12 Years of Slavery. ..

A true story of black humanity living under the heavy  hand of white humanity is now a movie. White supremacy allowed by the Bible, or so it was and is still taught, allowed this inhuman treatment to parts of our own body, the human body, to occur.  Not only allowed but demanded that it be exercised.

At the same time, mid 1800s, a team of 100 persons were giving us the way to know and understand what the original authors of the 66 books of the Bible actually wrote.  Seems to me they were searching for the truth.

The James Strong Exhaustive Concordance, was published in the early 1900’s; but few have used it to discover the depths of this rich resource.  It has been used mostly to prove what was already being believed and taught in religious circles.

I dream of a white Christmas where we recognize that it was the white skin of ice and snow that ruled supreme over the earth….not WHITE SKINNED PEOPLE. In that dream the STRENGTH of the SUNLIGHT (samson) is seen for what it truly is the LIFE GIVING RIB OF LIGHT (EVE) that melted the WHITE SKIN of ice, opening the Eastern Gate, which released the RAPIDLY MOVING SOIL, THE BLACK SEA MONSTER out into the LIGHT of the SUN.

Isn’t it time we used that resource?  Isn’t it time to end the religious myths?  The retelling of which has caused so much human heartache, heart break, shame, blame.  Destroying the very creature that has the ability to use it’s mind will and emotion to change? To love?

At the end of the movie, there is a line that says the date, time and place of the death of Solomon is unknown. (more…)

Veiled Present Show Right People

Colossians 4:15 = inhabitants of COLOSSAI  DOOR : SUPPORT

“Salute the brethren that are in Laodicea, Nymphas and the church which is in his house.”  KJB TEXT.

Who what are the brethren in the  present veil and the show of right people?

This  is the meaning that reveals a whole more to us than the TRANSLITERED  words Nymphas and Laodicea.

If we have done our due diligence of discovering the meaning of words; then we understand the VEIL is the PRESENT that allowed PEOPLE to emerge.

Without the veil falling from the Flames of the East with the dominant head of Flames  …….the SWOLLEN HEEL of the RED SOIl could not have survived to bring forth its seed.

When we understand what the VEIL is instead of calling it a person whose daughters tricked the father into making them pregnant….

  • we begin to reclaim our property..
  • .the story of creation we wrote over and over again……
  • a story distorted by human ignorance and laziness…
  • .humans willing to sell their soul to the RELIGIOUS MYTHS that abounded long before there ever was a Bible.
  • willing to be beaten, bruised and battered into submitting to the HEAD OF THE HOUSE….the church..which is.the husband.
  • willing to let that head steal our property…the TRUTH of the original text
  • willing to submit to the single solid rock PETRA which is not the open pile of rocks where the OPEN WIDE FREE EXISTENT is building the church.
  • willing to believe whatever the largest corporation on the planet, religion, wants us to believe.

The meaning of the words we used  in the original text tell the story…they need no help…….but first we must reconstitute the transliterated words that we have given our own meaning to.

Meanings that have created fear, famine, war, domestic violence, a Grand Canyon of gender separation, child abuse, neglect and all other manner of dysfunctional behavior.

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Will the Real God Stand Up?

Will the Real God Stand Up?

How Many Gods Are there?

At least 10,069 and counting.

Previously i wrote about a word meaning strength that was translated as:

  • angels, exceeding, God, gods, goddess, godly, very great, judges, mighty God

That particular word appears 2606 times.

Taught by the SRP as a singular all powerful God, not making the distinction in their sermons, teachings, books, audios, videos and all other manner of converting the world to what they want us to  believe is true.

After all goddess, in their minds is a female gender and it could not possible be the same as their male gender god.

This is not what the human pen of the Firstborn Divine Child wrote between 1845BC and 70AD. (more…)

Acts of Apostles Back of Head House Weapon

Acts of Apostles Back of Head House Weapon

KJB Translated this Acts 19:27

In the blog LAND/GLOBE we explored what the 13 books, chapters and verses actually meant.  Thirteen scripture where the KJB chosen word WORLD appears.  The original meaning of this particular word WORLD  is LAND/GLOBE.

REMEMBER that the KJB word world is used for other meanings also.  But there are only 13 scriptures where this particular word world is used and expressed as world.  It is also expressed as earth; but we are not exploring that scripture Luke 21:26.  That is for another time.

Today we look at one of those 13 scriptures and see what the story is told from the UNIQUE LANGUAGE that is buried under 750,000 English words and millions of meanings today..

Creation is always about adding and in this scripture we have 3 times where an addition is made.  This creates four parts.  Four is a door and when it is opened it creates a window.  We are going to look only at the door.[emember_protected scope=not_logged_in_users_only]

The door is created by adding four parts.  An interesting thing about numbers is that fourths are neutral.  Thirds are female.  In either case when they are added together they form something; they become a male remembered word. 

