Why People Will Contend?

Why People Will Contend?

1 Kings 11:26

First king power in the house/palm of the hand11; holding the head20 of the house2 nail6.

How do these symbols of Egyptain math Will Add play out in the original text?

This blog is not intended to give a full story; but to tweak your interest.  Only a tidbit is being offered. What do the words mean in this particular verse?   Which is really only helpful when we understand the creation story that went before.

These words are not people; despite the INTERPRETATIONS that have been taught for hundreds of years; these words are the story line of creation.

Why is it that the  majority of words in the KJB are never even looked at in terms of teaching the masses of people?  Let alone going back and discovering their original meaning.

To do so would mean changing the religious teachings.  Changing the religious order, doctrines, laws, doxologies, monologues and all other manner of piercing, warring against the servant of PEACE.


Why did the Lord Destroy the Crawling Serpent

Why did the Lord Destroy the Crawling Serpent

1 King 1:9

To understand this requires understanding Egyptian math Will Add.    Will Add to the one united oxhead which is all there ever was or is.  Always and forever increasing the power of one.

Letters were translated into numbers and are treated today as if they are mathematical calculations.  This is misleading.  If we understand Egyptian math Will Add; it clearly reveals what is in any given scripture according to the original text.

First King  the Oxhead1 with the crawling serpent inside. (more…)

What Was Depression?

What Was Depression?

What Did Our Pen Write About Depression?

A word translated in the KJB as Maachah, Maacah.  From which comes the Machathite, Maachathi, Maachathites.  Then interpreted as personages.

This word is used at least 29 times.  The table below is not in any special order.  Following the table there is one story written in the original meanings from one single verse.

Lest you think Depression is not important because it is Old Testament.  There is no New Testament without the old.  Remove all the references to the Old Testament words and the New Testament has no leg to stand on.

1 time in FIRSTGENESIS  written 1688BC place unknown
1 time in EXISTENTJOSHUA from OPEN WIDE builder of PerpetuityNUN (1646BC in the place of the skullGilgal.) (more…)