Warlords of Religion Substance Abuse

Warlords of Religion Substance Abuse

Gender based poison injectionUsing GENDER to pull the wool over the mass of dumb sheep blinding them is abuse.

Gender based burn unitThis substance abuse  has burned the entire planet by pitting female gender against male gender and the reverse. 

  • Pitting parents against children.
  • Inciting domestic violence by insisting that male heads are dominant over female heads.
    • Wives and children must submit at all costs.
    • Husbands must adhere to that rule at all cost.
    • No one escapes the results.
  • Some of the generals, captains and lieutenants of the Warlords of Religion try to deny that they support these stories. 
    • Where is the evidence of change?  The denominations and sects war against each other, create new version of the old crap.
    • There is only one temple, the temple of humanity.  The Divine Firstborn Child.
  • Why have no biblical scholars come forward to take on the task of forever removing gender dominance; especially a male gender god?
    • Is it fear? slothfulness? lack of compassion? lack of motivation? what? afraid of rocking the boat? afraid of death?
      • Certainly not afraid to continue throwing the sons and daughters into the mouth of the god Moleck, god of fire, god of war.
      • Despite specific instructions not to do that in the very book they declare is the word of god.

 Remove all gender

There is only one antidote.

  • Use the Strong Bridge, get across the Depression and discover what the original writings said.
  • Written between 1845BC and 430BC  in a variety of places, most especially Palestine.
Band Aids Cover Up the Wounded Planet

Band Aids Cover Up the Wounded Planet

walking band aid

Neutralizing gender in the Bible is a Band Aid.  The English language put the gender in the translations in the first place. 

All gender  must be removed.  Band aids only cover the wound, they do not heal it.  There is no band aid large enough to cover the planet without cutting out the strength of the Sunlight.

Twenty years of research has shown me there is virtually no gender in the original texts from which the King James Bible was translated.  All other Bibles are based upon this same translation.  There are no new translations; only rehashing, reforming, rearranging and making our own interpretions of the GENDER ENFORCED stories. 

These stories have not only generated domestic violence, but created slavery.  The holocaust to the planet is unfathomable.

When I first began to pull the twenty years of research into a written document, the intent was to call it Degenderizing God.  I did not know until recently, that biblical scholars were also in the process of creating a neutral gender version.  Neutral gender except god remains male gender.  (more…)

More Neutral Gender Questions

More Neutral Gender Questions

The 22nd Generating of the Creation

Amongst other things appearing in the 22nd generating of the creation are two female words,  both non gender.

  1. Fragrance is translated in KJB as Bashemath and called a daughter of God Will Hear translated as Ishmael.  Is also referred to as a wife of earth translated as Esau.
  2. Plural Fruitfulness is translated as Nebajoth; but the KJB designates this female word  as the firstborn of God will Hear as a male gender son.

How does a gender neutral  NIV Bible treat this paradox?  is Plural Fruitfulness male or female gender in this neutral-gender NIV interpretation of the KJB?

There is virtually no gender in the original writings.  

axeSeems to me that trying to neutralize  gender, which English forced in the first place, simply builds the Tower of Babel higher.  Tower of Babel  means the Tower of Confusion of Languages.

  1. Why wasn’t the past 25 years spent in bringing the translation back to its first non gender status?  
  2. Why is no one will to to rock the boat of the Warlord of Religion? 
  3. Why do we keep building the Tower of Babel higher and higher?  It will fall.


NIV gender neutral Bible

NIV gender neutral Bible

More Questions

 How does this new NIV gender neutral Bible address these so called people.  People as taught by the INTERPRETERS of the KJB translation.

 Ornament (Adah) and Shade (Zillah) are female words translated as wives of the phantom illusion of Powerful (Lamech)  Powerful is neutral, it is not even a male word.  Powerful appears again as the shadow image of the phantom image of the elohiyms, the plural gods intentions.

  1. Shade (Zillah) produces Pleasantness (Namaah) translated as sister to a stream, a father of  those who dwell in tents and have cattle  translated  in KJB as Jabal..
    1. Does only the male gender play harp and organ?

    1. Does only the  male gender dwell in tents and have cattle? 
  3.  Sister to a stream, a father of those who handle harp and organ translated in KJB as Jubal.

  5. Are Ornaments, Shade and Pleasantness exclusive to female gender?  Or are they words that are active, describing, doing something?  Perhaps the Pleasantness comes out of Powerful Ornament of Shade?

How does the new neutral gender NIV Bible neutralize the gender in these instances?

axeThese questions can only be answered by going back to the original text and understanding the functions of neutral, female and male words.  These have nothing to do with gender.  It is process, functionality.

Where does Tubal-cain fit in?  It means Produce a Crop of Lances?  Lances of brass and iron.