I Stand Accused

I Stand Accused

New Bible

I have been accused of wanting to write a new Bible.  Christiandom does not want a new Bible, a new view.

Our writings between 1845BC and 70AD have been so mutilated by INTERPRETATIONS of the 1100+ Bible TRANSLATIONS.  Another translation would be pointless.

No new biblical translation can change the mindset of the little god of war of Christianity.  Believing and teaching what has been  believed and taught for thousands of years.  Blind leading the blind unto death. Dragging the planet along behind.

Contrary to the very teachings of the one they claim to follow Jesus.  Only a few choice stories have been concocted to sway the masses.  Most of the translation is ignored.  All of the original text meanings have been obliterated by INTERPRETATIONS. (more…)

Why Do Some Words Appear Only Once?

Did You Ever Wonder Why?  Did You Know?

Many many words appear in the original text only one time?  Why?  What would be the purpose if they only appear once?  Why are there so many of them?  Why are they important?

A classic example is the a New Testament word DIVIDER.  It is a REMEMBEREDMALE WORD. Something recalled, remembered, rearranged from the past. 

Jesus asked the question “Who Made Me Divider Over You? 

That word appears only one time; but it is a branch that hangs on the  word tree of transfiguration.  A word tree formed from two (house) of roots.  One a primtive root of divisions.  The other reveals what comes alongside and helps create those divisions.

The word tree transfiguration is so massively connected that I think the entire New Testament hangs on it.  I stopped connecting the branches when it became evident that word trees are vital in comprehending the original texts.

We Are All Egyptians

My original research of this word tree is documented in 4 e-books We Are All Egyptians.  There is a high place, a high branch, but it denies the power of God.  This branch does not lead to the top of the tree of transfiguration.  Jesus said be transfigured by the renewing of your mind.  Put on the mind of OILCHRIST.  A well oiledChristed mind is not stuck in religious habits. 

Religious habits that deny the power of plural godsGod. is a dead end branch.

Connectors of the Story Line

The single words that appear throughout scripture are connectors.  Connectors that are vital to the story line.  The story line hidden in what we have been taught is geneologies of individual humans.

Without these connectors, the stories are more difficult to follow.  One can never understand the original stories of creation without going over the Strong Bridge and staying there.  Never to return to the old teachings that have no weight on the scale of yesterday.

In other blogs I have spoken of the very few words that actually make up the original texts.  The translations took very tiny books and made them into  one that is three times the size of the writings.

When we remove the added English pointy words that infused gender, time, directions, etc. Add the duplicated words together, words duplicated across languages.  Remove all the foreign words that James Strong was unable to identify. 

Then remove all of these single words that appear only once, we have left but handful of words with which to reconstruct the original stories.

This is labor intensive; but the labor of love to know and understand  makes it more than worthwhile. 

Time has proven that making more and more different views of the translated work into a plethora of different Bibles has not been of much use.  It has only caused even more CONFUSION OF LANGUAGE, babel.  The Tower of Babylon gets higher and higher with every new edition of the Bible..

The first single word alphabetically in the James Strong Exhaustive Concordance,  is REMOVALS from LOAD UP.  REMOVALS from LOAD UP is the connector between the COMMUNITY and the SANCTUM which comes from to be the sanctuary.

I will not attempt to give you this story, it is only an example of what can be discovered if we let go of what we think we know, what we have had drilled into us for hundreds of years and let the SPIRIT teach. ‘”We have no need for man to teach, for the SPIRIT will lead us into all truth. “1 John 2:27

Loading up something between the FIRSTBORN DIVINE CHILD, humanity divides it from the community and its own DIVINITY.  Removal of thost loads of death, hell, damnation, sin of the original parents ad nauseam will allow TRUTH to be seen and  heard..