When the door is completed it is then made of four neutral parts; despite the fact that it  in the reformation stage, neutral, female or male parts.

It is essential to think, speak and make conclusions from the original word meanings; not today’s meanings and understandings.

Three is an Egyptian gomer meaning something is complete/completed from female thirds.

Four is a door created from four parts.

Four Parts of this Door

  1.  The Goddess of Wisdom is never in danger.   US getting a division is in danger.
  2. Sacred Big Diety Complete Light is taking inventory.
  3. The backward baffling wind of glorious splendor intends that the lower be demolished; ALL of the roar.
  4.  LAND/GLOBE be adored.

Read the words they are pretty clear.  What act of an apostle?  What is the weapon the apostle uses in the action?  Is it turning the back of the head to look and see the roar of the past?

What is seen?  Is it not to adore the LAND/GLOBE?  Indigenous people around the LAND/GLOBE have always known this.  They honor the elders of plant, animal, wind, fire, earth.  They acknowledge that that is us and we are that.

If you eat a bananna do you become the bananna or does the bananna become you? 

We all share the same atoms.  Water washes the LAND/GLOBE, the bodies, the dishes, the toilets, the cars and buildings.  None are left out.  The living water rains on ALL the kingdoms.

There has been a great movement to detach from our bodies and become spirit.  We simply return to the LAND/GLOBE from which we came.  It’s mouth is always open to receive the children.  But our destiny is to become MASTER OF SELF.

If you are a BLUE SUBSCRIBER you can download the table with all of the scriptures that use this word meaning LAND/GLOBE.  Some of them are explored in depth others only a cursory look.

Let me remind you that The Goddess of Wisdom is the sacred temple of the Complete Light.  KJB uses the words SO and DIANNA.  Interpretors have taught that this scripture means to avoid the Goddess Diana.  Why would anyone avoid Complete Light?

A Little More Light

In this particular scripture Acts 19:27  we look at some translated words and their original meanings.  Are they misleading in terms of today’s understanding of English?

Goddess of Wisdom was translated as the word  SO.

THIS THAT a male remembered something is translated as neutral this that

get a division, another male remembered word is translated CRAFT.

take an inventory is translated DESPISED

taking is active, despised is an end result; the translation is an assumption of the inventory that is misleading.

baffling backward wind is translated as HER  in other scriptures it is HE, IT, THEM, SHE, HE, ETC.  In any case we would assume gender and be in error.

Today when we see the words her or he we assume gender.  In today’s world that would be correct. 

When we see/hear goddess we think gender.  When we see/think god we think gender. 

One coin different sidesDespite the fact we recite the scripture that says “God is neither male nor female, Jew nor Gentile, black nor white”.  We still insist on a genderized godhead.  Some insisting on a male god and some insisting on a female god.  Opposite sides of the same coin.

Not so in the UNIQUE BURIED LANGUAGE in which these words were written.  We must be careful to not assume anything.  Only by digging for the Egyptian Treasury of Glorious Rest and finding it can we know anything about the ancient scrolls.

Leave off our assumptions and the INTERPRETATIONS that have been made.  They are obsolete; but the UNIQUE BURIED LANGUAGE is always fresh and new.  It is ageless because it is the creation story.

Today there is a new bible version to be released at the end of this year.  It is a bible that neutralizes gender; but leaves god as a male gender person.   [/emember_protected]

axeMaybe those reseachers forgot the scripture PLURAL GODS (KJB = god) is neither, nor………

It is essential to think, speak and understand with the meanings of the original words, letters and numbers, else we remain in Babylon Confusion of Languages.

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Unlocking the Gender Padlock

Unlocking the Gender Padlock

There is a Combination to the Padlock

Combination 3 keys

  • Let go of all ideas about gender.
  • Remove all the English words added for grammar purpose.
    • This reduces the book, the bible to less than half its size.
    • Condense the languages that have the same meaning; especially the Hebrew/Chaldean.
    • This reduces the book, the bible even smaller.
    • Why it is referred to as a little book that is sweet in mouth, bitter in belly?
      • The little book needs digesting.
      • First stage is letting go of gender.
      • Then the revealing Yah is Salvation Oil can be seen.  (KJB =  Revelation of Jesus Christ)
      • Oil has no gender, Yah is Salvation is without gender.
      • Was not conceived by gender, nor birthed by gender.
      • Was conceived and birthed by Egyptian law WILL ADD.
        • Put the fire to the oil and light appears.
  • Understand the meanings of the numbers, letters and the words of the original texts.
  • Use all THREE in combination; makes an Egyptian Gomer Completed
    • This will unlock what the stories have been saying for 3000 and more years.
    • We can have all of our sister Wisdom we desire; but above all else get understanding.
      • Understanding is  just one of many female words, open punctured, but NOT GENDER.
      • Else only female gender has understanding, that leaves the male gender lacking in understanding.
      • How can that be true?