God Recipe # 15

15th God Recipe  Chaldean to Aramiac to English

I have published 14 word recipes used by INTERPRETERS as meaning a singular all powerful, all knowing, everywhere present God.   A God created by INTERPRETERS as looking like a male human being.  This created image of God is called Father as if God is GIANT FORM  of a human male gender.

Here is the 15th word, a Chaldean  word  (hhla). This word is TRANSLITERATED into Aramiac  as (elahh).

  • 74 times it is interpreted as GOD
  • 6 times it is interpreted as god
  • 15 times it is interpreted as gods

Interpreters use this particular #426 word elahh as:    god, God, god, heathen deity, God (of Israel).

JSE #426 corresponds to JSE# 433 one of the 14 God recipes previously addressed.   This word elahh corresponds to the word that means diety.  A diety that comes from  strength.  A strength that  is a shortened form of another word strengthStrength that grows from the same root as to twist.

WORDS DO NOT LIE.  Unlike RELIGIOUS INTERPRETERS…. word trees do not produce oranges on an apple root.

All of these words interpreted as GOD are neutral…..however there are 2 PUNCTUREDFEMALE  words that also grow from the same strength. It is the same as Elah, which interpreters claim is male person.  Thus the word was capitalized  by English/German interpreters and identified as the name of 4 PREVAILING STRENGTH (i.e. Israel) MEN  and a place in Palestine.

Question, what did Palestine mean in the original text….answer is….not what it means today.  What did Israel mean….not what it means today?

Why are there no REMEMBEREDMALE words growing on this GOD WORD TREE?  Yet male dominance has been taught, demanded by the religions of the world.

When we get lost in the idea of GOD BEING A MALE GENDER PERSON then it is impossible to rightly divide the word.  Then we continue to have our ears tickled by religious interpreters that have us to believe that grapes grow on a potato root.

REMEMBERmale  there is no Bible that is a translation.  None of the 1100+ Bibles are translations.  At best they are merely interpretations.  Interpretations of religious myths that had abounded upon the planet long before the first KJB was printed for a non reading, non writing  public about 1640AD.

This Chaldean word transliterated into Aramaic is found 41 times in the book … JUDGE (not the book identified by interpreters as  Judges) but the book of Daniel which means JUDGE that comes from RULE plus the STRENGTH that grows from STRENGTH that grows from the same root as TWIST.

A book written in Babylon (confusion of languages) and Shusan (lily) either 606-616 BC or 536BC.  A book used by the INTERPRETERS as the basis for judgement, Armageddon and all other manner of punitive treatment of humanity by a male god sitting on the throne of judgement somewhere up in the great never never land of their imagination.

If we look at the word Daniel we see it means judge and it grows from rule PLUS the strength (God) that comes from the strength (God) that grows from same root as the twist.   In other words this word grows on the so called God tree of INTERPRETERS.

It also appears 36 times in the book AID interpreted as Ezra.  This was written somewhere between 546BC and 461BC also in Palestine.

One time it appears in  BE HIGH EXISTENT interpreted as Jeremiah….written between 695 and 616BC in Palestine.

Time to ask the question what are we doing in war?  How did we get to the war mentality? Answer through religious habits of thinking….war.

It is time to lay down our weapons of warfare between religions and beat them into plowshares of ONE UNITED OXHEAD with the power to live in peace (translated as Solomon).  Peace is the builder (son) of Loving (David).

Time to take back our heritage, our DIVINE  humanity.  We are the gods of this planet and we have created a hell hole of divisive, angry, hurting, starving inhabitants.  False teachings about what our pen scribed 1845 BC to 70AD need to be exposed for what they are….RELIGIOUS MYTHS used to control the minds and hearts of the kingdoms of this world. the  DIVINE CHILD…the earth and the fullness thereof.

Twenty years ago I laid down the heavy cross placed on my back by well meaning MALE PASTORS and took up the eraser and the pen.

The eraser removes all the added English words used for grammar to recite the old religious myths that had abounded for thousands of years prior.

The pen writes the original meaning of the original text  and it has no relationship to the foundation of the largest richest corporation on the planet….religion and its religious myths.

Time to reclaim our property…what our pen actually wrote…not what we have been brain washed into believing we wrote.


New Updated JSE Has Changed the Numbers

New Updated JSE Has Changed the Numbers

James Strong Concordance has been around since the mid 1800’s.

This is a work of more than 100 people that gave us the Strong Bridge back to our original text. Given to us after more than 300 years after the Bible was translated for the commoner.

Studying primitive roots and the trees formed from them, is  an excellent way to understand and uncover our hidden stories. Hidden under a pile of religious myths.

A circular root word (see graphic below) that is especially informative and sheds great light on the religious myth about a body of a male person being cut into and a rib taken out and a female person being formed.

