aid Send for Lion Strength?

Why Did Aid Send for Lion Strength?

Aid Pregnancy has a Eye Inside

Translated as Ezra 8:16 which poses questions.

First question is why Aid calls for Strength to Give  three times?

Three joined together is an Egyptian gomer which means complete.  This then indicates complete Strength to Give.  What Luther called trinity.

Decipher what we wrote in the rest of the chapter and we discover what that Strength to Give is for.  What is given, etc. (more…)

Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage

Given Builders,Servants of Peace

Yesterday we took a brief look at the Given builders the Servants of Peace.    This is only a portion of the builders that rebuilt the temple body.

When the PLACE OF WAKING ON TWO HILLS OF THE LAWGIVER  is rebuilt it dismantles the King of Confusion of Languages.

The stage is set in the first verse which we will look at very closely.  First the KJB translation and then the original text. (more…)

What Rebuilds the Broken Down Temple?

What Rebuilds the Broken Down Temple?

Given Builders Servants of Peace

The MKH, the firstborn was birthed as These Trebled into to the dry desert.  As with all newborns growth by learning is a necessary process.

The Firstborn perfect MHK forgot it wore God’s crown of stars.  That it was an Egyptian head of Double Fruit.  A head that forgot all the Sorrows of the worms house; its twin earth.  Forgot that that head was attached to a neck that loved Justice.  Forgot that the power of Sunlight was buried in a soft cheek; not a stiff jaw.

This perfect Firstborn temple was destroyed by all the elements of forgetting that perfection.  It started to REMEMBER all the sorrows of the earth  It fell into the power (hand) of the Confusion of Languages, translated in KJB as Babylon. (more…)