Totally contrary to the scripture that says we are without excuse.  Just look around at the creation and see how it works.  Where in the creation around us; do we see anything like this religious myth?

The primitive circular root helps us to reclaim the story.  However, the new, updated version of the JSE which has removed thousands of numbers to specific words, obliterating the trail of meanings, has also changed some numbers.

Specifically #5967 has been changed to #6763 in the Chaldean book of the JUDGE  RULES with STRENGTH from STRENGTH from the TWIST translated as Daniel.   Written about 606/616 -536 BC in Babylon and Sushan.  Why was this number changed?

Let us look at what the circular root word has to tell us about #5967.  Before that let us look at the JUDGE  RULES with STRENGTH from STRENGTH from the TWIST.

STRENGTH from STRENGTH from the TWIST is one of the word recipes used to create the word GOD.  The basis of thousands of other words, translated and taught as if they are human beings.  If so then Daniel is half human, half God.  These words are examined from time to time on this site.

Primitive root TO CURVE is fed by the word that has both a neutral and punctured female 

component.  Whether we use the neutral RIB  or the punctured female RIB that feeds the CURVE to create a curved RIB/RIB, there is no REMEMBERED MALE component.

Why, because there is no gender in our writings.  Creation and its’ processes are not gender based functions.

The word rib/rib is not plural.  There are no ribs/ribs.  There are no male gender ribs.

Gender is the basis for all of the religious myths that have clouded what our pen scribed 1845BCc to70AD.  (more…)

Roots of Judging and Dividing

Roots of Judging and Dividing

What our native languages wrote between 1845BC and 70AD is not about religion.  It was and is about creation.  It is best understood through Egyptian Math which is always Will Add.  Always increase of the one united oxhead, never division, never subtracting.

Perhaps  that is the reason Jesus asked who made me judge or divider over you?  Light Bringer rules the motion; otherwise translated as Luke 12:14. (more…)

ArAn #7 Item B Hour

ArAn #7 Item B Hour

ArAn based upon the INTERPRETATION of the translation of the King James Bible.

 NUMBER # 7 B  Hour  The argumentum ad nauseam insists on using the word HOUR, a measure of 24 of them in a day.  A measurement of 60 minutes and has taught as if this division of time was present in all of our writings, between 1688 BC and 70 AD.

Between 616 BC and 536 BC in Babylon and Sushan


The first and only appearance of the Old Testament word translated as HOUR appears in JUDGEDANIEL.  It is a Chaldean word that means LOOK.  It is equal to a Hebrew primitive root word that means GAZE.  This word meaning gaze was translated as depart, be dim, be dismayed, look (away), regard, have respect, spare, turn.

 Still the argumentuam ad nauseam of religious teachings insist on applying the measurement of an hour of time in regards to all the stories in the entire King James translation.

The New Testament has a Greek primary word HOUR.  There are very few PRIMARY WORDS. This primary word is translated in the KJB as day, hour, instant, season, X short, even, eventide, high, high time.

Today when we read the KJB and see instant or season or short or eventide or high do we think of HOUR?????

The brainwashing has successfully convinced us of many things other than what our pen wrote between 1688 BC and 70 AD.

White Washed Picture

Our beautiful stories about creating the universe were whitewashed over.  Dick and Jane stick figures were painted on the white canvas, ushering in white supremacy and black subjugation.  The holocaust of which cannot be numbered.

The words of the languages we wrote in, is not the language of today’s world.  Yet it can be understood in English provided we go back, remove all the added grammar words and work only with the meanings of the very few words that are left.

The KJB more than doubled, perhaps even tripled the number of words adding confusion of gender, time and measurements that do not coincide with today’s understanding.

Study for yourself JUDGEDANIEL COMPLETEDTHREE NAILSIX using only the original meanings.  What do you LOOK at, GAZE upon?  What relationship do LOOK and GAZE have to do with this word HOUR as a measure of time????

What is the CONFUSION OF LANGUAGESBABYLON and the LILYSHUSHAN.   A story not to be told here; but the LILY is a key element in understanding that we are all HEBREW EGYPTIAN ISRAEL.

All the seed from the OTHER SIDEEBER are HEBREWS.  Seed that came across the LITTLEJOKTAN EARTHQUAKEPELEG.  That seed sprouted in the black fertile soiladam of the Black Madonnalower egypt/earth, lives, breaths and reigns in the Queen houseupper egypt/heaven.  Egyptians ruling as plural godsgod..

Not exclusive to humanity, that seed is the seed of the entire creation contained in the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest, the ark of RestNoah that was birthed out into the dry place.

NOTE:  There are rare instances of words that are plural in meanings.The word god is plural gods translated as singular all powerful God.

REMEMBER this website is based upon King James Bible and the James Strong’s Concordance that is the bridge back to our original writings 1845 BC to 70 AD.  These are just tidbits to whet your appetite to learn more.